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All You Never Wanted

All You Never Wanted

By: Adele Griffin
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
Publication Date: October 2012
ISBN: 978-0-375-87082-8
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: October 2012

It will be no surprise for readers to learn that this particular author is a ‘National Book Award’ finalist, considering the stories she weaves are among the most beautiful and heartbreaking tales ever told. And with this offering, the wealth of emotions are no different.

Here we join the lives of two sisters, who see each other in a far different way than they see themselves. Thea, the younger sibling, was once a bookworm. She was the brainy one who was always getting good grades and impressing one and all. Over the years, she has wanted more and more to become her popular, beautiful sister. And she uses her ‘other personality’ named Gia, to tell stories (lies that could hurt others), dress in the latest fashions, and basically act like a jerk in order to sit at the ‘popular’ table at school.

Alex is the older sister. A senior in high school, Alex has always had it all - from the outside, anyway. But when her parents broke up and she ended up living in the ridiculous mansion of a rich man her mother married, her life seemed to twist and turn, leaving her more scared than anything else. In fact, Alex finds herself on many occasions sweating profusely, absolutely scared of the rest of the world. Her mental faculties are beyond confused and she is basically wasting away.

Alex’s boyfriend is Joshua Gunner - nice, yet makes extra money by selling dime bags to the rich kids of the neighborhood so that he can save up to one day head to Hollywood and work at his dream job in special effects. Thea is beyond in love with Joshua and wants nothing more than to take him away from her sister - yet another thing about Alex she is more than jealous of.

This story is one of drama and pain, as readers watch Thea covet her sister’s life and work beyond hard to get it for herself. What she doesn’t realize is that the more you cry wolf, the more lonely you become.

Dark and light - this author has written a story where issues of wealth, sex, love, health and the world of the ‘popular’ ones are revealed to show exactly how bad everything can get. But the love and support of two sisters who have always cared for each other does shine through.

Quill Says: An interesting, yet highly dramatic tale.

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