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The Campaign (The Opportunity)

The Campaign (The Opportunity)

By: Elizabeth Karre
Publisher: Darby Creek Publishing
Publication Date: August 2013
ISBN: 978-1467713740
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: December 2013

Destiny had only tapped out one tiny little article for Clinton High’s newspaper, just the one. Somehow the story got picked up by the Washington City paper. Destiny had overheard a few conversations and knew that Ms. Jeannie, her English teacher, was stressed over something. She had been told to bring her own toilet paper to school of all things. There was a supply shortage and when Destiny overheard Ms. Jeannie yelling at Ms. West in her office she knew there was something terribly wrong. The “mismanagement of school supplies if we are already out of basic things” hit home. A little investigation was in order.

That little investigation led Destiny to the only story she wrote, like ever. Amazingly that one investigative piece could launch her into a career. “I’m sure, Ms. Davis, that you realize what an honor it is to be chosen for one of the Holt internships,” Mr. Bosley said to her. He was Mr. Holt’s right-hand man. Destiny would be working on the “Polichat,” a political blog. How could this have even happened to her when “Destiny Davis” didn’t even so much as get a source credit for that article? Stranger things could have happened, but it was the opportunity of a lifetime. No more fast food job for her.

Her Auntie Denise was all for this opportunity and told her to only worry about herself. “Go get’em baby.” And that she would. Destiny would be working with Chaz, Holt’s stepson. He was some hot, but the job wasn’t really because she just wasn’t into politics. A big story was about to break when Jeff “JJ” Johnson made an undercover video of Billy, the mayor’s son. Apparently the mayor had been engaging in campaign voter fraud. Denise noticed something very strange about the video. Was there some other kind of fraud going on here? It was going to take a lot of guts to find out because she could lose that coveted internship. Was she up to the task or would she let it go in order to save her own skin?

This is the tale of Destiny, a young woman who could make it to the top. Of course she could succeed by either holding on to her scruples or throwing them under the bus. The choice ultimately rested in her own hands. Reluctant readers will enjoy reading this short story about how opportunity knocks. The tale is an open-ended one, leaving Destiny’s lifelong fate up to the imagination. The message of “The Opportunity” series lets young people know that no matter what the circumstances in their lives, opportunity can come knocking. What they choose to do with it and if they want it to open up doors belongs to them and them alone. The characters are not fleshed out, but I certainly got a feel for Destiny’s life and dreams for the future.

Quill says: If you have a youngster who'd love to succeed, the Opportunity series is one you may wish to take a look at!

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