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Author Interview: K.J. Devoir

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Katie Specht is talking with K.J. Devoir, author of Brutal Intentions (Kings of the Order).

FQ: What was your motive for publishing this story as a set, including books one through three of the Brutal Intentions series?

DEVOIR: I wanted to write a dark paranormal wolf shifter romance about an old-money down-on-her-luck heroine and a new-money mercenary anti-hero being thrown together under mysterious circumstances in small-town Southern Florida. I wanted to push boundaries with a Byronic character like Shaw MacRath, but more so in the next book in the series, Savage Intentions, starring anti-hero Xavier Layne.

FQ: You have a new book releasing on October 31, 2023, entitled His to Haunt. What can you share with your readers regarding this new standalone thriller?

DEVOIR: This is a dark, steamy supernatural thriller/horror vampire murder mystery romance that takes place in a Northern California town with a strange, dark past (based on a real town) with an ancient Egyptian alien connection. This standalone might become part of a longer series.

FQ: While romance novels are nothing new, I can say with certainty that your book was the first of its kind that I have ever read. Combining the steamy romance narrative with shape-shifting werewolves was truly unique and captivating. Can you share a bit about where you derived the inspiration for this story?

DEVOIR: For me, dark crime romance meets paranormal is a useful hybrid creatively. I think shape-shifting creatures are a wonderful metaphorical vehicle for expressing human behavior, especially as it relates to romance, as well as a great plot device for exploring the criminal and political underground.

FQ: Can you share with our readers your favorite authors or authors you gain your own inspiration from?

Author K.J. Devoir

DEVOIR: Classically, I love Anne Rice, Stephen King, the Bronte Sisters, Austin, Shelley, Lovecraft, and the other Gothic and Sci-Fi horror greats. As for modern fiction, some of my favorite books are Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame, White Oleander by Janet Fitch, and I got hooked on the Twilight series. I have a huge cue of modern gothic romance and horror fiction to read.

FQ: You share in your bio that you studied English, Criminology, and British Lit in college. Can you share a bit about this background and how it led you to begin writing dark romance novels?

DEVOIR: Studying and falling in love with Victorian literature and the elegant madness of the era and the eras surrounding it, along with studying crime, did not turn me into a lawyer as planned. Instead, I wanted to combine my own crazy experiences with my studies and produce macabre fiction. So here I am. Romance a la the dark side. Hopefully, after a few years of writing under my belt, I will turn into the type of writer I would like to become. Still improving.

FQ: These three books are all part of the Kings of the Order series. What can you share with our readers about the next book(s) in the series? Will Shaw and Cherish make an appearance in the next book, or are you introducing new characters?

DEVOIR: Though some of my ARC readers would like for the story of Shaw and Cherish to continue, for now, the pair of them will be referenced in upcoming books rather than make appearances. However, that does not mean I will not return to Shaw and Cherish in the future, as I do realize there is room for continuation. For now, I am working on other projects, such as His to Haunt.

FQ; The plot of Brutal Intentions was quite multi-dimensional, with the romance narrative, the shape-shifting werewolves, and Cherish being in danger throughout the story. Then, towards the end of the book, you introduce the role of the Queen, and we discover that Shaw’s family is royalty. This was an unexpected plot twist that added to the overall excitement of the book. What made you decide to incorporate this rather unique aspect of royalty into an already gripping story?

DEVOIR: I love exploring old-world meets new-world, modern characters thrust into their ancient past. I enjoy history and reading about the pitfalls of power, then exploring this via fiction. From a romantic perspective, there is something sexy about a reluctant king. A man who does not want power but has it. So, it was fun creating a series around these would-be Kings of a defunct Order.

FQ: You have penned an impressive collection of dark romance novels to date. If you had to choose just one as having been your favorite to write, which one would it be and why?

DEVOIR: Before His to Haunt, I would have said Savage Intentions and the Kranky short story series, particularly Kranky Kringle which is somewhat inspired by The Crow, as this story is closer to where I am trying to go as an author: darker and deeper. His to Haunt is going to outdo them all. I’m growing as a writer, and I hope that His to Haunt will be as haunted as it is sexy. A proper combination of horror and eroticism, contemporary but rooted in ancient history. This is, after all, a vampire romance.

FQ: The characters in your stories are realistic, raw, brave, and uncompromising. How do you develop these unique, believable characters that readers can easily form a connection with?

DEVOIR: I studied theater arts during my first two years in college, and I read through a lot of monologue books, took acting classes, and even worked as an Extra for a bit. I love movies. When I write, it starts out as more of a screenplay than a book, mostly dialogue, and I cast my characters based on a mix of real people, actors, and musicians. Dialogue is probably my strength, and I am working on improving the structure and descriptive aspects of storytelling.

FQ: Your next book is slated for release soon. After that book is released, do you have plans in the works for writing future stories, or will you be focusing on promoting and marketing your current books for a while?

DEVOIR: In addition to possibly expanding His to Haunt into a series, as well as continuing with Kings of the Order, I plan to put out another short story collection soon. I do also publish YA versions of some of my work. If readers would like to join my ARC review teams on Book Sirens and/or Book Sprouts, all of my books as well as upcoming books are available on these sites to read and review.

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