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Walking Through Walls

Walking Through Walls

By: Karen Cioffi
Illustrated by: Wllow Raven
Publisher: 4RV Publishing
Publication Date: June 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9826594-7-2
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: March 2011 

This children’s fantasy book explores an ancient Chinese tale that teaches a true lesson to children and adults of all ages, while providing a magical adventure that no reader will ever forget.

Twelve-year-old Wang wants desperately to become an Eternal. He has studied books and information regarding these famous beings that most people see as a myth. Wang believes that he can find the Eternals and become a part of their world. And once he’s joined their community, he can learn what the mystics know and find himself the wealth and power that he wants more than anything.

His father does not believe in the Eternals and wants nothing more than for his son, Wang, to join him in the fields. There, with hard work and sweat, Wang can perhaps work with his father to buy their very own acreage of the wheat field in order to feed the family and have some sort of future.

Wang can’t stand the blood, sweat, and tears that come from “fieldwork” and decides to speak to the Mayor of the village as well as the Elder of the village who knows where the Eternals are located. The Elder explains to Wang that if all he is after is money and power, that the Eternals will not be the place he can “find” himself.

Wang decides to begin his journey and leaves his family behind. He doesn’t want the hard work, he chooses the wealth over worth. Up a dangerous, rugged trail, Wang finally stumbles across the Eternals and the Master who tells Wang that in order to learn from the Eternals and find the magic within himself, he must work hard. While up in the mountains Wang meets a young boy named Chen, who has been sent to the Eternals in order to learn and go back home one day where he can then help his village.

This is a wonderful story that teaches all readers that hard work is its own reward. Going after money and power simply because you’d like to avoid actual work will never suffice. An Eternal can teach you the good and bad in life, but wealth doesn’t come with the job.

Quill Says: A fascinating fantasy story that teaches many lessons about money, loyalty, and a life that, when you contribute your hard work and time, becomes a full and well-lived experience.

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