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By: Victoria Lehrer

The Triskelion

In her second of the New Earth Chronicles, author Victoria Lehrer focuses on a thwarted romance, an impending execution, and the possibility of a widespread injection engineered by tyrants to quell a rumbling rebellion. The central character in this enthralling sci-fi fantasy is Dora D’Arc, a young woman of aristocratic heritage living now in Transtopia. She has fallen in love with Caellum, who is leading an insurrection known as the Sovereignty Movement. This movement has...
By: Christi Eley

Mr. Flopsy Whispers From God

Cam loves to run around the house, run around at school, and run and play everywhere he goes. Crash, bang, splat! All that running and playing is causing a bit of a mess as well as quite a lot of noise. “…talking, yelling, asking questions.” Cam enjoys the noise he makes as he runs about – after all, it’s fun! But his parents, teachers, and others are not as enthusiastic...
By: Katherine Spada Basto

Vestal Virgin: Chosen for Rome

A little girl is sold to a religious cult, grows beyond the trauma and becomes a stalwart force for true righteousness in this history-based novel by Katherine Spada Basto. Cornelia Cosa, growing up in Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero, is excited; it’s her tenth birthday. Little does she realize she has been entered into a lottery, the winner of which will become one of the virgin followers of Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. Vestal Virgins are revered in Rome and overseen by Nero himself. To her shock, Cornelia...

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