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By: Delia Owens

Where the Crawdads Sing

Kya has always been known to the townspeople as the marsh girl or marsh trash. Growing up in marsh land off the coast of North Carolina with her parents and older siblings, she never had much interaction with anyone outside of her family. Her father spends his days doing one of two things - drinking or taking out his anger on his family. When Kya was six, her mother walked out and never came back. Kya's siblings stayed for a little while, but eventually they all left as well. From that point on, it was just Kya and her father.
By: Kimberley Woodhouse

The Patriot Bride

It is September 22, 1774 and Matthew Weber is hidden in the corner of Charles Thomson’s study. He is full of trepidation as he waits for Ben Franklin’s arrival. There is considerable unrest and uncertainty in the Colonies as the threat of war looms. Lines have been clearly drawn in the sand. One is either loyal to King George (a Loyalist) or a traitor to Britain and therefore, a Patriot for the independence of the Colonies. Matthew cannot let on he is posing as a Loyalist; yet he is a true Patriot at heart. He is a spy and holds the coveted position of being privy to information on both sides of the imminent conflict.
By: Michelle Griep

The Innkeeper's Daughter

Nineteenth-century England is alive and well and the shenanigans just keep coming for Johanna Langley at the Blue Hedge Inn. The Inn is all that is left to hold onto for her dear ‘mam’ and brother Thomas. Another payment is due to the miller in less than a fortnight and where the money will come from is more than uncertain. The Inn is in desperate need of repairs and the only tenant is the rather unusual Lucius Nutbrown and his sidekick puppet. At least his payment may keep the miller at bay for another short time. Between the hope of new tenants arriving at the dock and her faith in the Lord above, perhaps the Langley family would have a roof over their head for a while longer...

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