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Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship

Physical Literacy 12 Steps Pledge Ambassadorship

By: Steven C. McCartney
Publisher: Healthy Lifestyle Changes, Inc.
Publication Date: February 2015
ISBN: 978-1506164878
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Date: April 10, 2015

The subject of “Literacy in America” is always spoken about. A headline for a good, long time, we want our children, above all else, to receive a good education; an education that allows them to progress in life in order to reach their dreams. Another U.S. headline comes from the fact that we are all trying to beat obesity; from learning how to cook better meals to understanding how important physical activity is to increase lifespans. This new book is a true help, because it combines both topics in one timely book.

Literacy of the mind is one thing, but being educated/literate when it comes to a healthy diet in this world of fast food joints and vending machines is an absolute must. In addition, there are all kinds of exercise programs out there, as we all know, but it would be more fun to exercise using a technique that also allows you to have a good time while keeping yourself fit. Physical fitness is achieved by participating in many activities. Running, walking, playing sports – you name it, there is a variety to choose from. With this particular guide, the author discusses the enjoyable activity of dance to bring about physical literacy, which makes for a fun activity AND a fun read.

This is a much-needed 12 Step program. And don’t get me wrong, you do not have to use dance as the activity. In fact, at the very beginning of Physical Literacy the author explains that while reading the 12 steps you can insert your favorite activity where the word “Dance” appears. Any recreation time can be used to fight obesity and reduce stress. And the illustrations of the dances are tremendous in this book. The participant looks to be having so much fun, that you may actually wish to focus on dance as your new “favorite” physical activity.

Provided in the back of the guide is a “12 Step Pledge” for all readers to sign, and ALL ages are focused on. This is also a program where cash is not required for a gym or workout center in order to get fit. In other words, anyone can achieve physical literacy and enjoy themselves while doing it. From the writer (a certified P.E. teacher) to the dancer, illustrator and photographer – all have come together to make this particular program lead us down the right (fun) path to longer, healthier lives. Extra suggestion: Head to www.physicalliteracy12steps.comto start learning immediately.

Quill says: This is truly “literacy” at its finest. By learning and then DOING physical activities, you increase your body, strength, heart, and mind. Let’s Dance!

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