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Smeagull the Seagull – A True Story

Smeagull the Seagull - A True Story

By: Mark Seth Lender
Illustrated by: Valerie Elaine Pettis
Publisher: Seahouse Press
Publication Date: October 2018
ISBN: 978-1732192904
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: March 23, 2019

A delightful story awaits readers who open the pages of Smeagull the Seagull, the true story of a wild herring gull and the humans who welcome him into their hearts.

Mark and Valerie live in a lovely house near the beach, with a big sliding door that overlooks the ocean. As the story opens, we learn that they have a very special daily visitor - Smeagull the Seagull.

He comes in the rain,
He comes in the snow,
He comes in the summer,
I'm telling the truth,
He comes when icicles hang from the roof!

Why does Smeagull come to Mark and Valerie's house every day? Because Smeagull has learned that if he uses his beak to knock on their door, his human friends will feed him! Mark and Valerie love feeding Smeagull but it's a lot of work keeping enough food for Smeagull at their house - they even bought a new freezer - although they do enjoy the company of their daily visitor.

As Smeagull continues his daily visits, Mark and Valerie grow a bit weary of the demands the hungry seagull puts on their time. But when he suddenly stops coming to their door, they realize just how much they love the beautiful bird and how he has become a part of their family. Will Smeagull ever return?

Smeagull the Seagull is a true story about a seagull that invited himself into the lives of Mark Seth Lender and Valerie Elaine Pettis. Thankfully, they decided to share the seagull's adventures with others by writing this book. Readers learn that Smeagull's huge appetite is matched by his beauty and the joy that he brings into the lives of his human friends. A bit of drama is added when Smeagull goes missing that will have youngsters grabbing at the pages to see what happens. Add in the absolutely stunning illustrations and you have a book that can be enjoyed by every emerging reader. Don't miss this book!

Quill says: Smeagull the Seagull is the "total package" - a lovely story, with a great message and fantastic illustrations. It should be on every child's nightstand.

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