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By: Clint Goodwin

Leather to Steel

Clint Goodwin hits it out of the park with his third installment of his outstanding war series of historical novels. In Leather to Steel (the third book in his series), he treats his audience to a riveting account of the transition from ‘Leather to Steel’ in a phenomenal account of American history through the eyes of the horse at the onset of the Great War.
By: Deborah Stevenson

Oy, Elephants!

As most kids will agree, visiting grandparents is absolutely awesome! Think about it…you’re talking home cooking, extra treats (that Mom always says ‘no’ to), and so much more. Joel is one of those lucky buggers who is spending his school break with Grandma Gussie and Grandpa Morris at their home in Florida. A place called Delray Retirement Village. Now…
By Michael L. Bernoudy, Jr.

Ninjas & Vamps

A move from the inner city to the backwoods of Arkansas forms the backdrop for a very unique and interesting story penned by author Michael L. Bernoudy. Antonio Anderson (Tony or "T" to his friends) lived in South Central L.A. with his father Winchester. There's no mother in this tale, as she left when Tony was three years old. His father, however, always had a woman by his side, some good (one was a great cook), some a little less noteworthy. This was the life Tony was used to, and all...

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