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Award Program Testimonials

If you are an author or publisher who has had a book win a Feathered Quill Book Award and you’d like to add your comments to this page, please contact [email protected]. We will add your statement along with a link to your review and website.

“When you enter a book into any contest you hope for positive news. Feathered Quill allowed me to enter two of my books in the backlist category. To receive a first and second place award was so exciting. I appreciated the comments from the judges that I understand is a new addition. Award seals added to your book increase sales. Feathered Quill award seals will be a very nice addition to my covers. My Thanks to the judges for the hard work they did for all categories.”
– Janet K. Shawgo
Author of 2018 Gold Winner Find Me Again
and 2018 Silver Winner Wait For Me

“With thousands of new books published every day, awards are more important than ever, but not all awards are equally valuable. The Feathered Quill Awards stand out for their professionalism and high standards. I particularly like that the awards are announced early in the annual cycle of awards, making Feathered Quill Awards a “leading indicator” of the best books and the best authors in any given year. After winning two Bronze Awards in 2015 and a Silver in 2016, I felt a great sense of accomplishment to finally win “Gold” with Envoy of Jerusalem. The assessment by Feathered Quill’s literary jurors that Envoy of Jerusalem is the best of my books to date is a reflection of my own convictions, making me especially pleased to have this book highlighted in this way. The free advertising that came with the award was also wonderful; book sales increased during the two weeks my title was featured on the Feathered Quill home page. Thank you to all on the Feathered Quill team, and keep up the good work!”
– Helena P. Schrader
Author of Envoy of Jerusalem
2017 Gold Winner in the Best Religious/Spiritual Category

“It is an honor for me to be able to add the Feathered Quill Bronze Seal to Penned Without Ink: Trusting God to Write Your Story. All along the way, from submitting my book until receiving my lovely certificate and seals, I have been grateful for the positive communication and guidance, as well as the opportunity to display an ad on Feathered Quill’s home page. This truly has been an encouraging and confidence-building experience for me as a first-time book author. I would recommend the award program to authors without hesitation. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”
– Sarah Lynn Phillips
Author of Penned Without Ink
2017 Bronze Winner in the Best Inspirational Category

“I love Feathered Quill. I thank Diane Lunsford for such a thoughtful and insightful review of my first book, A Home for Abigail. It is obvious she loves dogs and appreciates the fact that pit bulls and pit bull mixes get an unfair bad rap. I, also, truly enjoyed doing the interview for Feathered Quill and especially appreciate the kindness of Ellen Feld working with my lack of “tech” expertise. BUT the whipped cream with the cherry on top is winning TWO silver awards. One for Best Children’s Illustrated and one for Animal/Pets for children. I must add how beautiful the certificates the winners received are. It is plain to see that much time and expense went into making them something for each recipient to treasure. THANKS sincerely Feathered Quill.”
– Sandy Cook (S. Marriott Cook)
Author of A Home for Abigail
2017 Two-Time Silver Winner in the Best Children’s Illustrated and Best Animal-Children’s and YA Categories

“I consider your site to be one of the few where it is a challenge to gain an award. Many sites offer, sometimes, a hundred categories, which is a bit crowded in my opinion.”
– Michael Kasenow
Author of Something’s Bound to Happen
2017 Gold Winner in the Best Poetry Category

“I would encourage every independently published author to enter the Feathered Quill Book Awards Contest. I have noticed that my book sales at book signing events have doubled since winning 2nd place in the Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction/Graphic, Anime category. That award sticker on the cover draws people’s attention to your book, and gives it credibility as a book that has been assessed by professionals and found to be worthy of acknowledgement in the very competitive field of writing books. Thank you so much Feathered Quill!”
– Cara Skinner
Author of General Houston’s Little Spy
2016 Silver Winner in the Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction/Graphic, Anime Category

“The GOLD award for my debut novel Selah’s Sweet Dream has given me personal confidence. I can point to my book and say assuredly – my book is good. The award was validation that encouraged me to believe in myself as an author. A Dutch magazine featured my novel and the GOLD award was a big reason they considered the book at all. I’m blessed, honored, and grateful for the Feathered Quill Book Awards. When I am promoting my book, people can see immediately it is not just another book, but it is an award-winning book. That helps remove the hesitation a reader might have about the book being worth reading.”
– Susan Count Hastings
Author of Selah’s Sweet Dream
2016 Gold Winner in the Best Animal-Children’s and YA Category

If you are an author or publisher who has won a book award in the Feathered Quill Book Awards Program and you’d like to add your comments to this page, please contact [email protected]. We will add your statement along with a link to your website.

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