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Crisanta Knight: To Death & Back

Crisanta Knight: To Death & Back

By: Geanna Culbertson
Publisher: BQB Publishing
Publication Date: April 2019
ISBN: 978-1-945448-26-3
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: April 6, 2019

For every reader who has somehow missed this fantastic series, with this review you will note that every book that arrives from this author deserves a huge welcome, and all lovers of books need to jump on board for this magical ride!

Crisanta Knight is the daughter of Cinderella. Her homeland is a wonderful location called "Book," and it is in that magical realm where citizens are separated into main characters (as well as some common characters that make up the ensembles of famous fairytales). She is a protagonist and she has her own “protagonist book” which details her fate in life. Crisanta has one of those ominous prophecies that she learned a while ago; she is supposed to decide the fate of the evil and devious antagonists who are working together, plotting to overthrow the realm of Book and eliminate all the main characters who dwell there.

Through four tales written by this author, Crisanta and her very cool friends have worked to make sure that these antagonists have been halted every time they try to take Crisanta out, which they’ve been attempting to do ever since they learned of her prophecy. Their need to stop her makes sense, because being a princess and a protagonist, the only way they can stop her prophecy from succeeding is by taking her (the “subject”) out of the game.

In this, Book Five, Crisanta and her friends begin in Neverland, that magical place where Peter Pan and the Lost Boys and Girls dwell. She is on a quest to find the infamous sword Excalibur. But she is not the only one who is after it. Alex, her older brother, has his own prophecy that has become entangled with hers; he is also searching for the beloved weapon, which makes this an even more precarious position to be in. Alex had once been her hero, friend and brother, but lost her loyalty when he teamed up with the vicious antagonists and launched an attack on their home.

On the villain’s side there is not only Alex, but also Adrian (who has been in charge of taking Crisanta out for good), and Mauvrey (the daughter of Sleeping Beauty and Crisanta’s long-time nemesis). On the good side of things, however, are SJ (Snow White’s daughter); Blue (Little Red Riding Hood’s younger sister); Jason (who comes from the “Jack who climbed the Beanstalk” clan); and Daniel, who just happens to be a hero with absolutely no connection to any past fairytales.

They also have made new allies by aligning themselves with Peter Pan and the Lost Ones in Neverland. But that is not all. One ally they found in Neverland was one who has been presumed dead by many for a long time. It is the famous King Arthur, who is still very much alive and joins Crisanta and her mates in their quest. Considering how many realms these protagonists have to save, it’s amazing they can get any sleep.

With Alex and his “bad guys” racing to find Excalibur before Crisanta and the “good guys” can, the reader is taken on a fantastic ride, yet again, that introduces new characters and locations, such as the amazing Camelot and all the legends that come with it. With each page Crisanta’s “Pure Magic” powers of life, which she has been honing since the beginning of this road trip, become grander in every respect. And when she goes into battle, she carries her Fairy Godmother-issue wand, which has the ability to turn into any weapon she wants.

This is most assuredly a race against the clock and each page keeps the reader on their toes. In addition, there are true lessons to be learned here; the greatest, perhaps, being the fact that true friends are not a dime a dozen, and when you have them by your side, looking out for you, it makes you one of the luckiest people in the world. As we all know, a beloved series is hard to find, but this author has most definitely written one that should be granted a prominent place on every bookshelf around the globe.

Quill says: Book Five Rocks...Bring on Book Six!

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