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By: Lorenzo Petruzziello

The Love Fool

A young man who moves to Italy faces unresolved love issues when his estranged girlfriend comes to visit in Lorenzo Petruzziello’s debut, The Love Fool. After getting laid off from “an amazing job with a large global PR firm” in the U.S., Alex Corso takes a lower-level marketing position at Zero Otto Marketing in Rome, Italy. He is given an assignment to promote a Danish cooking show into the Italian market. To Alex’s advantage...
By. Michael L. Bernoudy

Stained Glass Windows

Author Michael Bernoudy delivers a deeply honest, no-holds-barred story of his life in his memoir, Stained Glass Windows. He begins his story with his earliest memories - "...the happiest times in my life, when it was just my mom and me."  His parents, both Vietnam vets, were not a well-matched pair and there was tension in the marriage.  Because money was tight...
By: Mirta Ines Trupp

Destiny by Design: Leah's Journey

Malka is the matriarch of the Abramovitz family. It is 1900 in Odessa, Russia and the current challenge is to keep her overprivileged daughter Leah at bay during the family meeting. While planning Leah’s eighteenth birthday is important, there are greater concerns to address. Leah’s oldest brother Moishe has called a family meeting. There are tumultuous times ahead if one is a Jew living in Russia...

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