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In Too Deep: A Robyn Hunter Mystery

In Too Deep: A Robyn Hunter Mystery

By: Norah McClintock
Publisher: Darby Creek Publishing
Publication Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-1467707022
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: May 2013

It seriously looked like Robyn’s summer would be a good one. She and Nick were finally back together and Morgan was back with Billy. Maybe she was attracted to Nick’s bad-boy persona, but even though he was secretive and stubborn ... well, there was just something about him she couldn’t resist. Even though Robyn and Morgan were back with their boyfriends, what they couldn’t resist was taking counseling jobs at Camp Spirit for the summer even though they’d have to leave the guys behind. Things couldn’t be better until Morgan let out a blood-curdling scream when they were talking on the phone. Everything just went south after that call.

Morgan had broken her ankle and not long after that Camp Spirit gave up the ghost and burned down. Nick understandably made other plans and was heading out of town to ostensibly go camping. Not. Once again Nick lied to her because he left all his camping gear behind. What was it with that guy? Morgan’s dad found a lead on a job for Robyn as a gofer on a small newspaper, the “Lakesider.” It was one of those please, please, please let me accept the job with her parents because she’d be staying with Morgan at her summerhouse. Robyn wasn’t quite seventeen, but they finally relented.

One of Robyn’s gofer jobs landed her at Roxy’s getting a lunch order. She witnessed a couple of Larry Wilson’s foster kids being confronted for shoplifting. Wilson ran a “group home for teens who had been in trouble with the law.” Robyn soon found out where Nick had disappeared to. He was at that group home, but why? Things apparently weren’t quite as they seemed at that home. One of the boys had apparently committed suicide, but then there was the rumor of yet another death. The group home was a place where they learned to repair cars, but was it a cover-up for something else altogether? When Robyn felt a hand over her mouth she knew she was on to something.

Robyn Hunter finds herself “in too deep” when she tries to uncover a little mystery. Of course the little mystery, or story she wants to do for the “Lakesider” turns out to be anything but little. Nick has come back into her life bringing a hint of romantic intrigue and longing to the tale. Just when I think there can’t be anything unique added to the series, Norah McClintock comes up with yet another one. Far removed from her usual home setting, Robyn, Nick, and Morgan strike out on their own in a rural one, filled with bears, thieves, and murder. Robyn, who is her father’s daughter, definitely has PI blood running in her veins. Young readers, including reluctant ones, are in for a real treat with this series!

Quill says: The Robyn Hunter mysteries will definitely appeal to young readers who like a good solid mystery!

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