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Knowing: A Spiritual Medium’s Work with the Dead and the Living

Knowing: A Spiritual Medium's Work with the Dead and the Living

By: Dr. Kimberley Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: March 2012
ISBN: 978-1-4700-5058-0
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: June 16, 2012

This is a good read for those who are truly interested in the world of spiritual guidance. The author, who is a spiritual medium, offers some in-depth information regarding everything from her family background to the beliefs that people hold today regarding science versus religion. She also looks at the ‘Eye in the Sky,’ various practices, such as tarot reading, astrology, and the history of the psychic mediums that date back to real, yet still ‘undefined’ magnificence that came about in all different cultures throughout World History. No, this is not someone who is preaching. What most readers will find it to be is a journey; a journey that was a compilation of questions, confusion, a childhood of ‘odd’ occurrences from nightmares to the ability to see and understand the unknown in life because there was no fear.

That is the gist of what the author is saying, to this reader. We do live in a patriarchal society and have since the beginning of time. It has become the norm to allow the reins to be taken by businessmen, or male leaders who wish to explain everything in ‘real’ terms. Unfortunately, what most people do not understand is that practices and issues such as tarot card reading, psychic gifts, spirit guides, etc. are quite ‘real.’ In fact, when you take a tour through Roman, Greek, and Ancient History, you will find that spiritual guides were abundant and were used in the place of doctors. The ‘Medicine Women’ did exist and, no, they were not treated as many naysayers would have you believe. These females with certain and proven gifts were not a circus act; they tended and healed people’s minds and souls. Not to mention, the patients' bodies. (It is a true fact that the symbol for the American Medical Association was taken from a location where people were placed inside buildings to cure their physical ailments while sleeping in rooms where snakes were pushed through small doors on the floor and crawled over the patient. They were used to take away issues, pains, illnesses, etc. This is where the snake comes from on the AMA seal.)

Although the author believes the debate of science versus religion will someday be a thing of the past with new advances - that is one thought that many readers may find difficult to agree with. Simply because of our history, there will always be naysayers and there will always be the argument of dinosaurs billions of years ago versus a ‘god’ that can be traced two thousand years ago (yet, that is only the Christian version). Petra, Knossos, Athens - there are places that speak very highly of a time when females (Athena, was a very big one) were in charge, and their gifts were great and abundant. They could read minds, they could save and serve, and behind these women civilizations were saved.

The author has DNA in her history that includes gypsies, medicine women, psychic abilities, candle magic, tarot cards, etc. and she dabbled, as well, in the Wiccan culture. She has a pretty extensive resume and background regarding her work as a psychic medium. Am I saying throw everything you believe to the wind? No. What I am saying is remember to keep an open mind about things because with technology going the way it’s going, you never know what ‘science’ will find out next.

There is an old joke that says: “You’re an atheist?” To which the man replies, “Yup! I swear to God.” We all look up, and no matter what name you give to something or someone, we have faith. The ones who have lost that faith are the ones who need to read this book.

Quill Says: An interesting foray into spirituality. Although readers will agree with some statements and disagree with others, the point of having an open mind comes through crystal clear.

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