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Journal for Spiritual Development: Seven Steps to Discipleship

Journal for Spiritual Development: Seven Steps to Discipleship


By: Anna Maria Eloisa Hernandez
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 2010
ISBN: 978-1615798063
Reviewed by: Betsy Burnett
Review Date: May 4, 2010

For anybody looking for a closer walk with Jesus, the book Journal for Spiritual Development, by Anna Maria Eloisa Hernandez, is a wonderful find! In her "Seven Steps to Discipleship" she inspires the Christian to climb the stairs of spiritual growth towards the ultimate goal of witnessing for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. She skillfully guides the reader through each of the seven chapters with biblical scripture, practical principles, problem resolution, personal reflections, and inspirational activities to carry-out and further encourage your inner faith.

These seven steps to discipleship break down our life journey of following Jesus into easy to read and follow stages for all levels of faith. Each chapter starts with an inspirational message, quoted scripture taken from the King James Bible, a reflection paragraph, study questions and an activity. From the rebirth: answering the call stage, through the perseverance, stewardship, networking and leadership, to the wisdom, and, at last, the selfless love: living witness of the Gospel stage, the author promotes a healthy understanding of one's self, and our need and desire to be more like Jesus. With each milestone you accomplish, you become more aware of your own spiritual development, as you draw ever closer to the Holy City. And as we mature, as Christians, our wisdom, discernment, inner faith, and selfless love lead us down that oh-so-narrow path of ultimate discipleship for Jesus Christ!

I strongly recommend Journal for Spiritual Development for all readers looking to better themselves as an individual and as a witness for Jesus Christ. You will be inspired by the author, Anna Maria Eloisa Herandez, to eat and exercise for stress reduction and for a healthier you. You will be encouraged to take action at home; be prepared in emergency situations; and be financially responsible for yourself and your family. She will teach you ways to improve your understanding and organizational skills, along with learning effective leadership and stewardship skills. And, most importantly, the author talks about demonstrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ; through our good works, selfless love, and living witness in His Name. Our ultimate goal, the Holy City!

Quill says: Journal for Spiritual Development is an excellent resource for the Christian wishing to grow in faith and love.

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