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Behold the Eye: Viridia

Behold the Eye: Viridia

By: Veronica R. Tabares
Publisher: Sun Break Publishing
Date: February 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9815557-3-7
Reviewed by: Emily LaBelle
Review Date: January 2010

In the final installment of Veronica R. Tabares’s trilogy, Behold the Eye, we come to a conclusion in Vickie’s journey through dream travel. In this book, Behold the Eye: Viridia as in the other ones, Vickie and her friends Micah, Shanti and Daffyd travel to a new land to find the answers they seek to bring Vickie back home. This time they travel to Viridia, the land of the green eyes, where all its inhabitants are in tune with the wildlife. There, they hope to find a way to finally get Vickie back to her friends and family. This installment brings to the table the importance of family, friends and love.

This time around, Tricia, Karen and Cathy, Vickie’s best friends, try to find a way to get to Vickie via dream travel. They are aware of the dangers of this, for Vickie disappeared in the first place while using dream travel. In Tricia’s determination to get to Vickie, she gets stuck in the dream world as well. Vickie’s quest then becomes a way to save Tricia from the dream world and get both of them back home. With many unexpected twists, turns and dangers, Vickie and her friends look for the answers they seek. This journey only strengthens the bond of Vickie and her friends, which teaches her the meaning of friendship.

While there is plenty of adventure in this book, this part of the series focuses more on the value of friendship and family. It highlights the relationships between the characters more so than the two preceding books. Veronica R. Tabares maintains her relatable writing style in this novel as well. Once again the perspective changes frequently, making it an exciting and fast read. The book stresses the importance of home and of family and how that shapes the person you become. Young Readers will enjoy the final book in this trilogy as Tabares wraps up an exciting adventure of dream travel and mystery. Furthermore, the ending will leave them satisfied.

Quill says: This book is an exciting and satisfying end to a great trilogy for young readers.

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