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By: Anthony J. Orsini, D.O.

It's All in the Delivery

Anthony Orsini, the author of the fact-filled book It's All in the Delivery, is a medical practitioner who has devised his own method of patient care based on better communication. The author whose memories comprise a portion of this guide, always wanted to be a doctor, and undertook one of its more difficult specialties, neonatology. In that field, there were many stressful occasions to give bad news to parents of a newly born or very young infant. That, and an experience he had had during his studies of observing a doctor he much admired conveying bad news badly and admitting it, spurred him to...
By: Gary D. McGugan

The Multima Scheme

Gary D. McGugan ramps the adventure and intrigue up a notch with the second book in his Multima Trilogy, The Multima Scheme. We learn some interesting facts about one of Mortimer’s superstars, Suzanne Simpson, toward the end of book one that may give readers cause to interpret the obvious, but the outcome is far from predictable. James Fitzgerald, Mortimer’s trusted, loyal and faithful financial wizard is staring down retirement and already setting his sights on the retirement compound he and his wife Dianne have coveted in the wilderness of Minnesota. Unfortunately...
By: David Herstle Jones

Behind the Locked Door

This is one of those rare books that covers many genres and interests. A literary drama that involves a young lawyer diagnosed with terminal cancer; a book that delves into the unconventional medical approaches to healing; and, also a tale that is filled with intrigue, suspense, politics, as well as “hard-boiled” criminal characters and activities. To begin, readers are taken back to the 1970s to meet up with Eric Martin, the young man who has been afflicted with this horrendous disease. It does not take long...

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