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Author Bios: Ruth Maille

Ruth Maille has owned and operated a daycare/preschool for 30+ years and a certified parent-relationship coach. Using the tools she acquired in both professions, she has had the privilege of helping many families.

Ruth is the author of the multiple award-winning books, The Power of Positivity, The ABC's of a Pandemic (also available in Spanish ), The Power of Kindness Through the Eyes of Children, and most recently, The Power Gratitude Unlocking Hidden Treasures. Her passion for writing comes from years of reading children's books in her personal and professional life. She is grateful for the opportunity to help children learn to use their imaginations to embark on make-believe adventures and hopes that her books will teach children lifelong values and inspire them to be anything they choose.

She enjoys traveling with her two sons, Evan and Scott and daughter Kendra, during her downtime, exploring new places, especially the great outdoors. Some of her favorite places to travel have been Alaska, Great Britain, and Italy. She looks forward to exploring The National Parks.

Contact Information:
Email: [email protected]

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