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2019 FEES:
Entry fee from August 1 through September 1 is $85 per title.
Entry fee from September 2 through November 15 is $120 per title.
Entry fee from November 16 through December 15 is $155.

The cost to nominate your book for additional categories is $35/per category/genre.
So for example, if you want your book to first be nominated to Teen (13-18 Years) the cost is $85; but then would also like to nominate it for the Science Fiction/Fantasy category, the cost would be $120.  If you also wish to nominate the book for a third category, the total would be $155.

You may nominate your book for the award program to us either by paying online or by sending payment through the postal mail. Please see the instructions below:

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Please also choose from the dropdown below how many genres you would like to nominate for. 

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Step 3: Mail Us Your Book

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Feathered Quill Book Reviews    
P.O. Box 304    
Goshen, MA 01032    

You should also include a copy of your submission form. This information was emailed to you after you submitted the form. You may print a copy of that email if you wish and include it with your book.

We look forward to receiving your book!

You will be notified of receipt by email and winners will be announced via...

If you prefer to pay via mail:

Please fill out the submission form in Step 1, print it, and include it with the copy of your book and payment. Please make checks payable to: Feathered Quill Book Reviews.

You may send everything to:

Feathered Quill Book Reviews
P.O. Box 304
Goshen, MA 01032 

Special Awards

(The staff at Feathered Quill will select and announce these winners - there is nothing you need to do to nominate for these awards.)

Feathered Quill's "We Love Animals!" Award - Two winners will be selected for this award - the top placing books in Best Animal - Children's and YA and Best Animal - Adult (both fiction and non-fiction). Each winner will receive a Spotlight (front page) review and author interview with links to the book's (or author's) website. Review and interview will also be posted to our blog, twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest, and In addition, the review will be posted to Barnes& and Google Books (if the book is listed on those sites). If the book has already received a review from Feathered Quill, we will move that review to our main page for not less than two weeks. - $125 value

Feathered Quill's "Reviewer's Choice" Award - Every reviewer at Feathered Quill Book Reviews will select a favorite book from those that were reviewed during 2019 to win this award.  Each book that is selected will have its review posted to our main page for one week with a "Reviewer's Choice Award Winner" notation next to it. We will also announce these books via our social media sites. - $125 value

The Write Companion Award for Best Overall TOP PICK - Adult, Children's and Young Adult categories: Originality is key. Falling into a stereotypical plot or character is difficult for an author. That is why this award is given to the author that makes that lasting impression. Based on pure originality, this award seeks the writers who - like Dean Koontz's Odd Thomas or Preston and Childs' inventive detective Aloysius Pendergast - have created a character who makes that lasting impression on readers. Do I smell sequel? The winner will receive marketing on all Amy Lignor's websites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TWC, Pinterest, as well as a free consultation regarding their next book project. This comes with a free edit/polish/notes/suggestions of their next book. If there is not a project as of yet, the consult will be given to answer any author's questions when it comes to publishing, agencies, independent books, self-publishing - a conversation regarding the here and now of the industry that may help them in the future. - $250 value

ReaderViews Award for the Readers' Favorite - We will choose from the winners of all categories for this award, based on review scores, cover design, and relevance to readers today. The winner will receive our Publicity Package E, which includes a book review, live interview and a one-week feature on our homepage, a dedicated author page on our Inside Scoop Live podcast page and a spotlight feature in our newsletter. Value - $339

Maryglenn McCombs Book Publicity Award for Best Mystery - One professionally written press release with distribution. - $1000 value

BestsellersWorld Award for Best Romance - This award includes an author page on the site and the book and synopsis added to the Featured Books page for 10 days. - $125 value

Note: "Special Awards" are subject to change without notice. While we make every effort to see that all special awards are delivered to the winners, Feathered Quill is not responsible for these awards.

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