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By: Trond Undheim

Pandemic Aftermath

Pandemic Aftermath is Trond Undheim’s latest book; filled with chapter upon chapter of information for his audience to digest and consider. The book opens with a lengthy Introduction of information ranging from ‘The consequences of the Black Death’ to ‘Scenarios for the next decade.’ Beyond the Introduction, there is a ‘takeaway and exercise’ at the end of each chapter for the reader to opt to either interact (or not). In Chapter I, Undheim takes his first dive into the minutia of the Covid 19 pandemic by setting the timeline. He begins at the origins of the crisis and ‘...the early days’ and addresses what is commonly acknowledged as ‘ground zero’ (Wuhan Province, China). From this point...
By: Simon Plaster

TRACKS: A Curious Tale of Who's Her Daddy?

Henrietta is back again with another humor-filled tale. This time, she receives a call from her mother, Wynona Sue where Henrietta learns something unexpected. For review purposes, I will just say her mom found a Montgomery Ward divan with ‘stuff’ on it and discovered Henrietta has a different father than the Cajun guy who dumped Mom long ago. Not only that, but the real ‘Baby Daddy’ is a man high-up in the political arena. Apparently, this prominent man had a fling with Wynona Sue when...
By: Holly Brandon

Life in the Chastity Zone

Chastity Morgan (AKA: Chase) is one of those women that readers will really want to hang out with. She has an ironic life filled with sarcastic days, but the best thing is that she surrounds herself with some truly unique people. When it comes to her, Chase has had to deal with quite a bit, from an accident in her past to having her dissertation turned down as she’s trying to become the best structural engineer in Southern California. She’s also a woman who has been in love with Grant Stevens and has been “saving” herself for that ultimate day when she walks down the aisle and says “I do” to him...even though she’s thirty years old. We begin by Chase’s side as...

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