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Alien Contact (Alien Agent)

Alien Contact (Alien Agent)

By: Pamela F. Service
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN: 978-0761353638
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: October 2010

Zack Gaither was planning on having a relaxing weekend with his best friend, Ken. Wrong. He’d always figured he was a regular kid, but just over a year ago he’d found out that he was an alien. His parents, who had adopted him, were cool with it and realized how important it was for him to be an “envoy between the Galactic Union and the people of Earth.” Khh, who was in the form of a cat, was in the window sending him messages telling him that he had an “urgent assignment” to do and get rid of that kid. His mom quickly made excuse and got rid of Ken. Agent Sorn, his immediate boss and friend, had been captured by the Kiapakapa Syndicate, a “coalition of Gnairt and other species.”

It was Agent Sorn’s job to jam messages heading to SETI so that Earthlings would never know there was intelligent life out there. This could be a big crisis because the Syndicate wanted Earth to think the Galactic Union was evil. Once they had control, they would “exploit all Earth’s natural resources and eventually enslave its people.” There was no time to lose. Zack had to leave immediately, but couldn’t let on that this was a very dangerous mission. Khh and Zack got into a spaceship that was shaped like a “flying surfboard” and they were on their way. They had “visual deflectors” so no one would be able to spot them.

It wasn’t long before they found two spaceships. Clustered around them were a couple of Gnairt, who looked like “fat, bald, humans,” something that looked like a Christmas tree, and the ugliest alien Zack had ever seen. Can you picture “something the dog threw up?” Agent Sorn had stolen a pod and escaped. Zack and Khh began to follow an “energy trace in the air.” It didn’t lead to Sorn, but they did find Shasta O’Neil, a human girl who had been destined to “twine with the star spirits.” Before you know it Shasta was saying, “Looks like everyone’s going to the same party.” Would they be able to save Sorn so she could save the Earth? Who was going to get to her first? Homeland Security, the police, the Gnairt? There was going to be big trouble in Bumpass!

This exciting, madcap adventure to save the Earth from the evil Kiapakapa Syndicate is a Sci Fi thriller young people will love. Zack is anything but a regular kid and is the type of alien that any youngster interested in the genre might just want to be. He does have some special powers, but not so many that it totally separates him from the rest of his peers. In other words, he “passes” as a real boy. Once the scene is set the action starts to pick up and there are enough Tokts Kifths, and enough dangerous moments filled with screams and shouts to keep even the most reluctant reader turning these pages. I’ve only read one other in the “Alien Agent” series, but this can be read alone.

Quill says: If you’ve got a youngster who is into anything wild, zany, and intergalactic, this is one series that should be on your list!

Feathered Quill

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