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The Snowshoeing Adventure of Milton Daub, Blizzard Trekker

The Snowshoeing Adventure of Milton Daub, Blizzard Trekker

By: Margaret K. Wetterer and Charles M. Wetterer
Publisher: Graphic Universe
Publication Date: August 2010
ISBN: 0761361944
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: August 2010

A blizzard began to rage over the Northeastern United States in March of 1888. Little did anyone know that this massive storm would rage for three days. The “snow and ice buried the land from Maine to Maryland,” yet the most amazing and frightening thing was that “thousands of birds fell frozen from bushes and buildings where they had huddled for shelter.” Soon all communication was cut off and people in need of food and medicine were unable to travel from their homes. Trains were stranded and “waves damaged countless boats and sank more than two hundred of them,” but there was a sharp witted, twelve-year-old boy in the Bronx named Milton Daub who was not one to be deterred by the Great Blizzard of ‘88.

School had been cancelled and because of the dangerous storm no one could go out. The Daub family of seven was safe, but Milton’s mother said, “I do wish I had milk for the baby.” Milton offered to go out, but his father quickly said, “Don’t be foolish, Milton! You’d be buried out there.” There were pictures of snowshoes in his geography book and he convinced his father to help him make some. His father tied a rope around his waist just in case he sank into the snow. The cold was brutal...“BRRRRR!” Milton pulled a sled, carefully taking note of landmarks so he wouldn’t get lost on the way to Mr. Ash’s grocery store. His mission was successful, but there were many more people who could use the help of this young, daring boy. Would he be up to the monumental task that lay ahead of him? Would he be able to help those people who so desperately needed food, milk, and medicine?

This is an exciting story about Milton Daub, a “kid hero” who ventured out in the Great Blizzard of ‘88 to help his neighbors. I quickly found myself immersed in a truly fascinating graphic novel that will inspire many people, young and old alike. There was enough introductory information to entice the young reader to plow into this great adventure. The tension and urgency of the situation was quickly evident, but Milton’s only concern was to help out his family. The task soon went beyond his family and he had to make a decision to help others in need. The artwork was clean, crisp, and caught the subtle emotional expressions on the faces of the stranded neighbors. This is an excellent way for a young reader to learn a bit of history in an action-packed book with none other than a kid hero!

Quill says: If you want to read a mesmerizing tale of a true to life “kid hero,” Milton Daub will show you what bravery is all about!

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