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By: Michelle Muriel

Water Lily Dance

In the 1800s, Camille Doncieux is a young lady living in Paris with a close relationship with her father and younger sister. She faithfully works in her father’s shop, but longs to break free of the rigid French traditions and make her own decisions, especially regarding whom she is to marry. Despite her father’s wishes, Camille befriends several local artists, who themselves are bucking the strict rules of traditional art forms in Paris, and agrees to pose for a few of their paintings. Camille is drawn toward one particular artist, Claude Monet, and together...
By: Helena P. Schrader

The Emperor Strikes Back

It takes not a page before we enter the library at the Benedictine Monastery of Monte Cassino. It is there that the Master of the Teutonic Knights, Herman von Salza, waits for The Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II, to show. Herman is a man who wants nothing more than to live out the rest of his days in this grand library and be left alone. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. Herman is told by the Emperor of a secret plan...
By: JF Collen

Flirtation on the Hudson

In this first installment of the Journey of Cornelia Rose series, J.F. Collen treats her audience to an engaging adventure by way of the antics of precocious main character, Cornelia (Nellie) Rose Entwhistle. The story opens in Manhattan, October 1842. Nellie is a child of privilege and her curiosity is boundless. She is quite proud of her father’s accomplishments. He is the esteemed inventor of the new water system for the entire city of New York. The Entwhistle family will attend the grand celebration soon in honor of her father’s achievements. If only...

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