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Robbie Larson’s Legendary Snow Day

Robbie Larson's Legendary Snow Day

By: David Towner
Publisher: Splash MKTG
Publication Date: January 11, 2024
ISBN: 979-8988353058
Reviewed by: Lily Andrews
Review Date: February 2, 2024

Robbie Larson's Legendary Snow Day by David Towner is a coming-of-age tale about a fascinating game featuring pirate wars that comes alive, leaving nine-year-old Robbie utterly shocked and bewildered as he and several others accidentally enter its realms, where chances of survival are close to none.

Christmas is around the corner, and the Larson family has woken up to a snowy morning, which means no school for the children. Robbie Larson, the youngest in the family, plans to join his older brother Davey Larson and two others, Kyle and Eddie, in their annual winter mission of digging out snow tunnels. Their sister Monic is tasked by their mother to watch over the boys, but she gets so distracted by a phone call that she hardly notices them leaving.

Davey, the mastermind behind the project, keeps the energy up, driving his friends with the motivation of how cool it’s all going to be when it’s done. Time flies by, and soon it's lunchtime. He implores Kyle and Eddie to join him in taking a break, leaving his little brother behind to continue digging his tunnel. Bored and frustrated, the young lad settles on singing the pirate tune he learned from his game: “Oh fare ye well home, oh fare ye well, we leave you with regret." He suddenly strikes a solid object as he scoops snow on the floor of his tunnel. There are two large wooden double doors with antique iron handles, which, after a forceful yank, reveal a wooden spiral staircase descending into a seemingly endless abyss. An attempt to climb down the stairs sends him crumbling into a dense cloud of darkness and into what he recognizes as the crow’s nest of an ancient vessel that is in the middle of a fierce high-sea battle with a rival he instantly recognizes.

In this captivating tale, readers get to witness the making of an unlikely hero who has, for the longest time, been craving such a moment. He finds relevance in the most unlikely group, but only for a short time before something inconceivable occurs. The author initially illustrates his errant character and attitude in the first chapter, but quickly assimilates a revolutionary situation that efficiently switches the reader's opinion of him. The plot twists surprisingly and simultaneously delivers humorous junctures such as Monica's friend's description of a "rapture-like" event that took the boys away and Mr. Larson's skepticism of the kids joining a cult.

Robbie Larson's Legendary Snow Day hits all the right notes of an impressive adventure story. It is well-edited and effectively combines sarcasm, satire, drama, and action to give the reader a satisfying experience. The climax makes it an easy-to-vouch-for classic for both teenage and young adult audiences, with an exceptional lasting lesson on harmony and positive family dynamics.

Quill says: Robbie Larson's Legendary Snow Day, is an adventure story that, at its core, is deeply touching. It will leave you yearning for more from Robbie Larson.

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