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By: Helena P. Schrader

Balian d’Ibelin: Knight of Jerusalem

There are things you need to know up front in regards to this book, especially if you are a huge fan of this author, like I am. This is actually Book 1 of a “biographical” trilogy spotlighting the interesting life of Balian d’Ibelin. Now, if readers remember this amazing man from Helena’s previous work, it’s because in 2014, the first edition of Knight of Jerusalem was released after two years of research. But, as the author states, after learning even more about the Ibelins, as well as the Crusader states, it turned out that Balian needed a longer look when it came to his life, work, the battles he fought, and the man he truly was throughout his life.
By: Simon Plaster

GREEZERS: A Tale of Establishment's Decline and Fall

Yet again, Simon Plaster has penned a book that is a recipe of fantastic plot, great characters, wit, charm, and (my favorite) sarcasm. It’s also a memorable read and will have you heading back to read the rest of his great books that came before. In Greezers, we are introduced to a number of things. One happens to be a chain of auto lube shops that have been failing. Of course, their recent marketing scheme (team up with a chain of fast food fried chicken franchises and introduce a concept called “Lardo” to the public) hasn’t exactly been the best idea.
By: Mark M. Bello

Betrayal High

Zachary Blake has taken on the Church, bigotry—heck, even the president—so he’s no stranger to big cases that result in bold headlines. This time out, the focus is set on another truly difficult, widespread social issue and the consequences that arise from it: bullying. Not a new subject, indeed, but this author has used his incredible writing ability to introduce great characters, show the spectrum of emotions, and keep readers engaged with a plot that provides action and thrills as Zachary works hard for justice to be done.

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