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By: Jo Ann Bender

Casanova Cowboy

There’s a new man in town, and he’s a cowboy. This is the underlying theme of the latest novel by author Jo Ann Bender (Rusty Springs, Lebensborn Secrets). Joy Ann Oliver can hardly wait to tell the Stitch’n’Bitcher club the news: her husband Larry has engaged the services of a cowboy to help out on their Montana ranch for a few months. Lance Turbyfill, it turns out, is a rugged, blue-eyed 50-something cowgirl’s dream, and he is soon ensconced in his self-built tipi (he calls it a lodge) on the Olivers’ property. As he reunites with an old love...
By Mario Dhingsa

High Office Whispers

Author Mario Dhingsa delivers three interesting, and entertaining, short stories in his newest work, High Office Whispers. The first story takes place at the Vatican where we're taken to a private meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and Silvio Berlusconi, the Prime Minister of Italy. The Pope, it seems, is bothered by Berlusconi's lifestyle and his apparent ability to spread "...the seeds of sin." The Pope wants Berlusconi to confess his sins, but will he?
By: Daniela Bronzy

Roots, Rumors & Wrath

We begin in 39 A.D., in a cell made of stone. A body awakens and emerges from this horrible chamber to find one named Sagan – a man who addresses the wounded person as “friend and teacher” before offering a robe to cover themselves with and a body for the prisoner to lean on while journeying down the road. This intriguing beginning comes from the Halabi Family Journal…and leads readers into a tale that will make them feel every human emotion by the time it’s complete.

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