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Author Interview: Sandy Gerber

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Barbara Bamberger Scott is talking with Sandy Gerber, author of Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships.

FQ: Is your book offered as a manual for educational or inspirational workshops or gatherings within your professional sphere?

GERBER: Yes, thank you for asking. As I speak to many business and social groups about the power of Emotional Magnetism, I have a variety of options available (i.e. keynote presentation, ecourse, downloads). Recently I presented highlights of the book to a leading national insurance group of advisors and educated them on the value of using Emotional Magnetism with their prospective clients and team members. I also have a popular complimentary Emotional Magnetism Book Club Kit available on my website for social groups who want to go through the learning experience together.

FQ: What single piece of advice would you give to a person preparing to read this manual with no previous knowledge of its content?

GERBER: My advice would be for them to carve a few hours out of their day, find a place where they can relax, and be open to learning about themselves in one sitting. And, an advance warning, the learning will change how you see everyone in your life! You’re welcome.

FQ: Does positing and writing about the identification of strong, positive psychological traits give you a sense of hope regarding the human race generally?

Author Sandy Gerber

GERBER: Absolutely! When more of us know what we emotionally need to be happy, we can courageously share that in our relationships and in turn honour others’ needs. Now more than ever, increasing our understanding, empathy, and acceptance of others is crucial for our success as a human race.

FQ: What self-help or other writers/speakers/activists specially influenced you in your desire to explore this medium?

GERBER: A few mentors have helped influence my mission to help people to communicate more effectively in their relationships. Beginning with my mother. She was a psychotherapist who was passionate about human psychology and behaviour. I still remember sneaking a book about body language out of her room in my early teens – it sure helped me to understand a few awkward high school moments! I am certain reading the infamous Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Power of Intention set me on my self discovery path and John Maxwell’s many communication books continue to fuel my passion. As mentioned in my book, Roy Garn’s study of the Emotional Appeal Theory was instrumental in my development of Emotional Magnetism.

FQ: Do you have plans for new approaches to/presentations of the Emotional Magnetism materials?

GERBER: Yes, I am in the process of writing the Emotional Magnetism, Marketing Edition and have been asked to write Emotional Magnetism, Teens Edition. It took me nine years to research/write Emotional Magnetism as a single mom in my spare time. This next book should take me a year, writing evenings and weekends.

FQ: Do you use a fair dose of humor, as you did in your book, for speaking engagements regarding your method?

GERBER: No. Kidding. Yes, my speaking engagements are fun, memorable, and very relatable. Humour is the fastest way to speed up the process to trust and respect. If we are listening to a person speak for an hour, they better make us laugh!

FQ: In composing this description of Emotional Magnetism, did you find yourself subtly using the techniques you discuss to reach out to potential readers who represent each of the four “magnet” types you have devised?

GERBER: Every time I write content for business or pleasure, I use the Emotional Magnetism technique as it is more likely the message will be heard and received. For example, potential readers who are motivated by the Safety Emotional Magnet will be interested to know that I found a way to have a long-term phenomenally successful relationship even after two failed marriages, and the skills are easy to learn in the book. Readers who have the Achievement Emotional Magnet will connect when they hear the book has won three book awards in the first 90 days in the market and pay close attention to the five star reviews. Readers with the Value Emotional Magnet will want to know the communication technique works, that it’s a quick read, and likely wait for a discounted sale price. And finally, the readers who have the Experience Emotional Magnet, well, heck, we had them at the word “magnetism.” They love to learn new things and will want it to be a fun, relatable read.

FQ: Have you considered writing a fictional work based around the framework of personality types depicted in your SAVE model?

GERBER: Not at this time – can I skip this question? I have a large to-do list already. ?

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