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By: Charles Crittenden


In poetic reverie, an earthly being leaves his planet, and alone or at times with others, he navigates through space and time, giving him moments of insight: why did he leave Earth? Can he return? Does he truly want to go back? A four-part saga in free verse with intriguing spacings and clusters of words, Crittenden’s work begins when he, as the first-person narrator, realizes that he has fallen, broken his heart, and no longer experiences the sensation of earthly gravity. Where he awakens is an alien landscape...
By: Charlie Suisman

Hot Air

In the tiny Hudson River village of Arnold Falls, anything might happen, and this summer will be no exception. As the story of Hot Air opens, we learn that an iconic statue has been stolen – but nobody really cares. Yet later, items far smaller and seemingly of lesser value go missing, and a quiet uproar ensues. Jeebie Walker is in a newly formed (see the series’ earlier work, Arnold Falls, for details) man-to-man relationship with Will Shaffer. Strolling through the soon-to-be new town park, they hear...
By: Kellye Abernathy

The Aquamarine Surfboard

When young teen Condoleeza, known as Condi, sees a handsome surfer braving the sea near her home in Windy Hollow, she is enchanted. And she will become more so when the two begin to converse. Little does she know that Trustin, her newfound friend, is far more than just a surfer and their meeting, far more than just good luck. Soon after their first encounter, Trustin will lead Condi into a parallel universe where she will see spirits whose role in the lives of humankind is pervasive, yet ever hidden. She learns that...

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