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Quicksilver: Everything is a Lie

Quicksilver: Everything is a Lie

By: B. J. Anderson
Publisher: Carolrhoda Books
Publication Date: January 2013
ISBN: 978-0761387992
Reviewed by: Deb Fowler
Review Date: July 10, 2013

Niki’s parents were really protective of her and would do anything to ensure her safety, including dropping everything to help her. In the not so distant past Niki’s name was Victoria “Tori” Beauregrand. Tori broke up with Brendan, the family packed up and left Sudbury and became the Johnson family. Tori was gone and Niki Johnson was born. Niki had done her disappearing act before for several months, but this time the family ran together. It seemed like Niki had been under everyone’s radar all her life. She lied and told them Mathis had taken her. Maybe no one could find her now that the chip had been removed from her arm.

Niki had “unusual DNA” and Dr. Gervais would like nothing better than to get her to go to GeneSystem. The only place they were going was to Vancouver to hide out. The only person who really understood her was Alison Jeffries. Weird likes weird. Alison had synesthesia, but Niki had the “weird biology” that everyone wanted to take a look at. She had some extraordinary talents that seemed to go right along with it. A month later found Niki working behind a cash register hiding her secrets, but her "synapses had sizzled like white lightning" as she "envisioned improving technology."

Not to get caught was the key. Niki almost exposed herself, but Milo Hwang would help her keep her secrets and perhaps her sanity. Sebastian Faraday showed up out of the blue, but it wasn’t coincidental. His body “glowed and flickered” as he came through the relay. Faraday had beamed in, but unfortunately Milo saw him. It seemed like everyone was after Niki from Constable Deckard to the Genesystem. There was only one way out and that was to build a transceiver to close a wormhole to “make sure nothing comes though it again,” least ways nothing that could hurt her. It looked like it might be a go when a quicksilver chip was intentionally imbedded in her arm. Would Niki be able to save herself or become just another experiment?

This is a fascinating, action-packed sci-fi novel that will captivate the YA audience. Tori, who soon finds herself having to become Nicola “Niki” Johnson, is a highly talented but frustrated young woman who has been experimented on all of her life. Niki’s talents are quickly discovered during an emergency situation, one in which she desperately tries to hide her part in. The writing pulled me in as I tried to discover her “secrets” along with those who suddenly came into her life after her rush into hiding, into what she hoped would be anonymity. Niki is in a race against time in this fabulously written sci-fi novel, which also reads like a mystery in parts. The twist at the end is startling, but a fitting end to the tale. This is a stand alone book, but was preceded by Ultraviolet.

Quill says: This action-packed sci-fi novel will excite young adult readers who like a twist of alien encounters here on Earth!

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