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Author Bios: Kim Herdman Shapiro

Kim worked as a journalist in Canada for many years, with experience in both print and broadcast journalism. Her book, Gelato with the Pope, highlights her time as a syndicated travel columnist in the Nineties.

In addition to her syndicated travel column, she has written feature articles for various publications, edited a monthly children's publication in British Columbia, and had her poetry published in Do Whales Jump at Night? A Canadian Anthology of Children's Poetry. She won a Microsoft Network web design award for Footloose, one of the first digital e-zines on the internet.

For the past eight years she has been working on her video project, What the hell is a Toque? This chronicles her travels with her sons from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and up to the Canadian Arctic.

Kim is also a board member of Sisters in Crime New England.

She lives in New Hampshire.

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Email: [email protected]

Author Kim Herdman Shapiro


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