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By: Miriam Greenspan

The Heroin Addict's Mother

Miriam Greenspan, noted psychotherapist and author, here uses the medium of poetry to express the many deep feelings evoked as she learns about and comes to grips with her daughter’s addiction. Greenspan’s saga begins with a phone call: a stranger has discovered her daughter in New York City –“she’s shooting heroin on the street.” She finds her child, a product of the best schooling who as a toddler “knew the Latin names of fish” now...
By: Marlene M. Bell

Mia and Nattie

When a tiny little lamb is born early, and her mother can't take care of her, what will happen to the newborn? Will Mia, the young girl who helps her grandmother on the farm be able to save the lamb?
By: Cam Lang

The Concrete Vineyard

On Canada’s 150th birthday, 91-year old Edward Mitchell, who is quite the celebrity on Niagara-on-the-Lake, is mysteriously killed. As the investigation begins, instead of finding answers, more questions arise as leads and revelations point to different people; it seems like everyone has a motive. As if his death is not enough of a mystery to solve, it is also a puzzle to figure out what happens now to his vast private property since he doesn’t have a next of kin. Or does he?

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