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Overcomer – The Journey (Book I of The MacDara Chronicles)

Overcomer - The Journey (Book I of The MacDara Chronicles)

By: Judy Colella
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: May 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4791-6996-2
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: October 2013

There are a lot of things you can say about Connecticut. (As a native, I know of what I speak.) Snowy, cold, boring beyond belief...but in this fantasy the State takes on a whole new life.

Overcomer begins by telling the back-story of a young boy in Georgia thrust into a horrific experience when he’s placed with a foster family. In this family, the mother locks the boy in a basement and only lets him out when she needs something. The young lad is constantly put down and told he’s beyond ugly.

Spending seven years in that life, the young, very handsome man by the name of Cian MacDara arrives one day in Connecticut. Every female stops and stares at him. He’s beguiling with his Irish accent, but he’s a bit odd because he doesn’t understand present-day terms, such as what working out means.

One girl who’s more than slightly charmed comes from an Irish background as well, but she has her own difficulties. Her name is Celeste, and she has a way of zoning out from her world and seeing things from the ancient past. Her best friend is Katie (who’s a great sidekick readers will love), and Katie knows of her friend’s oddity. She also inherently knows that Cian and Celeste are walking down a fantastical path.

Cian knows that he’s looking for a young woman named Celeste to help him return home. You see, there’s a Door, and Celeste can help to open that Door, perhaps unleashing a battle of mythical proportions. Celeste is the one who can get Cian over his deep-seeded belief that he’s ugly and useless. He’s a hero and, like Athena, Celeste is a true hero’s companion.

When Celeste’s father brings home an odd harp with golden strings, Celeste is sent back to the past in her own mind, remembering a harper from long ago. With Katie and Cian by her side, the past and future come to light, and their journey is incredible.

The author has done a wonderful job mixing the past with the present. Cian is a character who will lure readers in with his style, much faster than a vampire named Edward did once upon a time. And Katie brings the wit and charm to the dramatic and romantic scenes.

Quill says: This is only Book I and you will definitely be left wondering what happens next! And...for us Yankees, Connecticut will take on a whole new charm!

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