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By: Freya Sampson

The Last Chance Library

Have you ever asked yourself: in the midst of trouble, what would your favorite character do? More importantly, would you be able to do the same? June Jones found her answers in The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson. The story follows one June Jones, an introverted and reclusive assistant librarian of a local public library in a small British village. June spends her days with the library’s patrons - from helping gentle old Stanley use the computer to checking out books for fiery Mrs. B to recommending books to 8-year-old wonder boy Jackson. June then spends her evenings (and birthdays!) curled up with a book. When June...
By: Nancy Youngdahl

Life on the Farm

Meet Ruth, a six-year-old girl who lives on a farm in North Carolina. She's sweet, adorable, and works very hard to help take care of the animals on the farm. And most importantly, she's loved by her entire family. Life on the Farm, follows Ruth as she goes about her day on her parents' farm. She lives with her mama, daddy and big brother, Samuel. Ruth shares with the reader all the fun, and important, things she gets to do every day. She adores...
By: Floyd Hughes

Hi My Name is Jonah

This author, who is also a pastor, clears your mind, using what many refer to as the “Fish Story” (AKA: Jonah and the Whale). He shows you through Jonah’s struggles, choices, and conversations with God that it is an absolute impossibility to believe and have faith in Christ while having prejudice and bias in your heart. Through the chapters (verses) of the famous Bible story, the pastor shows you what was originally stated, translates that into how it pertains to the present issues we are all facing...

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