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Eddie Brophy

Nothing to Get Nostalgic About

In this multilayered horror fantasy by debut novelist Eddie Brophy, a man has earned an enviable chance at the limelight in his career, but remains so haunted by his childhood that he can barely cope. Charlie Harris is tormented by memories and demons that have chased him for much of his life. Addiction has plagued him since growing up with parents who were addicted, alcoholic, and insane and who knowingly moved the family into a sinister, tragedy-soaked house...
By: Mark M. Bello

Supreme Betrayal

We begin the story at a party being held inside a stunning lakefront home. Yes, all the young adults have gotten together to tie one on and celebrate life because the parents are away. Hayley Larson Schultz is a 16-year-old at this party, but she’s not exactly a wild child; she hasn’t even given up her virginity as of yet (which, let’s just say, is a novel idea nowadays). Although Hayley is among the “good girls,” that also means there’s something she does not have—street smarts. Very quickly...
By: Susan Fleet

Foulshot: A Frank Renzi Crime Thriller

This particular tale focuses on not only one victim—we’re talking a trio. Oddly, they are all murdered in a New Orleans club and have backgrounds that don’t exactly add up. In other words, their chosen careers have certain “links” but they are not necessarily people you would normally expect to see together. We have a bookie who readers can certainly see delving into some illegal activities. Thus, he certainly could have some connections to the second victim who is actually a mobster...

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