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Ripley’s Believe It or Not: Seeing Is Believing

Ripley's Believe It or Not: Seeing Is Believing

Edited by: Geoff Tibballs
Publisher: Ripley Publishing 
Publication Date: August 2009 (hardcover) 
ISBN: 978-1-893951-45-7 
Reviewed by: Nick Feld (age 15)
Review Date: August 2009 

Are you ready for thrills beyond the norm? Some say seeing is believing, and they’re right! The newest book in the Ripley's Believe It or Not series is Seeing Is Believing and the title speaks for itself.

The renowned series began with Robert Ripley, a very interesting character. Ripley began his career as an illustrator for Life Magazine, selling his first drawing for eight dollars. Soon afterward, he began illustrating for the San Francisco Bulletin. Ripley next pursued his dream of becoming a baseball player, and was offered a spot with the New York Giants. Unfortunately, during the first game, he broke his arm, ending his baseball career.

In 1918, after returning to illustrating, he made a set of nine sketches about various athletes performing odd stunts called Champs and Chumps. He was dissatisfied with the title, and renamed it Believe It or Not. The title caught the attention of the public and soon the popular series was born and selling out in stores nationwide.

From a kitten with two faces, to a lion on a wild horseback ride, the newest book in the Believe It or Not series is great for all ages. Sure to please everyone with many interesting and peculiar stories such as racing hamsters, a rocket-propelled sled, and even a surfing rat. Spanning the globe, this book reveals unknown events, places and inventions ranging from nano noodles not visible to the naked eye, chocolate wrestling matches in Budapest, Hungary to the town of Gilchrist, TX, where hurricane Ike demolished everything in it's wake with the exception of one home, lying untouched among the debris.

This book features high-quality pictures and smooth glossy pages. It is not heavy, despite the look. Hard covered with a holographic eye on the front, it accommodates over 240 pages of fun.

Whether you fancy houses built upside down, eggs 100 feet wide or a flea with shoes, this book is for you! Pre-teens to young adults will find this book fascinating. Younger children, however, may find the text a bit difficult but will certainly be eager to look at all the bizarre and unusual pictures. It would therefore be a good book for them to read along with their parents.

Quill says: The cover of this book will grab your attention, and the bizarre and interesting stories inside will have you reading for hours on end.

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