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Find Wonder in the Ordinary: A Kid’s Book for Adults

Find Wonder in the Ordinary: A Kid’s Book for Adults

By: Bernie Freytag
Publisher: Kindle Direct
Publication Date: July 2019
ISBN: 978-1-0727-0768-4
Reviewed by: Amy Lignor
Review Date: January 28, 2020

Adults will agree that life is an adventure of all sorts. All colors are captured: from the black and gray of sadness and pain; to the brilliant slivers of gold that come with successes; to the warm colors that always go hand-in-hand with family, love, and the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. This book is a journey that, quite literally, has all those colors. A journey of one man that proves to every reader how important the old saying, “Take the time to stop and smell the roses,” really is.

The daily grind gets on everyone’s nerves, and sometimes it seems like years are flying by at an accentuated rate. Through this book, however, the author uses his creative, artistic mind and relates everything from humorous stories to incredible drawings in order for everyone to learn and understand that they have to take more time out to enjoy what years they have down here on Earth.

As children, the world is quite different. There is a sense of wonder when children look at their surroundings. Some stand in awe of the grandness that surrounds them; others have a spark already in their eyes that comes from wanting to begin because they know they’ll “shine” like stars as they grow. It is a fact, however, that as we age and life starts to become more real, this gift of wonder dissipates. The wonder that we once had as children turns into fleeting moments where we perhaps have a memory and feel that warmth once again before we then lock it away in the vault of our minds.

By reading Find Wonder in the Ordinary, it almost feels as if that love of life we felt in childhood is being built back up inside our souls. It’s almost like a guidebook where the author shows you how to locate that path of fun you had back then so you can hop, skip and jump down it once more. The author states that this book is “like a drinking buddy,” because it’s refreshing, uplifting, and reminds you that extraordinary pieces can be found in even the most ordinary of things.

No preaching is found in this book. It’s emotional, yes, and memories of childhood experiences crop up as you’re reading, but no one is “telling” you what to think or feel. There are chapters about change and faith, and through the whimsical ideas written and pictures drawn, you end up looking back on your own life changes and enjoy each and every one of them.

From our relation to the Great Outdoors and the beauty and calmness that nature can instill within us; to the author’s feelings on spirituality and what that personally means to him – every page is a great read that will have you smiling.

Quill says: This author has created an enlightening book that can and will never be forgotten.

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