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Point of Origin (The Survivors, Volume II)

Point of Origin (The Survivors, Volume II)

By: Amanda Havard
Publisher: Chafie Press
Publishing Date: June 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9833190-4-7
Reviewed By: Amy Lignor
Review Date: February 5, 2012

Readers have been waiting for this one (and you’ll have to continue to wait until June). BUT, Book II has been ‘put together’ and is even more exciting, adventurous and amazing than Book I.

First a quick recap: In 1692, a great deal occurred in a small town called Salem, Massachusetts. Nineteen people were hung from the gallows, five perished in jail, and others were waiting to be accused of practicing witchcraft. But there was also something else that occurred in Salem - a group of powerful Survivors with gifts that went well beyond any sorcery or magic remained alive - after all, they were immortal.

In Book I we met a girl named Sadie, who wanted nothing more than to see the rest of the world beyond Salem and she ventured out. She crossed the line and left to live a life that was free and fun. What she also did was make it simple for others to do so. Unfortunately, when they crossed the line they crossed barriers, and became a group that were evil and horrific who liked to murder people in the real world. Sadie feels responsible for the whole thing. She has worked and, is still working, to find a way to kill Survivors. Unfortunately, no one really knows if the research she is doing is so she can kill her hideous family, or herself, because Sadie no longer values life and wants to simply die and move on.

The one thing that keeps her with the need to stay is a man by the name of Everett Winter, who she met in Book I. Sadie brought Everett and his whole vampire clan back to Survivor’s City where they now live, waiting for the day when the ultimate war will begin. Sadie despises being back home because she’s detested and ridiculed by her own people now for leaving and beginning all of this horror in the first place. So Sadie stays close to the Winter clan (who are far more beautiful than the Cullens, no offense). With them, Sadie works to figure out a way to stop the evil immortals out there from causing any more death and mayhem.

A long journey begins as Sadie’s powers start to grow. She hears voices in her mind which she’s striving to use to track down the evil that’s out there. Soon she begins to ‘see’ what they’re doing. She begins to see these creatures bite and destroy, giving her an even bigger sickness when it comes to vampires…a creature that she supposedly loves. When there’s an even bigger secret past unveiled and a man by the name of Raven is discovered - the story of the Survivor’s becomes much grander in scope than Sadie ever thought possible. The point of origin may just be the location of her ultimate demise.

The author has, yet again, done a brilliant job with plot, research, storylines and the romantic factor. Readers will route for Sadie and Everett, and wish they could see the future in order to see the ultimate end.

Quill Says: Fantastic sequel, but putting the intriguing excerpt for Book III at the back is just mean.

Feathered Quill

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