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By: Carol J. Walker

Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert

Carol Walker, animal lover and advocate for America’s wild horses, offers her latest work, Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert, that will educate readers about the plight of these majestic animals, as well as bring tears to one's eyes. Blue Zeus is the fascinating story of a wild stallion that stole Carol’s heart the day she first laid eyes on him. A beautiful blue roan, with numerous battle scars that told the story of fights he’d had with other stallions, the horse stoically guarded his small band as Carol photographed him, as well as his mares and foals. Carol set to work...
By: Danny Freeman

The You I See

When Alex first walked into the church kitchen and started working at the sandwich assembly line, little did he know that Brandon, the extremely cute and chatty boy standing across from him, was equally dazzled and smitten by him as well. Thus begins a story of two adolescent boys who, despite their obvious differences in personality (one is smaller, quieter and more studious, the other bigger and often brash) and their radically dissimilar upbringing...
By: Lorenzo DeStefano

House Boy

Wanting a better life, not only for himself but also for his family, Vijay Pallan travels from Chettipattu to the capital Chennai. He and his family are Dalits, untouchables, people belonging to the lowest caste in India. One would think that in the modern world, this kind of discrimination would no longer exist, but such is not the case for the Pallans. So, with everything that he’s got, even though that’s not really much other than a whole lot of courage, and hesitant goodbyes from his family, he makes this hopeful move...

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