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Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls)

By: Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Publisher: Alladin
Publication Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-1416982715
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: April 10, 2010

One morning when Athena was in her bedroom, a strange breeze wafted through the window bringing along with it “a rolled-up piece of papyrus.” The messenger, who was a little too formal for words, told Athena she had a message from Mount Olympus of all places. What the young girl was about to read would rock her world big time. Her Dad was none other than Zeus and he was commanding her, as a goddess, to get ready to head to Mount Olympus Academy where he was the principal. This didn’t happen to twelve-year-old girls and she had to check in the mirror to see if anything had changed. She’d lived in the same family with Pallas, her “sister,” ever since she was a baby, but Hermes was going to show up in the morning to pick her up. A goddess?? Going to MOA? You’ve got to be kidding!

Ms. Hydra, the nine-headed receptionist got her settled in with a roster of classes and Athena was soon checking out the godboys and goddessgirls. Some were heartthrobs like Poseidon, who attracted girls like flies, while others were kind of weird like the one that was half horse. Speaking of flies, she found out her mother, Metis was one. Literally. There was Aphrodite, Pandora (who was a mere mortal), the green-haired triplets, Dionysus, and gals like Medusa who just spelled trouble. In Triton everyone “knew Athena was a brain,” but just one glance at the Goddess Girl Guide with its 2,001 rules made her feel dumb. By the second day Mr. Cyclops gave her the “stink-eye” for showing up late. AND she just found out that Pheme, whom she’d confided in about her mother, was the goddess of gossip. Medusa began to chant with her sisters, “Give me an F!” Oh, no! Was Athena EVER going to fit in at MOA? “Give me an L!” Oooooooh!

This is a new mystical mythical series ‘tweens ‘n teens are going to simply adore! I was amazed at how much mythology was seamlessly woven into the tale. These goddessgirls were totally quirky and cute and could be going to school in your town had they been mere mortals. I even had to fall in love with that snarky, snaky Medusa, especially when she . . . well, no spoilers here. The Mount Olympus Academy social life will appeal to anyone who likes a bit of Grecian fantasy or simply wants to read a fun new series. All the young goddesses who will fall in love with this series will anxiously await the next book. I’m no young goddess, but I’m off to read about “Persephone the Phony.” Later!

Quill says: This is a new mystical mythical series ‘tweens ‘n teens are going to simply adore!

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