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The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You’ve Always Wanted

The Power of Empathy: Be the Friend You've Always Wanted

By: Ruth Maille
Illustrated by: Prayan Animation Studio
Publication Date: October 25, 2022
ISBN: 978-1955299091
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: November 2, 2022

Empathy – something the entire world needs more of! And in the newest book in author Ruth Maille’s “The Power Of” series, The Power of Empathy, children will learn all about this very, very important ability to sense other people’s emotions and help them whenever needed.

The ever upbeat and adorable Orbit opens our story (and if you don’t know who Orbit is by now, you need to meet him in the first book in this series, The Power of Positivity). Orbit has come to the park and meets up with several children who are enjoying a beautiful day out. Upon seeing Orbit, the kids become quite excited – it’s always fun when Orbit is around!

The children are curious – what will he be talking about today? “…I’m going to tell you about a superpower called Empathy. This special power can help you be the best friend possible.” What a great idea! And the children agree as they all shout “Yes!” in unison. To get things started, Orbit asks his friends if anyone can explain what the word “empathy” means. Trent speaks up and says that it means “understanding – and also caring – how someone else is feeling.”

Orbit is excited because Trent gave an excellent example of empathy. Could the other children give any other examples? Several other children call out answers, each one just as good as the previous idea. These first examples are about helping others when they are sad, but, wonders Orbit, can anyone think of examples of empathy that surround happy times?

Lots of animated talk ensues, as Orbit continues to question the children about how empathy is such an important superpower, and how it can help others feel better about themselves, and others. An excellent discussion of emotions follow, with real-world situations used to help the kids understand what they’re discussing.

I’ve read, and thoroughly enjoyed all the books in author Ruth Maille’s "The Power of" series (and have reviewed two of them). Initially, I was hesitant to review this new book simply because I had already reviewed two and I was worried I wouldn’t have anything new to say. But as soon as I started reading, I knew I wanted to review it. While the message is the same, with the over-reaching theme of helping others through positive messages and actions, I find the topic of these book so timely to our world today, and the author’s explanations so perfect, that I knew I wanted to review this title. This is a book that perfectly explains the superpower of empathy to children, and indeed, it is a superpower that the world is in desperate need of today.

Quill says: I’m not sure how the author keeps improving on “The Power Of” series, a series that was already fantastic, but this book, that tackles a very important topic, excels at sending a positive message in a simple and easily understandable way.

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