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Light Riders and the Missouri Mud Murder

Light Riders and the Missouri Mud Murder

By: Ann I. Goldfarb 
Publisher: Two Cats Press 
Publication Date: June 2013
ISBN: 978-1-937083-20-5
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: November 2013

This is Volume 3 in the ‘Light Riders’ series, and the one thing that can be said for this humorous, imaginative author is she keeps producing books that get more fun each and every time.

Brother Ryn and his sister Aeden are back! These are the siblings who act as any teens would; however, they do have special knowledge when it comes to traveling through time. Using this wisdom, they have been able to solve mysteries in many locations.

This time around, Ryn is in the middle of lacrosse season, and has a date coming up that he doesn’t want to miss. Aeden just landed the lead role in her school play and does NOT want to miss out on her first shot at stardom. Unfortunately, their mother has other plans.

Mom gets a phone call from an old neighbor who moved to a little town in Missouri a while ago. The woman, Evie, has a daughter named Ajay who Ryn and Aeden definitely don’t want to spend time with. Ajay is beyond annoying. But sure enough they must cancel their plans and head to Missouri whether they like it or not. It seems this woman’s grandfather, who went missing long ago, has just been found mummified in the Missouri mud. Apparently, he was the victim of murder.

Ryn and Aeden can barely put up with Ajay, but knowing they can go back in time and sort out this mess, the kids take it upon themselves to fix the situation so they can get back home. Well...time travel doesn’t work well when solar flares are messing with the old time-space continuum, which means they overshoot the past big-time, landing in the Ice Age with saber-toothed tigers running amok. Unfortunately, Ajay comes with them. The kids do reach the grandfather’s decade and go on the hunt for a killer. They end up at an old Playhouse in town sorting through potential suspects as a secret from the past comes to life.

Awesome! These stories are the perfect combination of ‘The Hardy Boys’ mixed with ‘Harry Potter.’ Not only is there a mystery that needs to be solved, but the sci-fi, historical, and fantastical elements provide a whole lot of fun to the reader.

Quill says: These adventures are unique and extremely entertaining. In other words, keep them coming!

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