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Disney Junior: Let’s Play! Poster-A-Page (Disney Junior Poster-a-Page)

Disney Junior: Let's Play! Poster-A-Page (Disney Junior Poster-a-Page)

By: Disney
Publisher: Disney
Publication Date: September 2014
ISBN: 978-1618933782
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: October 2014

Jake, Minnie, Doc McStuffins, Sophia the First, and Mickey are just waiting for everyone to step on up and pay them a visit! Inside the pages of this book they’ll introduce you to all their pals, most of whom you probably are already very familiar with. Each and every page inside this book can be used as a poster and perhaps a reminder of just what they all do.

Doc is always on call, ready and waiting to help. Her job is “Prescribing hugs, cuddles, and smiles.” Everyone who is a Doc McStuffins fan knows she’s there when you need her, including Lambie, who enjoys a cuddle now and then. Awww, aren’t they so very cute together?

Look! There’s Jake in the crow’s nest checking out Captain Hook. Jake claims that “Friends work together and help each other.” I’d say that’s very true. Speaking of friends, there’s Minnie and Daisy who are “fashionista friends” who “have an eye for style.” Those bows certainly are quite flattering.

There are piles of colorful Disney characters in this book you’ll know. Say, isn’t that Goofy in that hot air balloon with Minnie and Mickey? Why yes, it is. Each page can be a poster or part of a collage on a wall. Of course this is a collectible and those folks won’t so much as pull out a single page. The high gloss pages pop with wall-to-wall images of many of our favorite Disney characters. This book is definitely a must have for all fans, especially those who need some ultra-friendly, playful wallpaper!


- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Make your own fun! (Goofy, Donald Duck, Mickey)
- Minnie: Matching styles, matching smiles (Minnie, Daisy)
- Doc McStuffins: Share a little sunshine (Doc, Stuffy, Lambie)
- Happy Days and Sharing Ways (Doc, Daisy, Minnie, Sofia)
- Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Yo Ho! Here we go! Treasure awaits us (Jake, Cubby, Izzy)
- Sophia the First: Kindness rules my kingdom (Sophia)
- If it's not fun you're not doing it right! (several characters)
- Smiles are for sharing (Doc, Sophia, Mickey, Minnie, Lambie)
- Make every day an adventurous day! (Jake, Mickey, Donald Duck, Sophia, Minimus)

Quill says: This is a funtastic poster-a-page book with loads of our favorite Disney characters that Disney fans, young and old, will just have to have in their collection!

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