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TIME For Kids President Obama: A Day in the Life of America’s Leader

TIME For Kids President Obama: A Day in the Life of America's Leader

Publisher: Time For Kids 
Publication Date: October 2009 
ISBN: 978-1603208291 
Reviewed By: Nicholas Feld (age 15) 
Review Date: September 2009 

Are you looking to get your younger children a book filled with knowledge and fun? Or how about a nice read-along book for bedtime? A Day In The Life Of America’s Leader is just what you’re looking for!

The book is very attractive with plenty of full color photographs. The pages are high-gloss and the pictures are very high quality and quite interesting.

A Day In The Life Of America’s Leader starts with the President waking up and beginning his day. He wakes up around 6:30 A.M and has breakfast with his family. After eating, the president then proceeds to the gym, on the third floor of the White House where there is plenty of exercise equipment.

Between breakfast and lunch, the president sets to work. Every day he receives a purple folder with 10 letters from Americans. These letters express concerns about many different topics. Sometimes the letters are simply thanking Obama. Once the President is finished with reading the letters, he may go to meetings with his Senior Staff.

Lunchtime has come, and the President is hungry. So where does he go? Usually to the small dining room in the Oval Office. He likes to bring a senior adviser for a one-on-one meeting. Once a week he will take his lunch with Vice-President Biden. Afterwards, the President proceeds with his daily meetings and whatever else might be on the daily agenda.

In A Day In The Life Of America’s Leader, the pages contain interesting facts in a “Did you know?” format. I learned a lot about the presidency and just how busy President Obama is every day. The book also provides a good look at other members of the president’s staff and what their job duties are. This book is perfect for the younger reader interested in the presidency

Quill says: Great book for anyone who would like to learn a little bit about President Obama’s life.

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