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By: Jodi Auborn

My Ten-Acre Wilderness

A coming-of-age memoir by a sensitive, talented woman, My Ten-Acre Wildernesstakes us back to simpler, more natural values. Jodi Auborn was the only child of parents who were, in their own ways, nonconformists. Early on she learned that she could not have certain small luxuries because the family values involved thrift and hard work. She learned to get along with wild animals – rabbits, a ferret, even frogs – for pets, and the outdoors as her private haven. The first time she truly recognized a sense of belonging...
By: JP O'Donnell

Pulse of My Heart

Don Kraemer is a man with issues; mostly normal, everyday issues, such as lack of money, trying to help a beloved daughter, and attempting to figure out if expanding his landscaping business is the way to go in order to make more money. He is thinking about these things as he jogs along the dirt path that leads through the woods and across an old, iron bridge spanning the Wabash River. This is most assuredly a calm scene, until a pit bull comes out of nowhere and literally attacks the poor man. Along with the dog comes...
By: Michael Pronko

The Moving Blade

Award-winning author Michael Pronko expertly thrills us once again in his latest mystery installment of the Detective Hiroshi series, The Moving Blade. Readers hit the ground running, right from the very first chapter, when we are whisked through the streets of Tokyo by a man who has stolen critically important files and is on the run, adeptly moving towards his ultimate destination. Meanwhile, readers are taken inside a Japanese funeral hall where we are witness to the memorial service and cremation of Bernard Mattson, a highly influential and respected American diplomat in Japan, who was murdered in his home...

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