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Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures You Can Draw (Ready, Set, Draw!)

Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures You Can Draw (Ready, Set, Draw!)

By: Nicole Brecke and Patricia M. Stockland
Illustrated by: Nicole Brecke
Publisher: Millbrook Press
Publication Date: January 2010
ISBN: 978-0761341697
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: March 2010

If you can twirl words like Pterodactylus around your tongue faster than a speeding bullet and enjoy drawing, this is one sharp book that you might enjoy poring over. If you are a dino fan, you already know how to pronounce Pterodactylus (TAIR-uh-DAK-tuh-lus), which means “wing finger.” You probably know that it was actually a “flying reptile” that “would scoop up fish, similar to what a pelican does” and can tell everyone several other facts about it. In this book you will learn all about this sharp clawed critter, the Apatosaurus, the Triceratops, the SuperCroc (Sarcosuchus imperator), the Ichthyosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Stegosaurus, and the Ankylosaurus. You’ll learn all kinds of interesting little facts about these prehistoric animals, you’ll learn how to pronounce their names, AND you’ll learn how to draw them.

In the front of this book there is a guide and some “Helpful Hints” that you’ll need to pay close attention to if you want to be successful. With a minimum of supplies, (a pencil sharpener, colored pencils, an eraser, a pencil and some paper) you’ll be all set to go. Each set of instructions carefully details how to approach your drawing in a step-by-step manner and has accompanying illustrations. For example, the first step in drawing an Ankylosurus states that you should “Draw a large base oval and a small base oval. Make a long, curving baseline. Add a rounded U shape for the head and the neck. Make a small line for the mouth.” With a little practice you’ll be able to WOW all your friends with your creations!

Any budding artist who is also a dino fan will spend hours poring over this book. Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Creatures You Can Draw, is one in the “Ready, Set, Draw!” serie, which is a great series for the die-hard doodler. This one will have a special appeal to children who are fascinated by dinosaurs. As usual, whenever I read a book like this I’ll try out a drawing or two and find I need a lot of practice. These dinosaurs will thrill the child who is artistic, but may frustrate the one who is not. I’d suggest adding some tracing paper to the list of supplies to insure a positive experience with this book if your youngster is not already fairly good at freehand drawing. This book will provide hours of fun and I definitely feel it is one of the more exciting ones in the series. No doubt about it, these books will motivate and enthrall the young artist!

Quill says: Any budding artist who is also a dino fan will spend hours poring over this book!

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