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Pinky Doodle Bug

Pinky Doodle Bug

By: Elizabeth Hamilton-Guarino
Illustrated by: Vova Kirichenko
Publisher: Waldorf Publishing
Publication Date: October 2020
ISBN: 978-1636848440
Reviewed by: Holly Connors
Review Date: December 3, 2020

A sweet story about a cute little bug who loves to draw and doodle will enchant children who will want to read about Pinky Doodle Bug every night.

Pinky Doodle Bug is an adorable bug who has a passion for doodling. She likes to doodle and draw things she sees in the world as well as things she sees in her mind.

One day, while Pinky was doodling, she had a strange thought...she was sure something wasn't quite right with her doodles but what was it?

"She doodled on this and she doodled on that.
She doodled on everything she could see and everywhere she sat.
As she doodled, she thought there was something amiss;
it was a thought she could not dismiss."

Pinky couldn't figure it out so she called to her friends the birds. In just moments, birds from the forest flew from their perches to help their friend with her problem. Her doodles were amazing so what could the problem be? Fortunately, the birds had an answer, "You need stories and tales to go with your art." But how would Pinky Doodle Bug get those stories?

Luckily, Pinky had lots of friends in the woods - the birds, lightning bugs, bunnies, butterflies, caterpillars, turtles, porcupines...and so many more. They all agreed to help Pinky find the best stories ever. Would they find the stories she needed to go with her amazing doodles?

Pinky Doodle Bug is such a fun story with a great message - by working together great things can happen. The story is upbeat and Pinky is a character the reader will undoubtedly fall in love with as she plays with her friends. All the characters work together to come up with neat stories that Pinky can then bring to life with her doodles. The story is told in rhyme and works perfectly without any clunky, strained lines. Finally, no review of Pinky Doodle Bug would be complete without mention of the beautiful illustrations by Vova Kirichenko. The drawings are bright, playful, and when combined with the author's words, really bring the world of Pinky to life. I can't wait to see what Pinky will do next - this will hopefully be a series with many more adventures for Pinky.

Quill says: I love the story, the illustrations, and the fantastic message Pinky Doodle Bug shares with readers. This is a book that your child will love reading again and again.

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