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By: William LeRoy

Case of a Puzzling Book

Case of a Puzzling Book by William LeRoy takes the reader on a whimsical path of whodunits full of twists and turns along the way. Popo Crowder owns the Twisted Sister Coffeehouse in the unassuming small town of Henryetta, Oklahoma. In addition to the purchase of a cup of coffee, patrons can select a free book from the shop’s library book exchange. There are lots of genres to choose from ranging from erotic to literary fiction. However...
By: Jacob Paul Patche

No Pistol Tastes the Same

We begin watching quietly as Sergeant JP Grimm holds his grandfather’s gun in his trembling hand. We watch him remember his beloved grandparents as he stares at a faded American flag between their two graves, and suddenly smells his grandma’s strawberry rhubarb pie fresh from the oven...As the path moves forward, U.S. Marine JP Grimm returns to the life of a civilian from the desert of Iraq, The man is now looking at a home, a wife he loves, and a son he finally gets to be around and watch grow up after all these months. Through no fault of his loving family, however, JP is also dealing with an “alternate” personality he owns after his heartfelt, painful experiences...
By: Caryn Rivadeneira

Penny Helps Portia Face Her Fears

Penny, a frightened pit bull who has her life turned around through love, passes that love along to children in this great addition to the Helper Hounds series by Caryn Rivadeneira. Penny’s life started out full of promise in a house with a family that seemed nice. But then the other dog who lived in the house, a very opinionated Chihuahua, decided Penny had to go. Poor Penny wound up living in the backyard, chained to a shed. Eventually, she escaped and found herself living “on the street.” After living on the streets and...

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