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By: Michael Brown

What I Tell Myself FIRST

Debut author Michael A. Brown has written an uplifting children's book, full of positive messages that will empower children and teach them to better handle what life may throw their way. The first page of What I Tell Myself FIRST asks the reader to write their name on the page (line provided) and then tells the reader, "I am alive, alert, and able. (Take a Deep Breath. Now exhale. Don't hold your breath, silly.)" and the mood is now set for a fun, very positive, self-esteem building book. Continuing with the interactive theme
By: Kaylin McFarren

High Flying

By all accounts, Skylar Haines has lived a hard life in the few years she’s been alive. Having lost both of her parents at a very young age, she was forced to bounce around in foster care until her cold, abusive grandfather took her into his home. Life unfortunately did not improve despite the new living arrangements; Skylar continued to feel alienated and was bullied at school. Anxiety, fear and depression managed to slither its way into every aspect of her life, causing her to feel as if nothing could ease the insurmountable emotional pain she lived with on a daily basis. The only relief she seemed able to find...
By: Margaret Mizushima

Tracking Game: A Timber Creek K-9 Mystery

Deputy Mattie Cobb and her date, Cole Walker, are enjoying the Celebration of Summer dance in their small town of Timber Creek. Just when they are getting quite cozy, an explosive boom nearby calls them away from their rendezvous. They discover a burning van and the dead body of local outfitter Nate Fletcher. As if that wasn’t gruesome enough, further investigation reveals the true cause of death to be gunshot wounds. To make matters worse...

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