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Iris and the Dragonflies

Iris and the Dragonflies

By: Rosemary Danielis
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: July 2009
ISBN: 978-1450581189
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Reviewed Date: May 2010

When Iris was born the dragonflies suddenly began to swirl, perhaps in celebration of her birth, but just what they were celebrating was lost on her parents. She was a quiet little girl whose only comfort in life were the dragonflies and a single friend named Grace. They were companions who were so close they could actually listen to each other’s thoughts. Of course that odd talent was one they weren’t about to reveal, especially to certain classmates like Tommy and Timmy, the “evil twins.” Grace and Iris were “friends forever” and nothing could separate them save perhaps Iris’ unwelcome trip to Ireland. The trip would separate the girls, but soon Iris would discover she had gifts even she could never imagine would ever be a part of her.

Iris’ arrival in Ireland with her annoying sister, Bella, and her parents Rhea and Declan brought her to a land of enchantment she was destined to visit. Her grandmother Clara, her caretaker, Cormac, and even a pair of gangly Irish wolfhounds named Bran and Sceolan welcomed her as if she had always belonged there. Iris began to explore and soon found the “crumbling walls of Dragon’s Cliff” and those of castle Goll mac Moma. The ruins began to talk to her and she began to experience visions of people as she touched its stones. Evil lurked in those walls and they told her a story, but just what were they trying to tell her and why? The castle and other inanimate objects held secrets that came to light at the touch of her hand. Someone was watching young Iris, but what did he want?

Iris, startled by her own abilities, was reluctant to leave Ireland to head home to Canada. She had seen more in her visions that she expected and when she found a very mysterious box with a tooth inside it made the experience all the more interesting. The box had been hidden, but soon lay forgotten in the bottom of her knapsack. It was time to go home and reconnect with Grace. School soon began and her “memory prints” were as forgotten as the tooth. Her parents were hoping she would outgrow this phase, but not only did Iris have unusual abilities, but other family members did too. Was there something they wanted to protect her from? Unbeknownst to Iris, Ireland and the mysteries of the Emerald Isle had followed her and would soon reveal themselves. When Aril Fretghar, evil incarnate, offered to help her save her precious Dragonfly Creek, his creepy touch with his not so friendly hand would paralyze her with fear. What was Fretghar after? Would her classmates be able to save this young Dragon seer? Could they?

This tale had an aura of enchantment and mystery that will leave the reader, young and old, anxious to learn about Iris, the young Dragon Seer. This book hooked me early on and more than once I found myself unable to put it down without picking it back up as soon as I could to find out what was going to happen to Iris and her classmates. The writing was slow, steady, and unpressured and had just the right blend of fantasy and mystery. I was a little disappointed when Iris departed the shores of Ireland and went back to school, but soon became interested in her new band of friends. The tale did have light shades of Harry Potterish type material, but for the most part was quite unique. This is one of those rare sleepers that I find now and then.

Quill says: If you love dragonflies and dragons with a touch of fantasy and mystery rolled in with the mix you’ll love this book!

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