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Feathered Quill Book Reviews has been named one of the best websites for authors by the Association of Independent Authors! If you are an author or publisher who has had a book reviewed by Feathered Quill and you’d like to add your comments to this page, please contact [email protected]. We will add your statement along with a link to your review and website.

"I have sought out a number of reviews for Rows of Priase prior to its release, and this is not the first time I have used your service, and I have to say that Feathered Quill provides the most carefully crafted and thought-out reviews and follow-up. Thank you."
- Doug Reid
- Author of Rows of Praise

"Feathered Quill Book Reviews are the best! My reviewer, Barbara Bamberger Scott, wrote a very thorough and intelligent review of my book, Discovering Mom, and for that I am extremely grateful. She understood my work better than I did and left me plenty of juicy excerpts to place on my book cover. Thanks, Feathered Quill!
- Bryan Foreman
Author of Discovering Mom

"I cannot thank you enough for the incredibly well-written, comprehensive review and truly insightful, thought-provoking interview questions! I am indebted to both you and Diane for providing such an amazing experience for me. In a world of "vanity reviewers" phoning it in, you guys absolutely knock it out of the park and into the stratosphere. Thank you."
- Christina Maraziotis
Author of Curse: A Novel (Loveletting, Book 2)

"I’ve used several editorial review sites, and Feathered Quill is among the best! The wait was worth it as I received a lengthy, beautiful, well written review from the wonderful Lily Andrews. What made the experience even more memorable was the interview questions, and I recommend everyone utilize this because for mine, the questions were introspective, relevant, and showed the level of professionalism and integrity Feathered Quill has and demands. I'll cherish that interview forever. If I publish another book, this will be one of the first places I’ll come to for a review. I thank Ellen for the place of authenticity she’s created, and my reviewer Lily Andrews for a pleasant experience."
- Sabrina Simon
Author of Violet

"I'm so thankful I've encountered Feathered Quill in this vast digital world known as the internet. Otherwise, I wouldn't have the fantastic editor, Ellen Feld, pair my book with the fabulous book reviewer, Lily Andrews, to produce my favorite book review amongst numerous of them from my collection of poems (The White Colossus). So, if you're looking for a book review that carries so much care and authenticity, Feathered Quill is the place to welcome you for that."
- Enne Baker
Author of The White Colossus

"What a pleasant early morning surprise to get Risah Salazar’s positive review of “HOUSE BOY”. Atmosphere Press and I are delighted with this and feel she really captured what this story is all about. She took a challenging and in many ways brutal tale and rendered it accessible to readers potentially reluctant to enter this shadowy world of modern slavery. My personal thanks to her for her insight and perception."
- Lorenzo DeStefano
Author of House Boy

"I wish to thank you for your recent review of A Rescued Soul. I liked the feedback, insight, and personal reactions to this tale. The reviewer, Katie Specht, seemed to enjoy the plot and the characters, and the sentiments she expressed made me feel validated and understood. The fact that she picked out that Henry Cameron and his doings were an allegory made me smile in appreciation. Crafting a plot (and subplots) around this theme was hard work, but comments like hers made the toil well worth the effort. Again, thank you for the sensitive and much appreciated comments."
- Jeff Turner

"I was looking for a little help getting my new book traction. What I got with Feathered Quill was so much more! The review was so well written. It is obvious the reviewer loves her job, and thankfully my book too! The interview was full of really interesting and thought provoking questions that pertained to my book and my work as animal communicator. I had so much fun responding! I can’t thank Feathered Quill enough for the professionalism, care, and genuine interest in their work and mine. They were professional with just the right amount of personal interest. Thank you!"
- Daniela Amato
Author of Finding Joy: A Dog's Tale

"Wow, what a great review, not just the kind words, which of course are much appreciated! I'm impressed by the professionalism and depth and quality of the writing and the fact that the review was obviously written by someone who closely read and got the book. My thanks to you, the reviewer and Feathered Quill Book Reviews."
- Dorian Box
Author of The Hiding Girl

"Thank you, Feathered Quill, and Anita Lock for all your help and support of my writing adventures. I don't know if Shave Ice Paradise is going to be a "big book," if many people will read or buy it, but I want you to know your help and support is a very big deal."
- Mark Daniel Seiler
Author of Shave Ice Paradise

"Thank you for a thorough and balanced review. I am very pleased that the reviewer clearly read the book and understood what I was trying to do. This is a wonderful service that I would highly recommend to any Indie author."
- M.J. Lalli
Author of Dvorah: Prophetess, Judge, Warrior

“We have received the Feathered Quill review by Anita Lock of the book 9 Lively Cat Tales and Other Pet Poems that you sent to us. Thank you for your thoughtful, kind, and well-written review, which captures the spirit of the book and reflects the skill and professionalism in writing that you bring to the reviewing process. Including the poem “Why the Lynx Isn’t Famous” was also a nice touch. We are grateful for your granting of permission to quote your review and excerpts from it online and in promotional materials that may help catapult my book to success. Please accept our deepest gratitude. We send our best wishes for a wonderful autumn season.”
– Jeffry Glover
Author of 9 Lively Cat Tales and Other Pet Poems
Poems for Pleasure Press LLC

“Thanks so much for completing the review of my book, Gathering the Self! I, the “writer and wordsmith,” have only a dozen words to express my thanks for undertaking the review for me, and they’re all the same word:   Wow! This is my first review, so I don’t have personal experience with reviews, but of those I’ve read of other books, your work far surpasses most! The depth of reporting makes me know that, not only did Anita Lock read the book, but she is able to discern good writing. I’m glad I filled my book with good writing! She gave an honest review, and highlighted some of the book’s good qualities that I had overlooked. (We writer’s are our own worst critics!) Thanks for the work I know it took to digest and describe my first book of poetry. We’ll be back for more!”
– David Bayard
Author of Gathering the Self

“We would like to thank Amy Lignor and Feathered Quill for the insightful, positive review of our children’s book, The Secret Adventures of the North Pole: Magic in the Frosty Air. We were thrilled to see our children’s book on the Feathered Quill website. We enjoyed answering the interview questions taking us back to when our journey truly began…Thank you Amy, Ellen and the team at Feathered Quill for the review, interview and all your help and support. Wishing everyone at Feathered Quill a Happy Holiday Season!”
– Nancy and Eddie Sullivan
Authors of The Secret Adventures of the North Pole: Magic In The Frosty Air

“I would like to thank Anita Lock and Feathered Quill Book Reviews for reviewing my mystery, Run Dog Run, the first in my new animal-rights mystery series. It’s tough for small-press and indie authors to compete with the big guys. And it often takes months to hear from reviewers. I submitted my book and received my in-depth, stellar review in less than a month. A few days later my interview posted. I was so pleased with the interview questions. In answering them, I had a chance to reach out to readers on a deeper level. I have put Feathered Quill at the top of my promo list for submission when my next mystery is released later this year. Again, I can’t thank you enough!”
— Kathleen Kaska
Author of Run Dog Run

“I would like to thank Feathered Quill for taking time to read my novels and rating them. It has been a real pleasure to work with a team of professionals, who offer support and encouragement to indie writers. Amy Lignor, I would like to thank you in particular for your in depth reviews and interviews, especially your ratings of the three volume series Whisper In My Ear, a lengthy tale that depicts the true legacy of the Vietnam War and the men and women who served there. Feathered Quill will be hearing from me again when I finish my next novel. Thank you so much Feathered Quill.”
– John Henry Hardy
Author of The Day God Played BaseballWhen Brothers MeetThe Place Where the Giant FellWhisper in My Ear (Vol I of III)Whisper in My Ear (Vol II of III)Whisper in My Ear (Vol III of III)

“I must say I have tried a few places for reviews and interviews and this has been a very pleasant experience. I really appreciated that you took the time to research the author and ask thoughtful interview questions. I am very happy we came across your ad in the IBPA magazine and we will definitely consider using your services again.”
– Carol Mitchell

“Author interviews are usually formulaic. A one size fits all set of questions. I understand, these reviewers and their web site administrators are overwhelmed by writers asking for reviews and interviews. Feathered Quill Book Reviews however, was a wholly different experience. First, the price for the review and author interview are eminently reasonable. Secondly, reviewer Anita Lock revealed her thorough read of the book both with her review and then with her carefully crafted questions. Many of which caused me to pause and reflect.”
– Lin Wilder
Author of Finding the Narrow Path: Patterns, Faith and Searching

“I can’t thank Feathered Quill enough! Yes, it’s easy to love a wonderfully positive review – but there is something really, really special when that review has the depth and understanding that an author like Amy Lignor brings to it. Special thanks to Ellen for her support, and to Amy, not only for her review, but for her insightful and just plain fun interview questions! As an added plus, FQ’s social media reach (with multiple sites), is an indie godsend!”
– Steve Zell
Author of Running Cold

“I’d like to thank Feathered Quill and Holly Connors for their insightful, professional and well-written review of my children’s book, Soaring Soren, When French Bulldogs Fly. The book is based on the true story of a little French Bulldog with a huge heart, who was so dear and inspirational to me. I hoped that by sharing his incredible story of overcoming obstacles with courage, hard work and determination, he could continue to inspire children to reach for their dreams. Your review indicates that I achieved my objective, and that means so much. Thank you for appreciating both the unique story and the important message, and for articulating both so well in your review. You provide an invaluable service of helping to connect readers with books they might not otherwise stumble upon, and that is much appreciated.”
– Deborah Stevenson
Author of Soaring Soren: When French Bulldogs Fly

“I wanted to thank you for the awesome review that you gave to my book, Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinsson. It really meant a lot to me. It is so far the best and most nicely written review I’ve got, and I really appreciate it.”
– Adria Regordosa
Author of Dustrats! Or, The Adventures of Sir Muffin Muffinsson

“My sincere thanks for your thoughtful and complementary review of my new book: Go With the Flow! A Way to Blissful Living. Amy Lignor has truly captured the essence of my new book superbly. Her interview questions made it clear how well she saw my book through my eyes. My special thanks to Ellen Field for going the extra mile and spending extra hours to create a separate file from her blog about my on-line book interview with Amy. I have received much complements on the way she presented my book interview. If the book clicks, I know whom I will have to thank. Feathered Quill book service is a “god-send” for unknown authors like me with an English language handicap. I can’t thank you enough.”
– Rev. Dr. Mushtaq H. Jaafri
Author of Go With the Flow! A Way to Blissful Living

“My sincere thanks for your thoughtful and complimentary review of my recent book, A World At Risk. Anita Lock has captured the essence of the book superbly. She is quite right that my intent in writing the book has been to shed a red light on various flash points and controversial issues around the globe by imagining what their future might look like. I am pleased to have her state that my hypothetical predictions are based on meticulously researched historical background. She hit the nail on its head by stating that the book is meant to get people to think critically about the many potential trouble spots facing us, both domestically and internationally. As she put it, A World At Risk“includes plenty of information to ruminate on long after the book is done.” Hopefully, we can prevent the dire scenarios described in the book from becoming reality.”
– Jochanan Stenesh
Author of A World At Risk

“I sincerely thank you and Anita for the wonderful review and interview for my recent book, Perfect in Memory. Perfect in Memory is the third book in my “Fanfare for a Hometown” series. I have been involved with a number of interviews for my books, but the interview with Anita was the most satisfying one I have experienced. Her questions were insightful and thought-provoking. I appreciated the opportunity to respond and to give readers more insights about my books. You provide an amazing service for authors. You have no idea what a positive impact you have and how honored you make a writer feel. Thank you so much for doing what you do.”
– Rick Niece
Author of Perfect in Memory

“I want to thank you for your lovely review of Double Talk, your incredibly kind words at the end of the interview and for your excellent questions. I really appreciate you taking the time to construct such a well-tailored interview. Quite a few of the interviews I’ve done have been very generic, and that’s never any fun at all. This was fantastic.”
– Sherban Young
Author of Double Talk: A Warren Kingsley Mystery

“As we say here in Hawaii Mahalo Nui Loa (thank you very much) for a beautifully written and heartfelt review of my memoir, Abandoned in Search of Rainbows. Amy Lignor you are a gorgeous writer. I appreciated the level of detail and depth in which you not only read the book but took away from it. To be reviewed by such a wonderful organization as Feathered Quill and such a distinguished reviewer as Amy means the world to me. Aloha.”
– A. K. Driggs
Author of Abandoned in Search of Rainbows

“I want to express how thrilled and thankful I am for Amy Lignor’s review of General Houston’s Little Spy! As a first time author, having your book recognized by a professional writer with such a great reputation is so very exciting and very much appreciated! Thank you Amy, Ellen and everyone at Feathered Quill for the award, review, and all of your assistance and support.”
– Cara Skinner
Author of General Houston’s Little Spy

“Thank you for the great review of my essay collection about Tokyo, Motions and Moments. It’s really important to have sites like this, with meaningful and insightful reviews. Not only does Feathered Quill really “get” the book, but the reviewers have something to say that adds to the understanding of the book. Thanks so much. Your judgement, response and writing are really appreciated.”
– Michael Pronko
Author of Motions and Moments: More Essays on Tokyo

“Thank you SO MUCH for this incredibly sweet review of Theodore and Hazel and the Bird!! You captured everything we hoped to convey! This is a first for us (writing and publishing a children’s book), so your review means the world! Thank you again and again and again!”
– Riza & Marcus Printup
Authors of Theodore and Hazel and the Bird

“I’m so happy to read the review of my book, DIYA: A Megawatt Approach to Change!It gives me reassurance in my work and writings. Thanks to Amy Lignor for reading the book in detail and giving me her sincere thoughts. DIYA is a difficult book to review as it touches upon many hard to understand concepts of our minds and the world that I have precisely diagnosed and deeply analyzed. Amy is definitely an experienced reviewer as she has done a lovely job of bringing all these complexities together and told a cohesive story that will be useful for potential readers. I am very happy to have this feedback and would recommend Feathered Quill to anyone who values a simple, sincere judgement.”
– Aruna Gurmurthy
Author of DIYA: A Megawatt Approach to Change

“Please accept my gratitude for your generous review of California, the Magic Island.At times during the 2 years I wrote and painted I really wondered if the idea was too far-fetched. It’s been impossible for me to sum up the outline in one sentence, but you treated it comprehensively – even dramatically. I do love the animals and they bring, I hope, what might be the child’s perspective to the history. I’m delighted at the three animals you mentioned in the review, it was fun to research and discover details of their lives and imagine what their animal-experiences might be when they touch ours.”
– Doug Hansen
Author of California, the Magic Island

“Many thanks for your thoughtful and graceful review of my book, Sam Maloof: 36 Views of a Master Woodworker. It’s always gratifying to have a sensitive and knowledgeable reviewer devote the time required to make sense of a project. I very much appreciate your doing so.”
– Fred Setterberg
Author of Sam Maloof: 36 Views of a Master Woodworker

“Thanks SO FREAKING MUCH for the amazing review! I’m thrilled that you loved Everything’s Relative. Best. Review. EVER.”
– Jenna McCarthy
Author of Everything’s Relative

“You guys do the best, most useful reviews. I’m really honored you read it. Keep up the great work, you curate my nightstand!”
– Jeffrey E. Stern
Author of The Last Thousand: One School’s Promise in a Nation at War

“I am completely thrilled with every single word of Holly Connors’ review of my book Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt. Thank you for a professional, well-developed, honest, and on-point review. The attention to detail that Holly paid to the reading of my book showed in her words. From the summary to the analysis of the book all the way to the professional manner that everyone at Feathered Quill demonstrates – I can’t say enough. I love Feathered Quill!!!”
– Frank Murphy
Author of Take a Hike, Teddy Roosevelt!

“To Feathered Quill and reviewer Diane Lunsford – You understood my book and my life. My son, Larry, who is a writer, said “Ma, it’s time to do your memoirs.” So I thought – tell them all and maybe it will help someone feeling deeply despondent, to look up and give life a chance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gratefully,”
– Charlotte Rae
Actress and author of The Facts of My Life

“Thank you, Feathered Quill Book Reviews, for the beautiful, thoughtful, and well-written review! Right off the bat, it grabs the reader and continues to be engaging. And the one-line summary, added to the end, is a nice touch. Holly Connors really captured the essence of my book and conveyed the heart of my story. I really appreciate the care she put into this review. It is above and beyond.”
– Terry John Barto
Author of Nickerbacher: The Funniest Dragon

“I thank a lot of people for reviewing my book Chaos Theory, but it shows when a reviewer’s focus and writing are far above the rest. It shows when a reviewer spends a great deal of time writing it, and I appreciate the time and effort it took to do so. Your honest review meant a great deal to me, and I thank you from the bottom of my personal ink well.”
– M. Evonne Dobson
Author of Chaos Theory

“Your reviews are terrific! If I had my druthers, all my clients and authors would get one of your reviews before they even work with me because it is so helpful in public relations to have such well-written descriptive write ups of the books. I have been in the book business for many years, and written all kinds of copy to describe books, so I fully appreciate the effort and skill involved!”
– Susannah Greenberg
Susannah Greenberg Public Relations

“I was absolutely blown away by Amy Lignor’s beautiful review of my novel, Mom On The Road. Amy’s review of the book was spectacular. I am a first time writer, embarking on a second career at age 42. I am learning the ins and outs of the publishing industry and which book review companies writers can trust. The overwhelming response from writers that I have spoken to is that Feathered Quill Book Reviews is one of the most honest, respected, and trustworthy book reviewing websites out there today. Reading Amy’s review of my book, I felt that she truly took the time to read the story and to engage herself in my main character’s world. She understood what I was saying and drew on her life experience to explain to readers how the story and the lessons learned can apply to anyone who reads the book. She then went to my blog and learned more about who I am as a person and a writer. For a reviewer to take the time to understand who the writer is and where they are coming from is any writer’s dream. I cannot wait to share my next book with Feathered Quill and I look forward to reading reviews about other writers out there. I know that the opinions and reviews of all books on this site will be reliable and accurate.”
– Allyson Ochs Primack
Author of Mom On The Road

“I was astounded by Diane Lunsford’s review of my novel, The Man I Love. From the very first sentence I felt she had not only grasped the heart of the story, but she had an uncanny understanding of how it had come to be written. She followed up with interview questions that were personalized, thoughtful and complex, making me feel she wanted to get to know me better. I am so impressed and pleased by my experience with Feathered Quill and look forward to working with them again.”
– Suanne Lagueur
Author of The Man I Love

“Ellen Feld did a splendid job reviewing my book, Little Miss Muffitt: Guardian of My Heart. I write about the animals in my life and they just do not live long enough to make us content. Because of the sadness when one loses a special animal which the stories portray, one needs a good reviewer to be sure the readers understand that yes, there is loss, but it is just a part of the ongoing story. I love what Ellen wrote as it perfectly describes the ongoing theme of life with many dogs: “Along with the laughter and joy, the reader will share the author’s sorrow when it’s time for an elderly or ill dog to gently pass into the next life.” The problem with true animal stories is that they usually die, and that can be a “downer” for some, even me, the author, so I took that quote to heart for myself. Ellen’s review, which I truly loved, was professional, but from the heart.”
– Rose Miller
Author of Little Miss Muffitt: Guardian of My Heart

“I have been publishing and marketing books for 29 years and I have found that there are few places you can really count on to give you an honest review of your book … and this is one of them. I am always pleased to receive a review from Ellen, as she is a very well-respected professional in her field. Her writing is creative, articulate, and supportive, and her reviews make me want to buy my own books!”
– Linda F. Radke,
Publisher of Story Monster and Friends: Creatures to Color from Five Star Land
and Gator, Gator, Second Grader: Classroom Pet or Not?

“I want to thank you, and Amy Lignor, for the wonderful review that was given to The Best Part of the Day by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I am the illustrator and I LOVED this book and working on the paintings for this book. I loved the idea of bringing a gentle and heartfelt sense of gratitude to the sweetness (and wonder) of daily life and I tried to portray that in the illustrations. Thank you for seeing that. Thank you for the word ‘enchanting’!”
– Wendy Edelson
Illustrator for The Best Part of the Day

“Feathered Quill is one of the most professional book review organizations on the internet. Their staff is well educated, and provides excellent service with immaculate attention to detail. Amy Lignor’s review of my new book Santa Rita Stories is sensitive, thorough, and heartfelt. Thanks for providing such an invaluable service to self-published authors.”
– Andrew J. Rodriguez
Author of Santa Rita Stories

“Thank you Feathered Quill for the wonderful review of McKay and the Magical Hat!The review perfectly captures the series theme and the important message to children that their future is up to them! The illustrations from Helen Turner are a perfect addition to the text and even help further the story and a child’s imagination! THANK YOU Feathered Quill!”
– Kate David
Author of McKay and the Magical Hat

“I would like to say thank you for the great review of Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets.It is an honour to be featured on a site as well respected as The Feathered Quill. A big thank you to Ellen for taking the time to read a Christmas book in the middle of Summer. It is much appreciated.
– Russell Ince
Author of Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets

“Thank you for the amazing review of Aegis Rising. I am so happy to read Kristi Benedict’s [reviewer] take on my daughter’s novel. Just as I finished reading the review, my daughter Shirin got back from school and I called her in to read the review for herself. You should have seen the glow on her face! She is so happy that her novel had the kind of impact on a reader (especially a reviewer) that she had always hoped for in the three years that it took her to write it. She is now in her final year of high school and is working on Book Two of the Aegis League series. This review is just the right fuel she needed to keep going. Finally, I’d like to add that I found the service prompt, pleasant and professional, leaving me with a very positive impression of Feathered Quill! Thank you.”
– Sean Segran
Author of Aegis Rising

“The uplifting tone and enthusiasm for my novel, Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder, captures the reader’s attention immediately. Amy Lignor has a keen understanding of YA fiction and it is evident in her review!”
– Ann I. Goldfarb
Author of Light Riders and the Fleur-de-lis Murder

“Thank you so much for the delightful review of Manner-Man! Holly Connors really captured the intent of the book, and I was thrilled to be able to share the review on my blog/website and tweet about it too. This review will help me to share my message about coping with bullying, and I hope it continues to reach many readers. I give her 5-stars for such an awesome review!!!”
– Sherrill S. Cannon
Author of Manner-Man

“My thanks to Mary Lignor. She really got what I was trying to say. I’m flattered by that and appreciate it. Her review is clearly and elegantly written, easily comprehensible by the general interest reader. As she notes, my book is aimed exactly at these readers, so her review will help my book greatly. Ms. Lignor understands my bottom line and directs the readers of her review to it. That delights me. My thanks again to Feathered Quill and to Ms. Lignor. Since I submitted my book, I have been a regular visitor to your website and admire its scope and depth — and its mission. I’m now delighted to be included on its pages.”
– Burton Yale Pines
Author of America’s Greatest Blunder: The Fateful Decision to Enter World War One

“I am very grateful to Holly Connors for her wonderful review of my memoir, Turning This Thing Around. She obviously understood what I was trying to convey and I appreciate her thoughtful review. My experience with Feathered Quill Book Reviews was superb. They are thorough and professional. Thank you for helping an author spread his message!”
– Keith Maginn
Author of Turning This Thing Around

“The selection of Amy Lignor as a reviewer for my book Owning Main Street, with a background as a Financial Advisor was, as the British would say – “Spot on!” Thank you for what you do.”
– Patrick Pappano
Author of Owning Main Street: A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market

“I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to read your review of my book, The Christmas Tree Elf. It was magical. I could not have asked for or imagined such an incredible first review. Thank you. I will never forget it.”
– Valentine D’arcy Sheldon
Author of The Christmas Tree Elf

“I am delighted with the book review done by Ellen Feld. She absolutely got the message I was trying to convey. I have been reading the book in classrooms and am happy to report there are hundreds of little RAKsters in my community doing random acts of kindness for others in their homes and in school. Thank you so much for your service. I have shared your website with other teachers who have also passed it on.”
– Janice E. Clark
Author of Roscoe Is a RAKster: You Can Be One Too

“I am very grateful to Diane Lunsford for her glowing review of my new novel, Good to Her. It is always gratifying for a writer to have a reviewer seem to truly grasp the heart of the work. I hope that others who read the book will enjoy it as much as Diane did, and that the ambience of its real-life, if now demolished, legendary Broadway restaurant, Dinty Moore’s, will come to life for those who never had the pleasure of experiencing it first-hand.”
– Enid Harlow
Author of Good to Her

“It can be a daunting experience as an author to let your baby go off to reviewers, you’ve become so attached to your characters, you’ve created a world of your own design. Will your chance to communicate a message, or a feeling be well received? Will your audience appreciate all that your blood, sweat and tears have poured into your narrative? I feel so fortunate to respond with a hearty …YES!!! Thank you to The Feathered Quill for an eloquently written review. The attention to detail lends itself to an experience that is full of validation. As a mother of three I can appreciate the value of time, a commodity we can never replace, and it’s obvious from your review that due time was invested in my work. I’m filled with gratitude!”
– L.A.Matthies
Author of Surviving Curtis Hall: The Lure of Blood

“Thank you very much to Amy Lignor and the Feathered Quill team for a great review! I’m so happy you enjoyed Call Me Amy and then took the time to write such a thoughtful and detailed appraisal.”
– Marcia Strykowski
Author of Call Me Amy

“Please allow me to give you heartfelt thanks for your review of It’s A Firefly Night. I, too, grew up in a small town with big skies. The memory of those magical summer nights chasing fireflies with my own father certainly sparked this story and made the writing process pure pleasure…Again, I thank you for your kind words and support of It’s a Firefly Night. My hope is that it will bring a smile to lots of grownups and their little ones.”
– Dianne Ochiltree
Author of It’s a Firefly Night

“The review of Santa’s Sugar captured the playful, yet sympathetic tone of the story as well as its underlying themes. Beyond an introduction to the plot and characters, and a hint that there is a little mystery, the review specifically identifies the length of the book, the relationship of text to illustrations, and the intended audience. These specific comments along with the strong, positive recommendation are very supportive. The review included a very well deserved tip of the hat to the illustrator who not only was easy to work with but whose talent is outstanding. I am so grateful to Ellen Feld and Feathered Quill for the care given to the review of a story I love very much.”
– Jane Gerencher
Author of Santa’s Sugar

“My wife and I are super pleased with the review. The reviewer connected with the book in a special way and it came through. I appreciate what y’all are doing for authors. You guys are making a difference!!!! Keep up the good work!!!”
– J. Bronson Haley
Author of The Depth of Grace: Finding Hope at Rock Bottom

“After reading my review from Feathered Quill I felt compelled to write a huge thank you note. For authors to have a review written by someone who does more than a cursory read through of our books means so much. Not only did I feel that the review was genuine and heartfelt, but it was not just a few paragraphs. She covered the book from cover to cover. I could actually imagine the reader curled up with my book (on a couch in front of the fireplace) and giving it its due. My hat goes off to an organization that does what it says it will! We need to create more of this in our world. I hope others follow Feathered Quill’s lead.”
– Beth Johnson
Author of Coming To Your Senses

“I’d like to thank Feathered Quill Book Reviews for being very timely and professional. Their reviews are lengthy and informative. Their passion for the written word is apparent. I’d recommend their services to anyone in search of an honest and objective opinion and review.”
– Svetoslav. S. Elenkov
Author of Theft is Legal: Gain Perspective from 13 Economic Stories and Concepts

“On behalf of my wife, family, publisher, publicist and myself, I want to thank you for the review you gave to our book, Vampire Defense. As you noted, this is my first novel, and I do not know what to expect when it comes to marketing the book. Readers have to learn about the book somehow so that they can decide if they want to spend their time and money on any one book as opposed to another. You provide a valuable service and I thank you for your work. And I am humbled by your comments. I, too, hope that you will be able to read more of my stories in the not too distant future. I hope you have a very happy new year.”
– James D. Bell
Author of Vampire Defense

“I was referred to Feathered Quill by my publicist for a fair and honest review. I was both nervous and excited to have my new children’s book, Loogie the Booger Genie: Prince of Prank reviewed professionally, but I’m really glad that I did. I was completely thrilled with the depth of Amy Lignor’s review and how she shared the key points and plot of the story without any spoiler alerts. Her vivid descriptions of my characters made them seem larger than life and her enjoyment of the book was so evident in her writing. This review is a wonderful promotion for Loogie!”
– Nancy E. Castle
Author of Loogie the Booger Genie: Prince of Prank

“As a new author, I spent countless hours perusing websites for a company that would perform an honest review of my work. I finally settled on The Feathered Quill to be the first to complete a review of my debut novel, Fall From Grace: The Scribing of Ishitar (Volume 1), after reading the testimonials from other authors and upon learning that the reviewers promise a cover to cover review. I’m not disappointed that I did. Ms. Amy Lignor took the time to deliver a thought provoking review of the book and Ms. Ellen Feld was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.”
– Carrie F. Shepherd
Author of Fall From Grace: The Scribing of Ishitar

“Authors are always in need of reviews – good honest reviews. The discerning readers are seldom fooled by “fluffed up” five-star reviews that say little about the book. Feathered Quill does an outstanding job of finding the heart of a book and informing the readers about what to expect. As an author, it’s important, and rewarding, to have someone understand what you were trying to say. It’s more important to have that conveyed in a concise, professional manner. The Feathered Quill does just that. Mary Lignor reviewed my book, and she did an outstanding job. She even took the time to mention the short blurb I put on the cover, which has so much to do with the central theme of the book. Mary is only the second reviewer to mention this. I’m thrilled that Mary enjoyed the book, but even more impressed at her professionalism and the depth of the review. I would strongly recommend The Feathered Quill to any author looking for an honest review.”
– Giacomo Giammatteo
Author of Murder Takes Time: Friendship and Honor Series, Book 1

“Thank you Feathered Quill for the sweet review of The Strongest Love! Your reviews are thoughtful and sincere and it is a honor to have my book read and reviewed by your impressive team! I cannot thank you enough!”
– Katie McDonnell
Author of The Strongest Love

“Thank you Feathered Quill Book Reviews for your insightful review of my debut novel Garlic Bread for Eugene. You really got to the heart of the story and your independent analysis has helped me and Turn the Page Publishing to promote the book. I look forward to you reviewing my next work.”
– Michael Heath
Author of Garlic Bread for Eugene

“Thank you for your thoughtful review of Little Boy Blue. You asked serious, insightful questions that showed you not only read my book, but also that you cared about the content and the hard work that went into reporting it. I will always take the book reviews that I read on Feathered Quill quite seriously, since I have learned firsthand that the books are actually being read and the authors are being held to a higher standard than many other reviewers require.”
– Kim Kavin
Author of Little Boy Blue: A Puppy’s Rescue from Death Row and His Owner’s Journey for Truth

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the reviewer’s outlook and input on my book. It couldn’t have been given to a better person! She was very “in tune” with the message of the book! I would recommend “The Feathered Quill” to any author looking for an honest and thorough review, and great sales exposure. Thanks a million.”
– Dr. Kimberley L. Smith
Author of Knowing: A Spiritual Medium’s Work with the Dead and the Living

“I was thrilled to read the review of my book Promised Valley Rebellion. No author could ask for a more thoughtful reading and review of a work of fiction. The reviewer clearly sees and describes what I’m attempting to do. I’m deeply grateful.”
– Ron Fritsch
Author of Promised Valley Rebellion

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book review! Ms. Lignor was the first to fully provide a comprehensive review of my first fiction book. I was appreciative that she read the book in depth. It has been a wonderful experience and a great service. I’ll be glad to use Feathered Quill again, and I’ll certainly recommend you. I would like to extend a thank you to Ellen for her quick response.”
– Fadi Hattendorf
Author of What Is Love? Perspectives On Love

“Thank you so, so much for your beautiful book review! It made my morning, I’m telling you. I have to wonder if you were sitting in to the editorial meetings because you completely understood exactly what we were going for when we planned out the book. We had to get enough information in each section to give the reader the knowledge to ask the right questions and to start out on the right foot. Thank you again!”
– Sharon Biggs
Co-author of The Original Horse Bible: The Definitive Source for All Things Horse

“I read with the greatest pleasure Mary Lignor’s review of my mystery, Chalk Line,which will be released in September. It was the novel’s first full review — we’d received a handful of wonderful advance blurbs for the cover, but Ms. Lignor’s was the first comprehensive review to appear anywhere, as far as I know. Her comments were both intelligent and interesting and, because the novel was my first fiction, I was doubly appreciative that she fully grasped the book’s themes and intent.”
– Paula LaRocque
Author of Chalk Line: A Ben Gallagher Mystery

“Thanks again for everything. This has been a first rate experience, in every regard, from the timeliness of the review, the quality of the review, the quality of the interview, and as I said, the quality of the blog post. Any future publications I manage to secure, I’ll be glad to use Feathered Quill again, and I’ll be sure to recommend you.”
– Roland Allnach
Author of Remnant: An Anthology

“I would like to extend a hearty thank you to Ellen, and the Feathered Quill Family for the awesome services, which they provide in the literary community. As an author I often wonder if I am being transparent enough in my writings for my readers; well, needless to say my Feathered Quill reviewer, Amy Lignor, provided me an answer to my question by capturing my hearts cry in her thorough review of my book. Indeed I highly recommend the services of the Feathered Quill Family to all authors!”
– Yolanda Shanks
Author of Destined To Live, Despite Me – Biblical Truths For Suicide Survivors

“Feathered Quill reviewers really read your book from cover to cover. They provide an intelligent and in-depth interview. They are the ultimate professionals.”
– Robert Orfali
Author of Death with Dignity

“An author waits for book reviews with hopeful expectation that the reviewer has read the book and grasped the intention of the author. In other words, that the reviewer “got it!” Feathered Quill reviewer, Deb Fowler’s review of Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality noted that the almost eighty quotations in the book became the catalyst for “a series of intellectual, philosophical, spiritual and soul-searching questions … Soul-Questions” and concluded her review with these words “This beautifully creative, peaceful book will enable the reader to look within and peacefully nurture their soul while developing their spiritual nature.” She got it! And as I read through other book reviews by Feathered Quill reviewers, it’s clear that they read with depth, write with integrity and “get it!” What more can an author ask of a reviewer? If you are an author and considering the services of Feathered Quill, no need to hesitate. Professionals – through and through. I am happy to recommend Feathered Quill.
– Dr. June Maffin
Author of Soulistry-Artistry of the Soul: Creative Ways to Nurture Your Spirituality

“I would like to thank Ellen Feld for Feathered Quill. Without people like Ellen and places on the internet like Feathered Quill we small authors would be gobbled up. Ellen and Feathered Quill give us a fighting chance as we sit on the cutting edge of the massive changes taking place in the publishing industry. Amy Lignor did such a great job on reviewing my novel – I thought she must have been hiding in my computer while I put it together. Bravo Amy!”
– Sam Moffie
Author of The Book of Eli

“Thank you for providing a great service to writers. You have the best collection of interviews I’ve read anywhere. Your questions show a deep understanding of the subject matter. You certainly know how to challenge authors and get them to tell you more about their work. You were able to capture the essence of my book; you made me think about what it was all about. Please keep up the good work.”
– Robert Orfali
Author of Grieving a Soulmate: The Love Story Behind “Till Death Do Us Part”

“I’m so happy to receive the thoughtful review and stellar praise for my first children’s book, Rambling Squirrel. Amy Lignor did a great job reading through the words of the story and grasping the bigger message in my book of adventure, confidence, and family anchors. First place in the “Feathered Quill Be Kind to Animals Award” is a wonderful honor and I recommend and support this site and all the insight it offers to authors, publishers and readers alike.”
– Wendy Laird
Author of Rambling Squirrel

“Thank you very much for the careful, detailed and well-written review of my mystery novel, Too Far Under. I appreciate Feathered Quill’s openness to reviewing books from small Indie publishers, and the care that you take to provide professional reviews.”
– Lynn Osterkamp
Author of Too Far Under

“I have to thank Ellen Feld for her detailed, well planned and thoughtful review of my first children’s book, Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest. I was impressed by how quickly my book was worked on, and by the professionalism. I recommend Feathered Quill as an excellent resource of reviewers. A professional review not only adds credibility to my book, it is also invaluable for marketing. Many thanks.”
– Umbreen Asghar
Author of Princess Zaara and the Enchanted Forest

“As an author, sending your book for an unbiased and honest review can be a bit nerve wracking, but it’s an important aspect of book promotion. I am happy to say that Feathered Quill’s Amy Lignor wrote a wonderful and positive review of my middle grade fantasy book Walking Through Walls. The review is thorough, insightful, and well-written, and was completed in a very timely manner. I thank Feathered Quill for the impartial book review service it provides to authors.”
– Karen Cioffi
Author of Walking Through Walls
Walking Through Walls Blog

“Thank you for the wonderful review of Jumping Jenny! It is an honor to be a part of your site. I could not have asked for a more timely, detailed, thorough and professional review. Deb Fowler really captures the essence of the book, giving potential readers an excellent idea of what Jenny and her jumping is all about. The recommendation for how it might be used by teachers and parents is icing on the cake! Every publisher and author should try to have their books reviewed here.”
– Ellen Bari
Author of Jumping Jenny

“Ellen Feld’s Feathered Quill Review of Love Each Day by Gail Bernice Holland is the most detailed and nuanced review I’ve seen in the last few years. Job really well done! We will continue to order more reviews for our backlist titles as our marketing budget allows. Thanks again.”
– Victor R. Volkman, Senior Editor
Modern History Press

“I want to thank you for the excellent and detailed review of Quick Fall of Light. Your posts are so well done and I’m proud to be part of your site. Thank you once again, because it assures me, without a doubt, you read for content and for that certain “undercurrent” that goes with deep reading. My thanks always,”
– Sherrida Woodley
Author of Quick Fall of Light

“I chose Feathered Quill after reading the kind of detailed reviews I would want for my novel on their site. They did not disappoint. It was not only clear the reviewer had read our novel page to page but that they truly enjoy and appreciate literature. I highly recommend Feathered Quill for a thoughtful and fair review of your writing.”
– Tia Silverthorne Bach
Co-Author of Depression Cookies

“Feathered Quill did an amazing job reviewing my memoir Life with Ben: A Story of Friendship and Feathers. They were professional, time-efficient, and extremely thorough with their review. I will be sure to recommend them to other writers out there!”
– Jessica Hagedorn
Author of Life with Ben: A Story of Friendship and Feathers

“Thank you for the wonderful review of There’s A Dragon in the Library. I am so glad that you loved the book! Literacy and libraries are very important to me and I am excited to spread the message of the book. Keep up the great job you are doing promoting books and reading. It’s vital and your work matters. In the words of Max, the book champion, ‘Books are for reading, not for eating!'”
– Dianne de Las Casas
Author of There’s a Dragon in the Library

“Thank you for the most incredible review of Immortal Obsession!”
– Denise K. Rago
Author of Immortal Obsession

“The Feathered Quill book review for my memoir All Eyes: A Memoir of Deafness,written by Pamela Victor, is one of the most professional and detailed ones I have received in the past few months. Ms. Victor sounded as if she had read every single line in the book seriously; therefore, her review was very detailed and thought-provoking and – unrushed, although the service took only a few weeks, along with Ellen’s frequent updates through email. Thank you, Pam and Ellen, for your professionalism. I will definitely recommend Feathered Quill on Twitter, LinkedIn, and several book marketing sites. Keep up with your Shakespearean pen!”
– Bainy Cyrus
Author of All Eyes: A Memoir of Deafness

“Feathered Quill (Amy Lignor) provided a detailed and well-written review. She captured the heart of the book, its characters and the issues explored, and was able to express them succinctly and enthusiastically. I was quite pleased with the quick responses and professionalism exhibited. Thank you.”
– Elizabeth Lang
Author of The Empire

“As a publisher for 10 years now, I know how important it is for detailed, thorough, professional reviews to be posted online and in our marketing materials. Your review service is a huge help, for your reviewers do not use cliches or platitudes, but really get into the substance of the books, describing for the potential reader in detail just what the book is about and what might make it unique. A publisher does not demand or expect a review to be complimentary without merit, but does hope that the reviewer loves books and authors so much, that he or she will really delve into the book, giving it a fair chance to win them over. This love of story comes through in Feathered Quill Reviews and I’m so glad this service is available for Lucky Press and other independent publishers.”
– Janice Phelps Williams
Publisher, Lucky Press, LLC

“I am so glad I chose Feathered Quill to review my book. It was done timely (fast) and professionally. The communication with them in this process was simple. I was also thrilled at how long and thorough the review was. It really gave the potential readers an excellent idea of what my story had in store for them. The reviewer also took special note of my book design and artwork which let me know that I was right on track with my efforts. If you want a fair evaluation of your book, and need some excerpts to help market it, Feathered Quill is the way to go.”
– Craig Halloran
Author of The Darkslayer

“I am quite pleased with Feathered Quill Book Reviews and the review that Bill Alberts wrote for my novel. The detail, thoroughness, and professionalism is very much appreciated and I highly recommend that publishers and authors alike seek reviews here.”
– Mike Saxton
Author of 7 Scorpions: Rebellion

“I’m pleased beyond words that my book, v2036: A Tale of Sociopolitical Struggle in a Militarized Venezuela, was reviewed (not just described), absorbed (not just browsed), and understood (not just read). Few things are as satisfying to an author as having the certainty of knowing that they’ve touched someone with their work, and in this case, that they’ve managed to convey the right message to the right audience. Deb Fowler did an amazing job evaluating my latest book and I’m fortunate to see one year of hard work validated with a quality review at the Feathered Quill.”
– A. A. Alvarez
Author of v2036: A Tale of Sociopolitical Struggle in a Militarized Venezuela

“Deb Fowler did a terrific job of pulling together the strands of my three-ring-circus of a thriller, Flight in February, and synthesizing it for the reader. She emphasized just what a reader would need to know. And she passed no judgment on what might be a key factor of the book: “One of the more amazing things about this plot is the plausibility factor. Could this really happen? You'll have to decide for yourself.” Bravo, Deb!”
– Philip Kraske
Author of Flight in February

“To be understood as your reviewer Eloise Michael has understood me, is reassuring in the extreme. She has described perfectly what I was trying to do in my novel In Theda Bara’s Tent and I’m very grateful to her.”
– Diana Altman
Author of In Theda Bara’s Tent

“I am amazed how well the reviewer captured the real essence of what I was trying so hard to convey. I was even delighted to see the review on You are truly an asset to new and seasoned authors who are trying to promote their work to their reading audience. I struggeled for 10 years and had to rewrite the manuscript four times. I could not have explained the true meaning of the story of Adam and Eve better myself. The book is simple but not easy to understand. Its easy for those who are ready for it. Please forward my loving thoughts to the reviewer of my book. May God bless her for helping me share my life work. P.S. I read the review on your website maybe 10 times.”
– Mushtaq Jaafri
Author of The Original Sin: Correcting the Perception of the Separation from God

“If I had only three words by which to recommend Feathered Quill, they would be: “Be not afraid.” My second post-modern novel, Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World, is a complex story that explores why, though seemingly unfair, bad things happen to good people; how the battle between good and evil can change forever even the most innocent person; and most of all, the role deception plays in Nature, Man, and Life. The book includes extensive footnotes, multiple photographs, and portions written in Spanish (translations provided). One newspaper book reviewer, who had reviewed my first novel (Full Circle: A Dream Denied, A Vision Fulfilled) and liked it, refused (!) to review Frozen in Time. Another reviewer, this one at a professional review house in the Midwest, simply did not ‘get it,’ and completely missed the essence of the story. When I asked that the house provide a second review (which they offered, but which, of course, I had to pay for), the result was somewhat better, though it was clear that the second reviewer, too, did not completely comprehend what I was attempting to say. Deb Fowler of Feathered Quill Book Reviews ‘got it’! She understood exactly what I was attempting to do in what some people have labeled a ‘new genre’ of historical fiction. And to say I was thrilled with her comments and conclusions is an understatement. This is not to say that everyone who pays for a review will be happy with everything that is said about their book or poem. But I am convinced that if you use Feathered Quill, your ‘baby’ will get the best treatment possible. Why else would I have just entrusted them to review my next book, Unfinished Business: Pursuit of an Antarctic Killer, the follow-on to Frozen in Time?
– Theodore Jerome Cohen
Author of Frozen in Time: Murder at the Bottom of the World

“Thank you so very much for the lovely review of Perfectly Amanda! Wow! I appreciate your kind words and more importantly that you enjoyed your journey through Amanda’s story. Yes, she lived life to the fullest and always in the moment – like we all should do everyday! Thanks, again, for your time, talent, and consideration given to this biography. I’ve said it many times: The most rewarding part of this adventure has been the wonderful people that I have met along the way! It has been a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”
– Beckey Burgoyne
Author of Perfectly Amanda

“I appreciate the effort you put into your review of this book. I think you are the first American to review the book. It is a very detailed, thoughtful review and overall it was excellent. I have sent a copy of your review to all my family members. I am sure they will love it. We’ll treasure this review as long as we live.”
– Muhammad Rahim
Memoirs of a Life Insurance Icon: Khuda Buksh

“I was thrilled with the review of Buzz Off, first in my Queen Bee series! Deb Fowler has such a unique review voice, thorough and wonderfully entertaining. Thank you!”
– Deb Baker (aka Hannah Reed)
Author of Buzz Off

“I’m grateful for the thoughtful, thorough review done by Bill Alberts on Dire Means.He provided just the right amount of information while keeping the review free of spoilers. He included enough detail to show that he completed the book without bogging down the review in typical book-report fashion. Any author should feel comfortable offering up their hard work to Feathered Quill. They maintain their integrity whether reviews are positive or constructive. Thank you!”
– Geoffrey Neil
Author of Dire Means

“I was not only surprised at how quickly my book was reviewed, but the style of the review made a wonderful read. I posted the link on all of my social networking sites and also forwarded it to my email list. The Feathered Quill is a fabulous site and I enjoy reading all of the detailed reviews.”
– Marla Martenson
Author of Diary of a Beverly Hills Matchmaker

“I would like to thank you for a fantastic review of my book, Don’t Call Me Names.Your services are greatly appreciated. I will not hesitate to utilize your services again. I’m looking forward to the benefits it will present in future marketing endeavors.”
– C. W. Graham
Author of Don’t Call Me Names

“Thank you for the swift turn around time in completing the book review. The review for A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul was put together elegantly and professionally. The format of the pdf and the website review shows the quality and experience in your work. I will definitely use Feathered Quill Book Reviews for my next book.”
– Anthony F. Rando
Author of A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul

“I was recently alerted by my publicist to a review of my YA novel This Side of Paradise by Amy Lignor from Feathered Quill. I must admit to being unfamiliar with your site – but not anymore. While my book has received many favorable reviews, rarely has a reviewer written with the sense of craft I noted in Ms. Lignor’s writing. I was so impressed that I ended up spending considerable time on your site reading many reviews written by your team. Brilliant!”
– Steven L. Layne
Author of This Side of Paradise

“Thank you, Feathered Quill for reviewing my novel, Crestmont. The review was done in a timely manner so that I could use an excerpt on the back cover. Holly Connors provided my readers with an in depth, insightful review. Not only was it obvious she had read the entire book carefully, but her review showed great insight into what I attempted to portray in the book. Feathered Quill with Ellen Feld at its helm was by far the most professional review service I have come across.”
– Holly Weiss
Author of Crestmont

“Thank you so much for your expertise and professional work. You have a great team of people who work for you. I am very satisfied and also very pleased with my review.”
– Nicole Sorkin
Author of Miracles Among Us: A Collection of True Miracle Stories

“Thank you for the email and review. It was brilliant – same as always.”
– Dr. Ali Jahangiri (one of many repeat customers)
Author of The Security Policy Cookbook: A Guide for IT and Security Professionals

“I was so completely delighted to read the insightful review by Betsy Burnett. She gave considerable attention to detail and the overall intention of my book. Her analysis and review were thorough and descriptive of the book’s content.. Betsy Burnett captured its core essence in beautifully crafted language. Many thanks to Betsy Burnett and my profound gratitude to Feathered Quill Book Reviews. I will recommend you to all.”
– Anna Marie Eloisa Hernandez
Author of Journal for Spiritual Development: Seven Steps to Discipleship

“Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw Wyndano’s Cloak had a five-star review on Amazon! Feathered Quill delivered exactly what they promised: A top-notch, professional review of my novel. Holly Connors’ review was thoughtful, and considered the intricacies of the plot and the depth of the characters. In particular, she understood the deeper issues of the novel, and how these would resonate with many young girls. This is why writers write! I can die happy knowing I connected with a reader who got swept away with my characters and their story. The review was expedited and posted promptly on multiple sites. Feathered Quill provides an invaluable service to Indie authors and publishers; they bring quality work directly to the attention of readers, making it possible to be known and appreciated. Kudos for Feathered Quill! I couldn’t be more thrilled.”
– A.R. Silverberry
Author of Wyndano’s Cloak

“Many thanks to Feathered Quill and Ellen Feld! We are appreciative of the attention given to our first title and thankful for Ellen’s flexibility in posting the review at a time that worked with our marketing plans. We hope Feathered Quill will review our future books, and we’ll have the opportunity to work with Ellen once again.”
– S.A. Ricks, RIXKIN
Publisher of Life of Shouty series

“I want to thank Ellen Feld for her professional expertise. Because of Ellen, she was able to thoroughly review my novel Blue Smoke Memoir without being biased. To all aspiring writers, if you want a professional opinion, the Feathered Quill is what you want to help you become a better writer. Once again, thank you Feathered Quill and a thousand thanks to Ellen!”
– Debra Shah
Author of Blue Smoke Memoir

“I would like to thank you over at Feathered Quill for the wonderful review you gave Mistress of Rome. Any praise from a reader for my first novel is a thrill to me (this is my first trip on the roller coaster known as publication) but a review as enthusiastic, intelligent, and thoughtfully written as your review is a special treat. Thank you again, and I’m glad you enjoyed the adventures of Thea, Arius, Lepida, et al.
– Kate Quinn
Author of Mistress of Rome

“I was very pleased with the recent review of my book, A Child’s Grief: Surviving the Death of a Parent. Insightful and thorough, it captured the heart of the book, and gives the reader a clear understanding of its message. My experience working with Feathered Quill has been very satisfying.”
– Judy Strong
Author of A Child’s Grief

“A budding first author experiences excitement with any compliment for her newly published book! I am not just delighted, but overjoyed to have Deb Fowler’s review of 175 Theatre Games, Warm-up Exercises for Actors among the other well-written reviews on Feathered Quill! Deb obviously spent time reading the entire book and getting to know the games and understanding the purpose for their compilation. The book was written with middle school theatre students in mind, but as Deb so astutely observed, the games can be used effectively with many different groups. My purpose, as I began amassing the games, was to find those which would involve an entire class of students, and Deb so accurately perceived that. Also, she recommended the book to an audience wider than just theatre teachers. For that I am so grateful! Her review is articulate and will be very useful to me in the promotion of my book. I thank her very much!”
– Nancy Hurley
Author of 175 Theatre Games: Warm-Up Exercises For Actors

“My experience with Feathered Quill Book Reviews was a very pleasant one. Their responses were quick, friendly and professional and their book review of my novel Crossroads at the Wilderness was extensive, honest and direct. I will recommend their services to all my writing friends.”
– Martina Vanderley
Author of Crossroads at the Wilderness
Outskirts Press

“I was very pleased with the thorough, thoughtful and prompt review done by Feathered Quill on my novel Feisty Family Values. They are great to work with and treat the author’s work with care and respect. Thank you Feathered Quill!”
– BD Tharp
Author of Feisty Family Values

“Before I made the decision to invest in a Spotlight review, I wrote a brief email asking for the traffic figures on your site. I’ve done research like this with other reveiw sites, looking to get the biggest bang for my publicity dollar. In some cases I didn’t receive a reply for weeks. In other cases I received either no response or a belligerent: “none of your business.” You on the other hand responded within a few days giving me all the information I needed to make my decision. The review I received, courtesy of Bill Alberts, was thoroughly insightful and well thought out. It was clear Mr. Alberts took the time to read the entire book before setting down to render his judgment. I consider my investment well serviced and thank you for your professional approach.”
– J.B. Bergstad
Author of Screwing The Pooch

“I’m very pleased with the review process at Feathered Quill Book Reviews. They kept me updated during the process which a lot of reviewers don’t do, for example they emailed me when my book arrived and when the review was posted. The review that was written for my book was very specific, thorough and extensive. I’d advise all authors, looking for a top notch review, to contact Feathered Quill.”
– Martine Groeneveld
Author of Mommy, Draw Stars on My Tummy

“It is certainly a pleasure dealing with someone who knows what she's doing. I want to add my recommendation and thanks to Feathered Quill. Ellen Feld was personally helpful and responsive, yet businesslike. I hope to have the benefit of her pleasant professionalism again.”
– Rod Hoisington
Author of One Deadly Sister

“Bill Alberts provided a terrific review for my book. I’ve been pleased with the process of reviews at Feathered Quill from initial submission to final review. Keep up the terrific work!”
– Debra Killeen
Author of Legacy of the Archbishop

“My experience with Feathered Quill Book Reviews was fabulous. It was a pleasant surprise when I saw the review for my novel A Circle of Souls as I hadn’t known that my publisher had sent my book to them. Deb Fowler, the reviewer, was gracious and very thoughtful in the way she described the book. I was thrilled when she said “If you’re looking for a psychological thriller, this has to be the best game in town!” I highly recommend their team for any book review. In fact they will be reviewing my wife’s cookbook, Spice Up Your Life and I can’t wait to read it. Thank you so much.”
– Preetham Grandhi
Author of A Circle of Souls

“Based from my experience, there are 4 great reasons why I highly recommend Feathered Quill Book Reviews. First: Their reviewers are competent. Emily LaBelle obviously read every page of my book Victor and the Sun Orb and highlighted the important elements of a review such as the story, writing style, language, context, and even the book cover. Her review is very professional, brilliant, and honest. Second: My book received maximum exposure being featured on the front page and in the Author Interview. Third: Their web site is simple, organized, and easy to navigate. They promote their authors, not their web site. Fourth: My emails were answered within 24 hours. I give credit to Ms. Ellen Feld for a great job. Thank you and keep up the good work.”
– Amy Nielsen
Author of Victor and the Sun Orb

“Many, many thanks to Ellen Feld for her review of my novel, Voice of Conscience. Her depth of understanding of my work and her recommendations to readers encourages me to continue with my writing. For most relatively unknown authors, like myself, reviews provide an excellent connection with our readers and potential readers and I am most appreciative for the exposure on Feathered Quill.”
– Behcet Kaya
Author of Voice of Conscience

“Holly Connors did an excellent review for The Little Pot. The review was so detailed and complete. I appreciated the attention she gave to the detail of my book. Also the author interview questions showed considerable thought and time on reviewing the book. Thank you Feathered Quill!”
– Dawn Stephens
Author of The Little Pot

“I would like to thank the Feathered Quill for the excellent and professional service in reviewing my two books, Fatal Gamble and Deadly Codes. It was obvious that the reviewer, Will Gabbett, read both books in their entirety before posting his comments. The Feathered Quill website is also very well organized and easy for readers to navigate, thus creating additional exposure for my books. I highly recommend Feathered Quill Book Reviews to any author seeking an honest, objective appraisal of his/her book.”
– JP O’Donnell
Author of Fatal Gamble and Deadly Codes

“As an author of existential novels, when I send my work for consideration and review, it worries me that they will be given to someone who expects a sci-fi, spy thriller or romance novel. Although my novel To Your Own Self Be True was written on a canvass of fictional science, the true nature of the story did not escape reviewer Ellen Feld of Feathered Quill. Ellen instinctively understood where the heart was as protagonist, Kaela Ladd, searched to make sense of the extraordinary events unfolding around her. Thank you for such a thoughtful review.”
– Ray Melnik
Author of The Room and To Your Own Self Be True

“The Greek word Kritic has a double meaning: whether the thing being evaluated has worth, but also that the evaluation itself has worth. Pamela Victor’s review of First Night certainly met that definition. It is obvious that her comments were based on not just a meticulous reading of my writing but also on my unwritten intentions – To use a cliche, she read between the lines. And rather than a generic thumbs up or down review, Pamela took the time to write an assessment that will serve me well in future projects. Many thanks to Pamela and Feathered Quill.”
– Tom Weston
Author of First Night

“Lauren E. Victor captured the essence of my book in her excellent and perceptive review. Thanks for an outstanding review of The Illustrated History of Hypnotism. I heartily recommend Feathered Quill Book Review services to all authors.”
– John C. Hughes
Author of The Illustrated History of Hypnotism

“When I read the book review of It’s Not Where You’re Going-It’s How You Get Thereby Ellen Feld I was very pleased that she had enjoyed my use of vignettes as a way of keeping the pace brisk throughout my autobiographical stories. Her appropriate use of quotations from the text made it evident that she had read the book carefully and had appreciated my humorous approach to life. I highly recommend the Feathered Quill as a source of in-depth, objective, and interesting reviews.”
– Charles W. Shirriff
Author of It’s Not Where You’re Going; It’s How You Get There

“I am very pleased with the book review completed by Feathered Quill’s reviewer. It was clear Lynette Latzko read the entire book and was entertained by the story. She was articulate and professional in her critique, and it was completed in a timely manner. She also mentioned my other literary successes, which I did not expect. Showing that she took extra time to go to my website to learn a few things about my previous work, which goes beyond the call of duty, but one that any writer can appreciate.”
– Michael Kasenow
Author of The Last Paradise

“Thank you for reading and reviewing my novel For Cory’s Sake. I appreciate both the length and the specific nature of your critique – it is evident that, as promised, Feathered Quill reviewers do read through instead of skimming review books. I am grateful for the Feathered Quill service that makes it possible for a self-published author to receive an objective and specific long book review from an experienced reviewer.”
– Carolyn Wada
Author of For Cory’s Sake
Outskirts Press

“I would like to take the time to thank Feathered Quill for an in-depth review of my recent novel Infinite Exposure. Over my writing career I have received many reviews from many different sources. A lot of them simply read the first two chapters, then flip to the end to write a review like a high school kid writes a book report, not Feathered Quill. The review was both detailed and accurate, picking up all of the major story lines. If you are looking for a review service that will actually read your book before writing the review, this is it!”
– Roland Hughes
Author of Infinite Exposure

“Thank you Feathered Quill Book Reviews for reviewing my book Shattered Dreams, book six of my What the Cowgirls Do! series. Ellen Feld reviewed it, and as a fellow horsewoman, I appreciate her kind comments about the story. It’s always hard for a new and self-published author to break into the publishing industry. The service Feathered Quill provides certainly is a big help. Also Ellen has been very helpful to me answering my questions, which is above and beyond her job as a reviewer.”
– Diane Maccani
Author of Shattered Dreams

“I can’t thank the staff of the Feathered Quill enough for the wonderful, extensive review they did for my book Transformational Healing. The review offers an unbiased, detailed look at key points in the book effectively describing the tone, methodology, and content, which I know will be helpful to prospective buyers. I am also grateful to Ellen for all her help and guidance in obtaining the review. It’s always nice to feel as if a site is managed by a quality-oriented person rather than an impersonal conglomerate.”
– Jamie Saloff
Author of Transformational Healing

“I was very happy with my review from Feathered Quill Book Reviews. It was done quickly, for a reasonable cost, and was charmingly written. Unlike other services that skim, I could tell they had read my book. I’d recommend them to any author.”
– Cherie Burbach
Author of Internet Dating is Not Like Ordering a Pizza

“I am very pleased with Feathered Quill’s review service. The review provided by Michael Feld for my latest publication was objective and well written: it is obvious he invested considerable time to read and evaluate the scope of the work under review as promised by Feathered Quill. I am very satisfied with the results, and will certainly look to Feathered Quill for reviews for my works in the future.”
– E.A. Bucchianeri
Author of Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World, Vol. 1 and
Faust: My Soul Be Damned for the World, Vol. 2 

“I am very pleased to see the review posted on your site! I loved reading Lauren Victor’s deep insights and comments. Thanks a lot for a very beautiful and professional review.”
– Joyce Akesson
Author of Love’s Thrilling Dimensions

“Hi Feathered Quill! …WOW! what can I say? I LOVE my review written by Pamela Victor..THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! It is very well written and thoughtful and articulate/professional. I am extremely pleased with the quality and I shall wear it proudly! You folks do a great job.”
– Carol Leonard
Author of Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart: A Midwife’s Saga
Bad Beaver Publishing, Hopkinton, NH

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