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Behold the Eye: Cerulea

Behold the Eye: Cerulea

By: Veronica R. Tabares
Publisher: Sun Break Publishing
Publication Date: September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9815557-2-0
Reviewed by: Emily LaBelle
Review Date: January 2010

In the second installment of Veronica R. Tabares’s series Behold the Eye, the protagonist, Vickie, is stuck in the land of Braumaru away from her friends and family. Her sudden disappearance is a mystery to all those back in her world. In this episode, called Behold the Eye: Cerulea, Vickie sets off on a journey with her foreign friends Micah, Shanti and Daffyd, to find her way back home.

At home, all of Vickie’s friends are trying to contact her through her dreams. While everyone is perplexed by her disappearance, Vickie travels with her new friends to the land of Cerulea, where knowledge is everything. There they hope to find the answers that will get Vickie back home. Once they arrive in Cerulea Vickie finds that she has to learn how to block out all the voices of the telepathic blue eyes who reside there. When she is not around Shanti or Micah, who also have a blue eye trait, she is overwhelmed by a very loud noise inside her head. Other than this, the only thing standing between Vickie and her return is the power hungry Roland, who wants to use Vickie for his own selfish purposes.

Veronica R. Tabares brings readers on another exciting adventure in Behold the Eye: Cerulea. In this sequel, she demonstrates her sense of the young mind-set, just as she does in the first of the series; Behold the Eye: Braumaru. In this installment, we also get to see more of Tricia, Vickie’s best friend at home. Tricia is desperately trying to contact Vickie, for she knows she hasn’t really disappeared forever. Young readers will have no trouble relating to Vickie, Tricia, Micah and all their friends as they go on an exciting adventure using dream travel. The story itself is original and interesting. This series would easily catch the interest of even the most reluctant young readers.

Quill says: A great continuation of an exciting adventure for younger readers.

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