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Brutal Intentions (Kings of the Order)

Brutal Intentions (Kings of the Order)

By: K.J. Devoir
Publisher: Gothika Books LLC
Publication Date: November 29, 2022
ISBN: 979-8360859475
Reviewed by: Katie Specht
Review Date: October 3, 2023

Dark romance author K.J. Devoir is back with her latest book, Brutal Intentions, which is the collection of books one through three of her Kings of the Order series. Brutal Intentions is a dark, paranormal romance combined with shape-shifting werewolves, a damsel in distress, and conflict among rival mafia.

The story opens as we meet Cherish Lorey, an heiress who has just graduated from college and inherited her old family home. She has big plans to fix up this home; however, these plans are quickly thwarted when Shaw MacRath enters her life. Shaw is the epitome of an Alpha male and he lets everyone around him know it as he puts them in their place. When Shaw and Cherish meet on a tour of her family home, there is an immediate, unmistakable, and unexplainable attraction between the two of them. Shaw is tasked with the job of protecting Cherish, although she is not aware of this fact right away. Shaw takes this job very seriously throughout the story, rescuing Cherish from a giant hybrid python, her rather unsavory stepfather-to-be, and a shady shape-shifting werewolf named Vonn.

As Shaw and Cherish spend more time together, there is no denying the mutual attraction that draws the two of them together. This attraction is explored by both of them as Shaw continues to protect Cherish from danger and Cherish tries to navigate her new life with Shaw’s family. Cherish eventually learns disturbing secrets about Shaw’s family, and she tries her best to accept this unsettling discovery, as she knows without a doubt that Shaw has her best interests at heart. By the end of the story, Cherish faces a difficult decision in which she must choose between her freedom and ultimately saving the kingdom where she lives.

The plot of Brutal Intentions is so multi-faceted that the story flows and progresses at a quick pace, as the action just keeps coming throughout the duration of the narrative. When there is a rare moment that the action lessens slightly, the emotional and heartfelt love story seamlessly takes its place. Devoir does a superb job of balancing the fast-paced action with the romance, while thoroughly explaining the back story of Cherish and Shaw and developing their new relationship.

Devoir wrote Brutal Intentions in dual first-person point of view, alternating back and forth between Cherish and Shaw. This is a unique method to use when writing novels, and in this case, it functions perfectly. In doing this, the reader is able to experience the story through both Cherish and Shaw’s eyes first-hand rather than limiting it to just one character’s point of view. This approach further enables the reader to more fully relate to Cherish and Shaw and their experiences.

Quill says: With Brutal Intentions, Devoir has penned another steamy, dark romance complete with twists and turns that will keep the reader captivated until the last page. Alongside the romance story, Devoir has also developed a personal and social history between her main characters that draws them together and we can only hope that they will remain together forever.

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