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Scoundrels: The League of Maritime Adventurers, Book Three

Copper and His Rescue Friends

Breksta's Academy

Girl Under Glass

Cameron and the Shadow-wraiths: A Battle of Anxiety vs. Trust (The Order of the Stones Book 2)

Belle and Chloe: Reflections In The Mirror

Aboard Blackbeard's Queen

Ben and Blue: Searching for Lucky #3002

Robbie Larson's Legendary Snow Day

BeeBop: The Honeybee Wannabee Hero

The Lighthouse Back Home (Secrets of Salvation Point)

Ghost Boy

Santa Claus: The Beginning

Cogitatio (Shadows in the Wind, Book Two)

Discovering Mom

Ranbir: A Seven-Year Old's Introduction to Higher Mathematics

Rain Falling on Embers (Katie McCabe Book 1)

One Year, One Night

The Search for King: A Fable

Run for My Life

Drifter's Realm

Culver City

Song of the Sea

Pack of the Lost: The Uninviting Forest

Legend Keepers: The Partnership


Cherokee Steel (Cherokee Passages, Book 3)

Beyond the Flame (Essence of Ohr, Book 3)

Antunites Unite (The Antunite Chronicles Book 3)

The Garden

Grady Whill and the Templeton Codex: A Superhero High School Adventure

Black Hole Radio: Ka'Azula

Keeper of the Mirror: The Portly Lady

The You I See

Erift's Journeys: Secrets of The Sealed Forest

The Cup

Dragonfly Dreams

The Shiny Shenanigans of Aunties and Squirrel (6 of 1/Half Doz of the Other Book 4)

The Aquamarine Surfboard


We Have Something to Say!

The Mask

Grandma Lou's Wonderfully Weird Christmas Dinner: A Christmas Tale for the Entire Family


The Reformation of Nate Adare

Duskborn Radiance: A Mother's Question

Black Hole Radio: Bilaluna

Black Hole Radio

Sanctuary (The Dark Days Series Book Two)

It's Hockey Season (Drop the Puck Book 1)

Little Pink Book

Hickory Doc’s Tales (The Pack: First Generation)

Everybody Loves Grace: An Amazing True Story of How Grace Brings Love to Everyone She Meets, Book 1

Children of the Volcano (Essence of Ohr, Book 2)

Code Blue

Test of Time

Meet the Morgans: The Stars of the Morgan Horse Series

Blackjack: The Champion Morgan Horse


Journey to Jumbalot

Revelations From the Dead: Chronicles of the Night Waster

Waiting for Normal

The Metric Clock: The Adventures of Charles, Transforming a Precocious Boy into a Young Man

American Brush-Off

Limerick Comics

The Orangutan Rescue Gang


Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Beyond The Bizarre (ANNUAL)

Crisanta Knight: To Death & Back

God Squad Mission Him-Possible II: The Giant Slayers

The Last Rhino

Bonjour Girl

Sports & Fitness: How to Use Your Body and Mind to Play and Feel Your Best

806: A Novel

Young Lincoln

The Lake of Fire (The Mogi Franklin Mysteries, Book 5)

  Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Shatter Your Senses!

  The Global Warming Express

  Donna (The Girls of Spindrift Book 2)


 The Stone of Courage: Book 2 of the Centaur Chronicles

The Seasons of a Giant

Theo and a Horse Named Rocket

The Lost Mermaid (A Tale of Three Kingdoms - Volume 2)

Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History

Mary's Song: Dream Horse Adventures

Hello There, Do You Still Know Me?


The Puppa-na-Wuppana Series: Living the Puppa-na-Life

Evolution Revolution: Simple Machines (Book 1)

The Stone of Mercy: Book 1 of the Centaur Chronicles

Black Flowers, White Lies

Things That Make You Go Yuck!: Crooked Critters

Dark Horses

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Unlock The Weird! (Annual)

The Battle for Oz

The World Beneath

General Houston's Little Spy

Acea and the Animal Kingdom

Selah's Sweet Dream

Time Tracer

Writing Notable Narrative Nonfiction

Writing Outstanding Opinion Pieces

Media: From News Coverage to Political Advertising (Inside Elections Series)

Twenty-One Heroes

Making It Home

Trail of Secrets

Take A Hike, Teddy Roosevelt!

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Eye-Popping Oddities (ANNUAL)

Wabanaki Blues: Book 1 of The Wabanaki Trilogy

Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America

Creepy Crawlies and the Scientific Method: More than 100 Hands-On Science Experiments for Children

Beyond Suspicion: A Whispering Springs Mystery

Chaos Theory: The Kami Files

A Pony for Christmas: A Montana Holiday Novella

Prairie Fire

On Your Knees (Swoop List, Book II)

Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship

Block the Plate

The Time Stealer: A Light Riders Novel

Matthias: The Ghost of Salvation Point

When I Grow Up I Want to Be...a Veterinarian: Sofia's Dream Comes True

Mr. Samuel's Penny: An Elizabeth Parrot Landers Mystery

Disney Frozen: Magical Moments Poster-A-Page (Disney Frozen Poster-a-Page)

Disney Junior: Let's Play! Poster-A-Page (Disney Junior Poster-a-Page)

Marvel Avengers Assemble in Action Poster-A-Page (Marvel Poster-a-Page)

Star Wars Episodes I-VI: The Skywalker Saga Poster-A-Page (Star Wars Poster-a-Page)

Time For Kids All Access: Your Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Coolest People, Places and Things!

Sports Illustrated Kids All NEW Access: Your Behind-the-Scenes Pass to the Coolest Things in Sports

Red Berries, White Clouds, Blue Sky

Rags Hero Dog of WWI: A True Story

The Cockroach Invasion

Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Reality Shock! (ANNUAL)

Santa Rita Stories

Amy's Choice

Discovery Snakeopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Snakes-Plus Lizards and More Reptiles

Sports Illustrated Kids What are the Chances? The Wildest Plays in Sports

Sports Illustrated Kids Football: Then to WOW!

Beetle Boy

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who: ALL-STARS: The 101 Stars Every Fan Needs to Know

TIME For Kids Explorers: Robots

TIME For Kids Book of Why - Awesome Animal Kingdom

 TIME For Kids Book of Why - Really Cool People & Places

My Pack: Burney the Hollywood Puppy

The God Squad in an Episode of Mission Him-Possible the Distorted Mirror

TIME For Kids Book of Why - Amazing Sports and Science

TIME For Kids Book of Why - Stellar Space

Time Lost: Teenage Survivalist II (Volume 2)

How I Got Skinny, Famous and Fell Madly in Love

The Taming

Nick and Tesla's Secret Agent Gadget Battle

Lost in Thought (The Sententia, Book 1)


Nick & Tesla's Robot Army Rampage


Cinderella Stays Late: Grimmtastic Girls Book 1

Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder

Summer on the Short Bus

Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football: Make-or-Break Moment

Darkness Everywhere: The Assassination of Mohandas Gandhi


A Bag of Marbles: The Graphic Novel

Gray Zone

Ultimate Fighting: The Brains and Brawn of Mixed Martial Arts (Spectacular Sports)

Triangle Choke (The Dojo)

Body Shot (The Dojo)

College Freshman 101

The Case of the Vanishing Honeybees: A Scientific Mystery

Mission 2: Supersonic (Max Flash)

Mission 1: Game on (Max Flash)

The Tower of Shadows (The Elsewhere Chronicles)

The Campaign (The Opportunity)

 Play It Again, Mallory

Box-Office Smash (The Opportunity)

Blind Curve (Turbocharged)

Drift: Nissan Skyline (Turbocharged)

Ick! Yuck! Eew!: Our Gross American History

Weather and Climate Through Infographics (Super Science Infographics)

Life Science Through Infographics (Super Science Infographics)

Stolen Luck (The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance)

Leaping at Shadows (The Dario Quincy Academy of Dance)

Can You Say Catastrophe? (The Mostly Miserable Life of April Sinclair)

Outcasts (The Safe Lands)

Montooth 3: Red Cross of Gold

Marvelous Medical Inventions (Awesome Inventions You Use Every Day)

Exciting Entertainment Inventions (Awesome Inventions You Use Every Day)

Welcome to the Tribe! (Tib & Tumtum)

Army Delta Force: Elite Operations (Military Special Ops)

Navy Seals: Elite Operations (Military Special Ops)

For the Good of Mankind?: The Shameful History of Human Medical Experimentation

Swimming to the Moon: A Collection of Rhymes Without Reason

Light Riders and the Missouri Mud Murder

The Crazy Careers of Video Game Designers

The Awesome Inner Workings of Video Games

Carly Rae Jepsen: Call Her Amazing

Going, Going, Dragon! (Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Private Eye)

Nick and Tesla's High-Voltage Danger Lab

Dare Me

Life's a Witch

Overcomer - The Journey: (Book I of The MacDara Chronicles)


Second Verse

The Field

Mickey Price: Journey to Oblivion

The Eye of Minds: The Mortality Doctrine

Ripley's Believe It or Not!: Dare to Look!

Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia


Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

The Meme Plague: Memento Nora Series - Book III

Quicksilver: Everything is a Lie

Sports Illustrated Kids Big Book of Who: Football

Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood

Call Me Amy

The Twelve-Fingered Boy (The Twelve-Fingered Boy Trilogy)

From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between

Loogie the Booger Genie: A Very Nasty Cold (Volume 2)

Loogie the Booger Genie: Prince of Prank (Volume 1)

Breezier, Cheesier, Newest, and Bluest: What Are Comparatives and Superlatives?

The Planet of the Night Globes: The Little Prince

William and the Lost Spirit

In Too Deep: A Robyn Hunter Mystery

The Star Snatcher's Planet: The Little Prince

Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg

Booboo Stewart: Twilight's Breakout Idol

A Marked Man: The Assassination of Malcolm X

Adele: Soul Music's Magical Voice (USA Today Lifeline Biographies)

Pirates, Scoundrels, and Scallywags: Shockzone - Villains

Outlaws, Gunslingers, and Thieves: Shockzone - Villains

The Bark in Space: Chicagoland Detective Agency

David Karp: The Mastermind Behind Tumblr: Gateway Biographies

The Whispering Lake Ghosts: A Mystery About Sound

Drums of War Series

Change of Heart: Robyn Hunter Mysteries

Moto X Best Trick: Extreme Summer Sports Zone

Bmx Street: Extreme Summer Sports Zone

Figuring Out Fossils: Searchlight Books - Do You Dig Earth Science?

Examining Erosion: Searchlight Books - Do You Dig Earth Science?

 How Do Hot Air Balloons Work? (How Flight Works)

How Do Space Vehicles Work? (How Flight Works)


Heart of Glass

Strands of Bronze and Gold

Mallory and Mary Ann Take New York

Panda Panic: Awesome Animals

Steampunk: H.G. Wells

Your Pajamas are Showing! (Where's Leopold?)

Justin Verlander (Amazing Athletes)

Gabby Douglas (Amazing Athletes)

Deadly Hard-Hitting Sports: Deadly and Dangerous

Deadly Adorable Animals: Deadly and Dangerous

Delicious Vegetarian Main Dishes: You're the Chef

Tasty Sandwiches: You're the Chef

Pitch Green: Dimensions in Death, Book I

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: My Boyfriend Is a Monster

Dance Team: Surviving Southside

The Beast: Counterattack

Zoë Kravitz: X-Men's Amazing Angel

Grasshopper Glitch (S.W.I.T.C.H.)

Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige Vs. Rookie Joe Dimaggio

You've Got Spirit!: Cheers, Chants, Tips, and Tricks Every Cheerleader Needs to Know

Spider Stampede S.W.I.T.C.H

Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud That Changed Baseball

Suzanne Collins: Words on Fire

Arlene, The Rebel Queen

The Glee Cast: Inspiring Gleek Mania: USA Today Lifeline Biographies

Little White Duck: A Childhood in China

Battle of the Dinosaur Bones: Othniel Charles Marsh Vs Edward Drinker Cope

Safari Survivor 21: Twisted Journeys

Their Skeletons Speak: Kennewick Man and the Paleoamerican World

Communication Smarts: How to Express Yourself Best in Conversations, Texts, E-mails, and More

The Normal Kid

 The Planet of Music: The Little Prince

 Shadow of Doubt: Robyn Hunter Mysteries

Decoding Our DNA: Craig Venter Vs the Human Genome Project

The Planet of Wind 01: The Little Prince

Wrapped Up in You 6: My Boyfriend Is a Monster

Out of the Cold: Robyn Hunter Mysteries, Book 4

The Wizards of Wyrd World 3: Way-Too-Real Aliens

¿Sabes algo sobre insectos? / Do You Know About Insects?

¿Sabes algo sobre mamíferos?/ Do You Know About Mammals?

Forensic Identification: Putting a Name and Face on Death

Zombie Makers: True Stories of Nature's Undead

The Terror of Black Eagle Tavern: The Paranormalists

Food: The New Gold

Pig City: After the Dust Settled

The Haunting of Apartment 101: The Paranormalists

Quests of Shadowind: Sky Shifter (Book 1)

The Big Flush 4 (Chicagoland Detective Agency)

American Hip-Hop: Rappers, DJs, and Hard Beats

American Country: Bluegrass, Honky-Tonk, and Crossover Sounds

Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards & Guidebook

Mallory Mcdonald, Super Snoop

Plague Riders (After the Dust Settled)

Twelve Kinds of Ice

Volunteering Smarts: How to Find Opportunities, Create a Positive Experience, and More

Tim Tebow (Amazing Athletes)

Freshwater Fishing: Bass, Trout, Walleye, Catfish, and More

Small Game Hunting: Rabbit, Raccoon, Squirrel, Opossum, and More

Snakebite (After the Dust Settled)

The Mysterious Manuscript (Mortensen's Escapades)

Being a Model (On the Radar: Awesome Jobs)

Being a DJ (On the Radar: Awesome Jobs)

Calvin Johnson (Amazing Athletes)

The Main Event: The Moves and Muscle of Pro Wrestling

Hair Traits: Color, Texture, and More: What Traits are in Your Genes?

Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Green, and Other Hues: What Traits Are in Your Genes?

Your Nervous System: How Does Your Body Work?

Your Muscular System: How Does Your Body Work?

Lou! Down in the Dumps

Raining Cats and Detectives (Guinea Pig, Pet Shop Mystery)

From Cocoa Bean to Chocolate

From Maple Tree to Syrup

Beyonce: R & B Superstar

 Justin Bieber: Pop and R & B Idol

What Does a Hammer Do? (First Step Nonfiction: Tools at Work)

What Does a Level Do? (First Step Nonfiction: Tools at Work)

Let's Make a Picture Graph: Apples Picked

Kiss, Kiss, Bark!

The Opposite of Hallelujah

The Unfailing Light: The Katerina Trilogy Vol. II


The Fire Chronicle: Book II of the Books of Beginning Trilogy

Guardian: A Halflings Novel

The FitzOsbornes at War: The Montmaray Journals, Book Three

Four Secrets

Ripley's Believe It or Not!: Download the Weird

All You Never Wanted

Romeo Redeemed

Meet the Morgans: The Stars of the Morgan Horse series

The Student's Anatomy of Exercise Manual: 50 Essential Exercises Including Weights, Stretches, and Cardio



Scarlett Dedd


The Stone Girl

Foretold: 14 Stories of Prophecy & Prediction


Island of Doom: The Hunchback Assignments #4

Hanging by a Thread

Beyond: A Ghost Story

Unspoken: The Lynburn Legacy, Book One

Under My Hat: Tales From the Cauldron

Suck It Up And Die

Poison Tree

The Little Woods

The Blood Keeper

Fury's Fire

Red Heart Tattoo

Kissing Shakespeare

 Willful Impropriety: 13 Tales of Society, Scandal, and Romance

Diva: The Flappers Series

The Kill Order: Maze Runner Prequel

Raja: Story of a Racehorse

The False Prince: Book 1 of the Ascendance Trilogy

Dust Girl: Book One of The American Fairy Trilogy

On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel

Rapture: Fallen Book 4

Size 12 and Ready to Rock: A Heather Wells Mystery

Lies Beneath


Rift: A Nightshade Novel

The Vanishing Shadow: A Judy Bolton Mystery

Garlic Bread for Eugene


Rock of Ivanore: Book I of The Celestine Chronicles

The Taker: Book One of the Taker Trilogy

No Crystal Stair: A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux, Harlem Bookseller

Secret Diary (Lou!)

Nothing to Lose (Robyn Hunter Mysteries)

Conflict Resolution Smarts: How to Communicate, Negotiate, Compromise, and More

Alternative Medicine (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Tourette Syndrome (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Job Smarts: How to Find Work or Start a Business, Manage Earnings, and More

Alien Investigation: Searching for the Truth About Ufos and Aliens

 The Not-So-Perfect Planet (Way-Too-Real Aliens)

Amateur Wrestling: Combat on the Mat (Martial Arts Sports Zone)

Tae Kwon Do: Korean Foot and Fist Combat (Martial Arts Sports Zone)

Muay Thai: Kickboxing Combat (Martial Arts Sports Zone)

You Can Run (Robyn Hunter Mysteries)

The Girl Who Owned a City: The Graphic Novel

Relationship Smarts: How to Navigate Dating, Friendships, Family Relationships, and More

I Date Dead People (My Boyfriend Is a Monster)

The United States Constitution: A Round Table Comic Graphic Adaptation

Horse Camp

Game Changers: Book 1 (The Game Changers)

 The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy)

Out of Control (Travel Team)

Freedom (Miss Annie)

Body Decoration

Power Hitter (Team Travel)

 Hannah's Way

Graffiti Culture (On the Radar: Street Style)

Who Were the Accused Witches of Salem?: And Other Questions About the Witchcraft Trials

Police Forensics

Night of the Living Dogs (Chicagoland Detective Agency)

Undercover Operations (On the Radar: Defend and Protect)

When Did Columbus Arrive in the Americas?: And Other Questions About Columbus's Voyages

Tarantulas: Supersized Predators (Arachnid World)

Jumping Spiders: Gold-Medal Stalkers (Arachnid World)

How Many People Traveled the Oregon Trail?: And Other Questions About the Trail West

Catch and Release

Alex Rodriguez: Hot Corner, Hot Shot (USA Today Lifeline Biographies)

Alien Envoy (Alien Agent)

Peril at Summerland Park (Twisted Journeys)

Gay Power!: The Stonewall Riots and the Gay Rights Movement, 1969

Ghost Train to Freedom: An Adventure on the Underground Railroad

Lady Gaga: Pop's Glam Queen (USA Today Lifeline Biographies)

Echo's Revenge (Book 1/Vol. 1)

Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin, Book I

The Nighttime Cabin Thief: A Mystery About Light (Summer Camp Science Mysteries)

Documents of Freedom: A Look at the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution

Wind Scorpions: Killer Jaws

Judges and Courts: A Look at the Judicial Branch

Ryan Howard (Amazing Athletes)

Tim Lincecum (Amazing Athletes)

 The Congress: A Look at the Legislative Branch

The White Zone

Maya Moore (Amazing Athletes)

The Catch (Travel Team)

Oh Boy, Mallory

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Cardboard Box (On the Case with Holmes and Watson)

Sherlock Holmes and the Gloria Scott (On the Case with Holmes and Watson)

Steve Jobs: Technology Innovator and Apple Genius

Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles, Book 1

Point of Origin (The Survivors, Volume II)

Hoopskirts, Union Blues, and Confederate Grays: Civil War Fashions from 1861 to 1865 (Dressing a Nation: the History of U.S. Fashion)

Steve Jobs (Titans of Business)


Presidential Races: The Battle for Power in the United States (People's History)

Is the End of the World Near?: From Crackpot Predictions to Scientific Scenarios

Miss Pell Would Never Misspell and Other Painless Tricks for Memorizing How to Spell and Use Wily Words

Exploring Exoplanets (Searchlight Books: What's Amazing About Space?)

Sherlock Holmes And The Adventure At The Copper Beeches

Gun Control: Preventing Violence or Crushing Constitutional Rights?

My Boyfriend Bites (My Boyfriend Is A Monster)

Brooklyn, Burning

Almost A Senior

The Word Gang

Every Other Day

Inheritance (The Inheritance Cycle)

The Door to Far-Myst: The Adventures of Rupert Starbright (Volume I)


Family Storms

Mastiff (Beka Cooper Book III)

A Plague Year

The Lost Songs

Eclipse of the Jaguar

Catwalk (The Trilogy)

Every You, Every Me

All the Earth, Thrown to the Sky

You Have Seven Messages

The Silence of Murder

Paintings From the Cave

Empire of Ruins (The Hunchback Assignments 3)


Unforsaken (A Companion to Banished)

Beautifully Broken: A Spellbound Novel

The Apothecary

You Against Me

Galadria: Peter Huddleston and The Rites of Passage

Ingenue: The Flappers Series


The Dragon's Tooth: Ashtown Burials #1

The Game of Triumphs

Tiffany's Table Manners for Teenagers (50th Anniversary Edition)

The Project

Juliet Immortal

Reaching Through Time

Facing Demons

 Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Strikingly True

Dear Bully: 70 Authors Tell Their Stories

The Battle for Tomorrow: A Fable

My Not-So-Still Life

Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.

Flat Broke

Innocent War (Behind An Immigrant's Past Series, Book I)

The Summer I Learned to Fly

Bad Taste in Boys

Amen, L.A.

Wildcat Fireflies: A Meridian Novel


Texas Gothic

Sass & Serendipity

Just Grace and the Double Surprise

Horse Dreams (Backyard Horses)

The Other Countess (The Lacey Chronicles #1)

The Branding

Fang Me (A Demon Underground Novel)

How to Slay a Dragon (Book I of The Journals of Myrth)

All You Desire (The Eternal Ones, Book II)

Welcome to Bordertown (New Stories & Poems of the Borderlands)

Nightshade (Nightshade, Book I)

Wolfsbane (Nightshade, Book II)

Passion (A Fallen novel)

Canaan's Land



The Gathering (Darkness Rising, Book I)

Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo

Fibble: The Fourth Circle of Heck

The Lucky Kind

My Boyfriend is a Monster 1: I Love him to Pieces


Horror in Space (Twisted Journeys)

Earth-Friendly Crafts: Clever Ways to Reuse Everyday Items



Young Fredle

The Survivors (Volume I)

Faerie Winter




Jasper Jones

Bless This Mouse

From Jazz Babies to Generation Next: The History of the American Teenager

Germany (Country Explorers)

The Ferret's a Foot

Ireland (Country Explorers)

Walking Through Walls

The Last Martin

Bad Deal

Shattered Star

The Baseball Adventure of Jackie Mitchell, Girl Pitcher Vs. Babe Ruth

Ghost Huntress Book 5: The Discovery

Alice Ray and the Salem Witch Trials

Asthma (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Finding Faith

Pidgy's Surprise

Ada: Legend of a Healer

Tom Thumb: The Remarkable True Story of a Man in Miniature

The Rooftop Adventure of Minnie and Tessa, Factory Fire Survivors

Everything I Was

Benito Runs

Mallory's Guide to Boys, Brothers, Dads, and Dogs

The Trouble with Chickens: A J.J. Tully Mystery

Glamour: On the Runway Series

Multiply and Divide with Sticks and Steps: Teach This Easy Method in Just Five Minutes

Ghost Over Boulder Creek: A Historical Cheyenne Mystery

How the West Was Drawn: Cowboy Charlie's Art

Mi Barrrio

The Big Crunch

Daughter of Xanadu

Real Live Boyfriends: Yes. Boyfriends, plural. If my life weren't complicated, I wouldn't be Ruby Oliver

Internet Censorship: Protecting Citizens or Trampling Freedom?

Paradise Lost

Open the Jail Doors---We Want to Enter: The Defiance Campaign Against Apartheid Laws (Civil Rights Struggles around the World)

Netherlands in Pictures

Slovakia in Pictures

 Did Greek Soldiers Really Hide Inside the Trojan Horse? And Other Questions About the Ancient World

Seven Wonders of Space Technology

Nancy Drew The New Case Files #1: Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer

The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester

Another Whole Nother Story

Max and Menna

Draw the Dark

Skin Cancer (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

France in Pictures (Visual Geography Series. Second Series)

We Are Not Beasts of Burden: Cesar Chavez and the Delano Grape Strike, California, 1965-1970 (Civil Rights Struggles Around the World)

Artemis the Brave (Goddess Girls)

The European American Experience (USA Today Cultural Mosaic)

Why Did the Pilgrims come to the New World?: And Other Questions about the Plymouth Colony

Food Poisoning and Foodborne Diseases (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

The Hispanic American Experience (USA Today Cultural Mosaic)

The Skinny on Bullying: The Legend of Gretchen

 Who Will Shout If Not Us: Student Activists and the Tiananmen Square Protest, China, 1989 (Civil Rights Struggles Around the World)

I, Emma Freke

Girl's Best Friend: A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery

Anorexia and Bulimia (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Did Castles Have Bathrooms?: And Other Questions About the Middle Ages

Shaun White (Amazing Athletes)

The Freak Observer

Sergey Brin and Larry Page: Founders of Google (USA Today Lifeline Biographies)

Alien Contact (Alien Agent)

Willie Mays (Sports Heroes and Legends)

The American Indian Experience (USA Today Cultural Mosaic)

Stephanie Meyer: Dreaming of Twilight (USA Today Lifeline Biographies)

Does a Ten-Gallon Hat Really Hold Ten Gallons?: And Other Questions About Fashion

What Difference Could A Waterway Make?: And Other Questions about the Erie Canal

Nola's Worlds 1: Even for a Dreamer Like Me

Battling Malaria: On the Front Lines Against a Global Killer

"Washing Adam's Jeans" and Other Painless Tricks for Memorizing Social Studies Facts

President Lincoln, Willie Kettles, and the Telegraph Machine

Frozen Secrets: Antarctica Revealed

Chicagoland Detective Agency 1: The Drained Brains Caper

13 Days: The Dark Circle

Lightning, Hurricanes, and Blizzards: The Science of Storms (Weatherwise)

Lost Sight: True Survival Stories (Powerful Medicine)

Words of a Journey: My Thoughts on Life and Living

Messages from Beyond (Night Fall)

And Then There Were Gnomes (Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye)

 Danica Patrick (Revised Edition)

Iceland (Country Explorers)

The Ancient Formula: A Mystery with Fractions

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Blue Gem (On the Case with Holmes and Watson)

 Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Sussex Vampire (On the Case with Holmes and Watson)

Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Speckled Band (On the Case with Holmes and Watson)

Why Did Cherokees Move West?: And Other Questions About the Trail of Tears (Six Questions of American History)

Annie Shapiro and the Clothing Workers' Strike (History Speaks)

ADHD (USA Today Health Reports: Diseases and Disorders)

Leukemia: True Survival Stories (Powerful Medicine)

United Kingdom (Country Explorers)

Unthinkable (Night Fall)

The Lifesaving Adventure of Sam Deal, Shipwreck Rescuer

Nola's Worlds 2: Ferrets and Ferreting Out

Nola's Worlds 1: Changing Moon

The Club (Night Fall)

Manga Math Mysteries 8: The Runaway Puppy: A Mystery with Probability

Before They Were Famous: How Seven Artists Got Their Start

Are the Drums for You? (Ready to Make Music)

Dwight Howard (Amazing Athletes)

Italy (Country Explorers)

Doppler Radar, Satellites, and Computer Models: The Science of Weather Forecasting

Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions to Stress Free Homework

Mallory in the Spotlight

Lizzie Newton and the San Francisco Earthquake (History Speaks: Picture Books Plus Reader's Theater)

The Snowshoeing Adventure of Milton Daub, Blizzard Trekker

Is the Violin for You? (Ready to Make Music)

Is the Guitar for You? (Ready to Make Music)

SCORE!: The Action and Artistry of Hockey's Magnificent Moment

Wounded Brains: True Survival Stories (Powerful Medicine)

Adrian Peterson (Amazing Athletes)

The Cloud Searchers (Amulet, Book Three)

The Smurfnapper

The House of Dead Maids

The Wild Soccer Bunch: Kevin the Star Striker

Aphrodite the Beauty (Goddess Girls)

Who Was Jim Henson?

The Hard Kind of Promise

Homemade Fun: 101 Crafts and Activities to Do with Kids


This Side of Paradise

Driven: A Photobiography of Henry Ford


Iris and the Dragonflies

The Talent Show

Voices of Gettysburg

Wyndano's Cloak

Noonie's Masterpiece

Oprah: The Little Speaker

Persephone the Phony (Goddess Girls)

Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

Seven Wonders of Exploration Technology

Green Energy: Crucial Gains or Economic Strains?

Jekel Loves Hyde

A Family Haggadah II (Passover)

Lazily, Crazily, Just a Bit Nasally: More about Adverbs

Red, White & True Blue Mallory

Written Anything Good Lately?

The Milky Way

Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures You Can Draw (Ready, Set, Draw!)

Seven Wonders of Medicine

 Dachshunds Are the Best!

Golden Retrievers Are the Best!

Michael Jackson: King of Pop

Punctuation Station

Iran (Country Explorers)

Spaceships, Aliens, and Robots You Can Draw (Ready, Set, Draw!)

The Moon (Early Bird Astronomy)

Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?: And Other Questions about Animals

The Vermeer Interviews: Conversations with Seven Works of Art (Bob Raczka's Art Adventures)

The Me Nobody Knew

Camp Alien (Alien Agent)

Hot Pursuit: Murder in Mississippi

Bubba Goes National

Attack of the Mutant Meteors (Twisted Journeys)

The Remarkable Journey of Josh's Kippah

Jewish Comedy Stars

Zapato Power: Freddie Ramos Takes Off

Nana Cracks the Case!

The Judas Ride

But and For, Yet and Nor: What is a Conjunction?

The Sun and the Moon

Goal! The Fire and Fury of Soccer's Greatest Moment (Spectacular Sports)

South Korea (Country Explorers)

Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: A Compost Story

Dr. Seuss (History Maker Bios)

One-of-a-Kind Stamps and Crafts

Jackie Robinson (History Maker Bios)

Michael Jackson: Ultimate Music Legend (Gateway Biographies)

The Great Death

Irish Legends for Children

Charlie Russell: Tale-Telling Cowboy Artist

Happy Cafe

175 Theatre Games: Warm-Up Exercises For Actors

Anna's World

Behold the Eye: Viridia

Behold the Eye: Cerulea

 Behold the Eye: Braumaru

Combat-Wounded Dogs (Dog Heroes)

There Are No Words

Dead Fred, Flying LunchBoxes, and the Good Luck Circle


Shakespeare: To Teach or Not to Teach, Teaching Shakespeare Made Fun! (From Elementary to High School)

Shakespeare for Children: The Story of Romeo and Juliet

Brian Urlacher (Amazing Athletes)

Chris Paul (Amazing Athletes) 

Yao Ming (Sports Heroes and Legends)

Jeff Gordon: Racing's Brightest Star (Heroes of Racing)

Albert Pujols: MVP on and Off the Field (Sports Stars With Heart)

Babe Ruth and the Baseball Curse The Gigantic Reader: Overstuffed with Irresistible Information

Sky High: The True Story of Maggie Gee

Babe Ruth (Baseball Superstars)

Gullible Gus

Elijah's Coin

The Seven

Rimfire: The Barrel Racing Morgan Horse

TIME For Kids President Obama: A Day in the Life of America's Leader

Golden's Rule

Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome: A 9-Year-Old Boy's Story In His Own Words

Ruined: A Ghost Story

The Sweetheart of Prosper County

Ripley's Believe It or Not: Seeing Is Believing

So Not Happening

Victor and the Sun Orb


The Prince of Fenway Park

First Night

Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom, about Health, Sex, or Whatever

What You Don't Know Can Keep You Out of College: A Top Consultant Explains the 13 Fatal Application Mistakes and Why Character Is the Key to College Admissions

Success Express for Teens: 50 Activities That Will Change Your Life

Jack London's Dog

Shattered Dreams

Baj And the Word Launcher: Space Age Asperger Adventures in Communication

The Book Thief

Breaking Dawn

Hachiko Waits

Wizard of Windsor Island

A Great and Terrible Beauty

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