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By: Stephen Patrick and David Rike

The Holocaust Engine

The Holocaust Engine is the first novel in a trilogy by Stephen Patrick and David Rike. Set in the Florida Keys, this novel portrays the collapse of civilized society as a new disease begins to tear through the community. A key aspect to this story is Bontrager’s disease, a mysterious illness that tears through the island. Very little is revealed about the disease itself, beyond its terrifying symptoms that play a huge role in the plot. Chief among the symptoms is an irrational rage that causes its victims to become extremely violent. They behave almost zombie-like. As the story progresses, a new strain of Bontrager’s emerges. The twist of the new strain...
By: MIchael A. Brown

Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me!

Author Michael A. Brown has been quite busy putting together a series of wonderful books to inspire, and help, both children and parents as they navigate the ups and downs of life. The latest offering in his series, Mommy, Daddy Please Teach Me! continues the series with a helpful book to guide parents on what to teach, and show children the wonderful opportunities that await them.
By: Marc Liebman

Raider of The Scottish Coast

Told from a very personal backstory, it is the year 1775. We meet Darren Smythe, a young man from Gosport, England; and Jaco Jacinto, a young man from Charleston, South Carolina. Their paths cross when Jaco signs up to become a member of America’s Navy. His personal feelings and ideals include the fact that he wants to see his country gain independence; to become a nation that will live as one of the very few free ones in the world.

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