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Peril at Summerland Park (Twisted Journeys)

Peril at Summerland Park (Twisted Journeys)

By: Paul D. Storrie
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Publication Date: January 2012
ISBN: 978-0761385516
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: February 2012

Laura and Rick had traveled with their friend to the spooky Summerland Amusement Park in Michigan's Irish Hills to get a little taste of the paranormal. The park had been closed down for two decades, but what they really were interested in knowing was why it was closed. It had gotten a "reputation for being an incredibly unlucky place." At first it was just the little stuff, but then there were "deadly accidents." Well, all good things must come to an end. But had they? It would be a wild ride for them to discover the secret of Summerland, but first they had to get in. Dark was fast approaching and they could see the Ferris wheel and the Haunted Castle in the distance.

They got out of their SUV and double-checked their supplies. It wasn't going to be all that tough to get in and when Laura yelled, "Let's do this!" they were off. A creepy looking little red man leaning on his cane startled them after they jumped the fence and said, "Maybe ye should start by explaining how ye got in where you're not meant to be?" No one was supposed to be in the park so they had three choices. They decided to make a getaway and run for it. The old man's red-eyed black dog was in fast pursuit. They decided to duck into an abandoned souvenir shop, only to encounter another dog, a weird talking dog. Was it some sort of trap? Would they go inside or keep on running? They decided to go inside ...

Naturally, each young reader will be able to choose his or her own twisted path to the end of the story, a story that can be different each time it's read. If the ending or twist isn't satisfying, there is no reason the reader can't twist and turn it around to make it as crazy or creepy as they want. Many youngsters love the choose-your-own-ending stories, both in fiction and nonfiction. This graphic novel has a mix of pages with text and panels. The artwork is eerily creepy with dark tones and action-packed scenes. The third person in the story is 'you.' Are you going to be a hero or are you going to perish in Summerland Park? The choice is yours!

Quill says: This paranormal, twisted journey at Summerland Park is creepy and spooky.

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