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By: Mark M. Bello

Betrayal of Faith

When it comes to this brand-new lawyer (in my life, anyway), a man called Zachary Blake, I can honestly say that with just his first starring role in a series of legal thrillers written by Mark M. Bello, he has captured my imagination, earned my respect, and made himself a “must-read” for the rest of time. This is not an easy tale, by any stretch, but I can’t remember when I found a lawyer more riveting. When we first meet and begin to understand Zachary, we learn that he is definitely the epitome of a lawyer and man who’s down in the dumps and is at a point where it may just be impossible to turn his life around and put his career back on track. Changes alter his life awfully fast...
By: Mark Daniel Seiler

Shave Ice Paradise

Something fishy surrounds the mysterious death of Gina Mori’s Auntie Nalani. The feisty daughter of a Buddhist minister contacts her police friend, Carla Moreno, for details on the crime scene for starters before Gina investigates. Curly (aka Julius), a stream biologist, is busy gathering samples for the Department of Land and Natural Resources near the crime scene at the time she shows up. The two hit it off, and Gina takes Curly with him to search for more clues after he finds Auntie Nalani’s missing handbag. Even though Curly becomes immediately enamored with Gina...
By: Trevor D.

I Am Me

Get ready for your little readers to meet one precocious and adorable young man in author Trevor D.'s debut children's book, I Am Me. On page one of I Am Me, we meet Jayden, an African American boy with a big smile and confidence oozing off the page. He tells his readers: I am Jayden./I am me!/No one can be me./No, not like me!/ Jayden continues by telling kids...

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