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Author Interview: Mushtaq Jaafri

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Amy Lignor is talking with Mushtaq Jaafri, author of My Ego, My Soul, My God: Correcting the Perception of Separation from God.

FQ: When it comes to the current education system, can you offer information about your idea (and how it first came to you) in regards to how we could actually reduce time spent earning “book knowledge” by acquiring “spiritual knowledge”?

JAAFRI: Amy, this is a wonderful question and goes right back into the root cause of our problem of why our current educational system is failing us and how we could actually reduce time spent in our contemporary schools on the acquisition of “book-knowledge” only acquired through outside of us and not acquired through inside of us.

I believe that you are talking about what I say on page 174 of this book about our new educational system that can reduce the time spent in schools to less than half simply by incorporating the “Triple-tiered” way of thinking. The ego in a specific “job,” the mind being an enemy and Soul is a divine part of God - and who we really are in reality.

FQ: You’ve written other titles in the past, such as, “How to Maintain the Presence of God in This Hectic World.” With all the darkness at this time, from riots to a pandemic, what are your ideas on how humanity can rise above this pain and create a better world?

JAAFRI: Amy, I believe that you have already given the best ideas in your book review on how humanity can rise above this pain and create a better world. Here is what you say: “Surrender your ego to God and live as your own wonderful Soul. Understand that nothing should separate us as a people. We are humans and each one of us makes up humanity.”

FQ: It is stated that you discovered this process of emotional and spiritual growth that this book describes over 40 years ago. Can you explain to readers what brought about this understanding? In addition, is that moment the point where you decided to become a Reverend/Doctor in order to help others?

JAAFRI: Amy, you have asked a question that is very dear to my own heart. Forty plus years ago, due to failure in a business venture in the Middle East I lost everything that was precious to me: my home, my belongings and my business.

Down on my luck and no place to go to I began to wander around searching for myself and some answers that would make my own life bearable. I spent much time in local parks and in public library because they were warm and free.

Then, in the hour of my greatest distress, I discover my own-self, the God-self that revealed my life purpose. I earned my Doctoral Degree in Metaphysic and was guided to a Spiritual Master and received my ordained as minister and became an initiate to order to help others.

FQ: Have you returned to Pakistan since becoming a naturalized citizen of the U.S. and acquired your education? Do you teach there and in the U.S.; or, perhaps, give conferences or hold meetings to share your beliefs with others?

JAAFRI: Yes, I did go to Pakistan after I acquired my education and got married. I believe that the teaching is more suitable for Western people because they are more open to new age thinking such as I share in my new book. For many years I gave seminars and lectures on Soul Awareness Seminars in my local community.

FQ: Earning a Master’s in Communication must be a difficult task. Is this particular choice something that truly helps you in your writing and with your clients? In addition, are you one who wishes that face-to-face communication would once again become predominant in this age of social media and technology?

JAAFRI: My Master’s in Communication was more toward Television Station Operations and was fun and entertaining. It was an easy task. Most of my writing came from inside through inspiration hunches and guidance that came from within.

FQ: How difficult is it to change a human’s way of thinking; or alter their perception that they learned from a very young age in order for them to live happier lives? Is there any time when you look at the headlines and feel that it is an impossible task?

JAAFRI: Amy, this is another excellent question you just asked. We can spend our time in spiritual pursuits instead of just reacting to the material world. Our ego does its best to keep you stuck in this world. We only turn to spiritually after an adversity, or illness or death of a loved one or failure in business. How sad it is.

FQ: Do you believe the political realm could be ‘cleaned up’ or balanced in a way that would stop having adverse effects on humanity?

JAAFRI: I do believe as long as the Ego is in charge of the political realm it will stay imbalance and continue to have adverse effects on humanity. Who do you think started this Corona Virus?

After the election is over, there would be no fights between the egos of the world and everything will be balanced. Egos know that their time is up now.

FQ: If you could change one thing on this earth right now, what would it be and why?

JAAFRI: Amy, I believe that you have answered this question most eloquently in your book review already. Here is what you say:

“In these times that we are living, it is especially important to understand that nothing should separate us as a people. We are human and each one of us makes humanity.”

If I could change one thing on earth right now, it would be to somehow vanish the Corona virus pandemic—and the reason why is that I believe that God had nothing to do with it.

As I mentioned in the book, that God had nothing to do with it. I believe that it was initiated by the world’ egos—to discredit the existence of God on earth by blaming God for starting it to punish us for some things we did to disobey Him.

Sure, we have advanced enormously technologically, but as race we are doing the same destructive things that were reported in the Bible thousands of years ago. Our thinking that we have all the time in the world prevents us from maturing.

Finally, I believe that the most profound Book Review is God-sent message to me that my own 40+ years of writing about His messages, wasn’t waste of time but to fulfill my own spiritual promise here on earth, for which I thank you.

So, in a way, you were doing the work God created you to do here on earth. God says: that it take one to know one. You certainly proved it. Perhaps, it time for humanity find a different way of looking at spirituality.

Perhaps, we will now know why our contemporary educational system in world is failing us. Perhaps, our primary focus of our educational system on earth will not be the acquisition of knowledge from books—instead from inner knowledge within us—and is free!

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