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The Cloud Searchers (Amulet, Book Three)

The Cloud Searchers (Amulet, Book Three)

By: Kazu Kibuishi
Publisher: Graphix
Publication Date: September 2010
ISBN: 978-0545208857
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: August 2010

Emily, her brother, mother, and a small group of friends sworn to protect them from the evil Elf King and his hordes, set out on a dangerous journey in the newest installment of the popular Amulet series.

As the story opens, Redbeard explains to Emily that he must take her to the city of Cielis to meet with the city leaders, the Guardian Council. According to Redbeard, the survival of Alledia depends on gaining their help in the fight against the elves. There’s only one problem – the city has disappeared. Some say the city was destroyed, but others believe the Guardian Council hid it among the clouds.

Much of The Cloud Searchers takes place high above the clouds in a transport ship as the resistance fighters search for Cielis. The journey is fraught with danger, and there’s even some very cool creatures living in the sky that get in the way.

There’s some nice character development in this tale as Emily discovers that she is a “Stonekeeper,” (rulers of Alledia before the Elf King crushed them) and she must learn to harness her growing powers. The resistance fighters are also joined by Trellis, the Elf King’s son. Suspicion is high as to his motives – why is he willing to fight against his father?

The author really hits his stride in this, the third book in the Amulet series. Emily has developed into a very interesting character with a strong voice. I particularly liked her interactions with Prince Trellis. The action is great and the ending is satisfying (it does suggest another book is on the way). No review would be complete without mention of the artwork – it’s fantastic!

Quill says: Fans of the Amulet series will not be disappointed with The Cloud Searchers.

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