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Nightshade: Nightshade, Book I

Nightshade: Nightshade, Book I

By: Andrea Cremer
Publisher: SPEAK (Penguin Imprint) 
Publication Date: October 2010
ISBN: 978-0-14-241980-9
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor 
Review Date: June 10, 2011 

The world may have seen enough of the vampire and wolf “brigade,” however, Nightshade, is a new “spin” on a very old theme.

This book focuses on a young woman by the name of Calla Tor, who is an alpha wolf of the Nightshade pack. Calla has been groomed and taught her destiny for a very long time, and is ready to take over the mantle of being that incredible leader for her other “furry” friends. One night, Calla finds herself beside a young mortal in the woods, saving him from a deathly bear attack. Little did Calla Tor know that this would be the beginning of a complete and utter change for her future.

Now a big part of Calla’s future is the fact that she is destined to wed the alpha male of the Bane pack - Ren Laroche. This is a communion of love, but the larger point is that their wedding is actually a way to bring the two pack’s together in alignment so that everyone can become friends and both packs can work together. Everything seems to be on the right road until Shay, the young man Calla saved, shows up.

Surprisingly enough, this normal, average boy isn’t frightened of the wolf packs. In fact, Shay has a secret of his very own that he doesn’t even know about…and soon finds himself completely in love with Calla. Calla’s world begins to unravel. Uncovering the truth about her past, Calla discovers the lies and reality of the Keepers - who she is loyal to; as well as the Searchers, who are her supposedly sworn enemies. Her place in the pack is up for grabs, as Calla finds herself having to choose between the life and family she’s always known, and the boy who she’s beginning to love.

This author has done a wonderful job offering an amazing location and fantastical world that readers of all ages will want to become part of; and, Calla’s journey is among the most thrilling and passionate plotlines to be offered to the YA world in a long time.

Quill Says: A complete “stand-out” from the vampire/wolf clones that are clogging the market. This one should definitely be on the movie screen!

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