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My Ego, My Soul, My God: Correcting the Perception of Separation from God

My Ego, My Soul, My God: Correcting the Perception of Separation from God

By: Rev. Dr. Mushtaq Jaafri
Publisher: Mushtaq Publishing Company
Publication Date: May 2020
ISBN: 978-1-9845-7761-0
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: July 6, 2020

There are so many passages and lessons in this book that hit you like a brick, sometimes it becomes almost difficult to move on to the next chapter. This is not a negative; this is a purely positive statement. This is one author who knows how to make a point that you actually want to think about and mull over before moving on to the next chapter of wisdom he presents.

A great many people (myself, included) hear the word “ego” and automatically view it as a bad thing. Egotistical, simply put, is defined as being “extremely conceited,” which is a description that doesn’t exactly bring warmth to one’s heart. But this book actually shows the ego in a specific “job” and how it works within this author’s triple-tiered way of thinking. He teaches a plan that allows you to make sense of your life and better understand the paths you’ve taken; how you can surrender your ego to God; and how to live as your own wonderful soul. Is there a way to even find a balance of happiness, true love, and safety and security in your own skin and the world, itself? The answer is: yes. But only if you read and really think about this book and what it teaches.

This is aimed at no specific religion, either. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, this author helps you make sense of the fact that the messages from God reach everyone – and they’re supposed to. In these times that we’re living in, it’s especially important to understand that nothing should separate us as a people. We are humans and each one of us makes up humanity. And this book not only makes sense, but the author is quite personal about his own life lessons and messages received that will allow all of us to get the facts and learn how to face conflict and struggle and overcome it in order to live a better, safer, happier life.

There are too many chapters and poignant ideas to talk about when it comes to this material, so I will mention just a couple. In one, we discuss the story of the serpent and how it lets Satan (AKA: ‘Ego’) into the Garden of Eden. This subject allows us to analyze, appreciate and grasp the story of Adam and Eve and how it applies to free will, God’s love, and our own decisions. Another section that strikes home is learning how to face the enemy inside of you and talks about how stubbornness can be transformed into sheer determination to ascend to happiness instead of descending into the depths of anger and depression.

This is one of those very few inspirational books where the term “the truth can set you free” really applies. So, it is my suggestion that no matter what you may believe (whether you’re religious or not), you should read this book. Not only will you receive facts, but you’ll come away with the ability to not judge and/or chastise yourself and others. Anything is confusing until we know more about it, and this presentation is a true education that everyone should have.

Quill says: An entertaining, truthful book that allows all of us to better comprehend life.

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