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By: Nguyen Ba Thanh

The Demogra-Fate Hypothesis

We humans pride ourselves on our mental and physical improvements, comparing our modern, convenient life favorably to what came before. But will these advances be enough to keep humanity from extinction, considering that disappearance of species, even stars and galaxies, seems to be the logical order of our universe? These are questions that author Nguyen Ba Thanh explores in his lively look at our basic assumptions and their inherent flaws in his new book The Demogra-Fate Hypothesis.
By: Siamak Vakili


Dr. Mitra Shahverdi is a young physician living in the southwest city of Shiraz, Iran. On the eve of the new year, she is having a fitful night. She had been tossing and turning and losing the battle with sleep. Fortunately, if sleep would not happen, she had the next seven days as holiday in connection with the new year; plenty of time to catch up on sleep. Finally, just as Mitra is about to drift off, there is a sudden noise. Whatever fell...
By: Gideon Halpin

Flowers That Die

A poet with a wide range of life experience, a “veteran of spiritual warfare,” Gideon Halpin offers his debut collection centered on the reflections and perceptions of a character he calls “Sad Boy.” The opening piece, “Mid-daydream,” finds Sad Boy wistfully strolling through a meadow and remembering a girl “who like the rainbow is gone,” leaving him adrift “as a leaf in a stream.” Many of these poetic vignettes are similarly emotive, gentle, full of natural wonder and dreamy speculation. One of the few rhyming pieces, “Greenhouse,” compares...

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