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Story Monster and Friends: Creatures to Color from Five Star Land

Story Monster and Friends: Creatures to Color from Five Star Land

By: Conrad J. Storad 
Illustrated by: Jeff Yesh, Michael Hagelberg, Nathaniel Jensen, Nadia Komorova, Alex Lopez
Publisher: Little Five Star
Publication Date: January 2015
ISBN: 978-1589852259
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld
Review Date: November 6, 2014

Oh, no! Watch out! Story Monster is out and about and he just might be heading to your neighborhood! Should you run? Should you hide? No, there's no need to fear...Story Monster, a.k.a. "Little Greenie," is actually a wonderfully friendly creature who devours books!

Story Monster and Friends is a coloring book that includes an adventure through many of the young reader books that Little Five Star Books has published recently. Not just an introduction to the various books, this project is a collaboration between eight award-winning authors and five fantastic illustrators.

With the help of Little Greenie, children are guided through Five Star Land and meet many of the stars of the featured books. From a cute and fluffy Elf owl to brightly colored lizards and buzzing bees, readers will be introduced to all sorts of creatures. Mama Rattlesnake is busy teaching her baby rattlers all the rules that young snakes must learn to survive while Cheery the leopard frog swims around her pond. Georgy the Gambel's quail strolls through the prickly pear plants while an adorable squirrel looks for a safe place for her young.

This unique coloring book isn't just chock full of neat pictures to color. Instead, it combines the drawings, just begging to be colored, along with factoids about the various animals. Readers of Little Five Star Books will recognize these animals from past books. And just in case you haven't read those books, or perhaps missed one or two, the title, author, and illustrator of each book is printed along the side of each page. At the back of the book is information on each featured title, plus the authors and illustrators who contributed to Story Monster and Friends.

Quill says: Visit 'Five Star Land' for a coloring book that is both fun AND educational!

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