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Freedom (Miss Annie)

Freedom (Miss Annie)

By: Frank Le Gall
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Publication Date: March 2012
ISBN: 978-0761385462
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: March 2012

Miss Annie was curled up on the cushion of a chair when her master, "The Dad," instructed her to guard the house because he was going out. Of course that was a silly thing to say because Annie already was. There were other masters in the house as well and they were called "The Mom" and Sarah. Everyone had other names Annie was supposed to know. In fact, Sarah had several: "Mydear, Lambchop, Ladybug, Brat, and Go-to-your-room." Annie's eyes grew wide when the door shut and after a good yawn and a stretch, she jumped down to get to work. Annie was almost five months old and there were lots of things to tend to.

"MRRii." Annie got a scolding for her efforts, but it was no matter. She worked just as hard as everyone else. The Mom claimed that "She worked hard today too! You should see the state of my desk and the kitchen." One of the things that Annie wanted to really do was go outside. "Miaw! Miaw! Miaw!" Kitty cats really needed to go outside and she had to look for her opening, but in the meantime she'd just have to take care of the house for her masters. One day she felt a little "something in the air." She peeked up at the window over Sarah's desk and saw that it was open. Was Annie finally going to find some adventure?

Annie, like most cats and kids, is a seasoned pro at taking care of the household when everyone goes out. She does have a knack for getting into mischief and one of my favorite scenes is when she asks Keishia the mouse if she wants to play with her and "unroll this yarn." Another is when she engages in a fierce battle with the enemy flowers on the table. This tale is set in a graphic novel format, perfect for young confident readers or reluctant ones. The panels are detailed, bright, and animated as they capture Annie's wonderful, dynamic spirit. If you are a cat lover, or have a mischievous kitten, you're sure to love little Annie!

Quill says: This is the delightful story of Annie, a young kitten who is gung-ho for a bit of adventure in her life.

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