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The Raven’s Cry: A Wynter Island Mystery

The Raven's Cry: A Wynter Island Mystery

By: Kim Herdman Shapiro
Published by: Level Best Books
Publication Date: March 14, 2023
ISBN: 978-1685123031
Reviewed by: Ephantus Gold
Review Date: March 30, 2023

The Raven’s Cry is the first of Author Kim Herdman Shapiro's Wynter Island Mystery series. It sparkles with a charming setting and alluring plotline that will have readers turn into amateur detectives as they join the protagonist in figuring out an incriminating murder case. Capped with all literary devices that create an interactive experience and build maximum suspense, this story's unique elements will cleverly engage readers throughout the read.

After escaping a horrific abduction in a foreign country, Kate Zoë Thomas hopes to peacefully settle in Wynter Island where she's been offered a job opportunity in a new television network under its visionary leader, Gwen Wynter. However, her long-awaited peace and stability stand threatened after a startling occurrence down at Steeltun Bay where she is taking a stroll on its pebbled beach in the hope of enjoying its gentle waves that seem to promise a soothing relaxation under its calm and inviting ambiance. Curiosity has gotten the best of her as she sinks her feet in its shockingly freezing waters that immediately remind her that things aren't always the way they appear. Her flashlight catches sight of a dark figure bobbing in the shallow waters, sending her onto a sudden emotional rollercoaster with adrenaline gushing up her spine at the sight of the familiar but lifeless face of her ex-boyfriend, Daniel.

Tables, chairs, a piece of recording equipment, and two detectives make up the holding room where Kate is being questioned regarding the distressing incident. The authority's line of questioning begs a retracing of recent memories regarding her last interaction with the deceased, where he had expressed a willingness to apologize and have the relationship continue. However, Kate can't help but wonder why Sergeant Stewart asked whether she needed a lawyer before the questioning session began. Was he insinuating her involvement because she rejected the deceased ex-boyfriend's proposal to be lovers again?

Hysteria, anxiety, and suspense are some of the themes that heavily feature in this mystery, creating an enthralling atmosphere that readers will find difficult to separate from reality. The pace at the beginning is quite slow and readers will need to delve deeper into the pages where breathtaking action is packed. One of the most gripping turns in the text is about a message disclosure in the protagonist's phone that places her in the detectives' direct sight, again confirming Shapiro's expertise in creating unique twists and experiences that will have readers reassess what they’ve been reading so far.

Quill says: The Raven’s Cry will have you on your toes after encountering cleverly imagined stakes, surprises, and tidbits by the experienced journalist and author, Kim Herdman Shapiro. It is a must-read mystery that brims with exciting cliffhangers which will adeptly build anticipation for the second part of this new series.

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