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By: Michael Greco

The Cuckoo Colloquium

We have a liar; a princess; a thief; a bully; and...a wuss. Sounds like a modern version of The Breakfast Club, yet they are just as familiar. Of course, these teens are not locked in a library on a Saturday; they have come from around the world in order to attend a leadership seminar titled: “Cuckoo Camp Personal Growthing Adventure to the End.” (No, ‘growthing’ is not a misspelling, and when they say “the End” they mean it literally.) The seminar’s focus is to teach these teens certain things while having fun in the jungle. Or, at least, that’s the original belief...
By: John Henry Hardy

The Legend of the Phantom Effect

Harpie Colcek’s career as an investigative reporter had brought him to the scene of many intriguing stories including murders, disappearances, fraud and things of that nature. However, when Harpie gets a call on Christmas Eve to investigate a mysterious aircraft sighting, he is mostly perturbed that he has to drive to a government base instead of spending time with his family. After going through a security check, Harpie is informed that this unusual sighting has been named the Phantom Effect and only happens at 11:55 every Christmas Eve. It simply appears as...
By: Keith Thye

The Misadventures of Rusty Kenneficke

Thirty-seven-year-old Rusty Kenneficke has a multilayered problem. He’s divorced, living in an apartment in his uncle’s rundown backyard, and is essentially a starving author. Sure, he has had some minor accomplishments in the past by successfully publishing two of his novels, but neither produced enough sales to continually support his lifestyle. Rusty needs to pen another novel, but...

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