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Author Interview: Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr.

Today, Feathered Quill reviewer Lily Andrews is talking with Miguel Angel Hernandez Jr., author of Do Nothing: A Griffin Knight Murder Mystery Thriller.

FQ: What informs your “who-dun-it" writing? (Is it an interest in the themes/subjects like psychology, background in detective work perhaps?)

HERNANDEZ: Personal interest in the theme.

FQ: The characters in the story seem so real and plausible. Are they crafted from real-life personalities?

HERNANDEZ: No. I could see the characters in my head.

FQ: Are there particular scenes in the text that you found difficult to execute or write? If yes, is there a reason for that?

Author Miguel Angel Hernandez

HERNANDEZ: No. With time, thought, and research, I was able to deliver what I wanted.

FQ: Could you tell us more about your career path as a novelist?

HERNANDEZ: For now, I'll focus on Griffin Knight. As for the future, we'll see.

FQ: Do you think an author can write a successful novel if they have never visited the setting of their book?


FQ: Do you think you will write more on the character Griffin Knight or has this character run his course?

HERNANDEZ: You haven't seen the last of Griffin Knight.

FQ: If you attended a detective writer's convention and all your favorite novelists were in attendance, who would you most like to meet?


FQ: Writers also tend to be ardent readers. What type of book do you like to read for pleasure?

HERNANDEZ: Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Humor

FQ: I am a huge fan of cover art. I think your cover is both intriguing and does a good job of attracting a potential reader. How much input did you have in choosing the cover of your book?

HERNANDEZ: I chose what would be on the book cover. I wanted to give a visual to readers, based off of what they read in my book.

FQ: Why do you think crime fiction is so popular?

HERNANDEZ: It's entertaining, and it keeps you guessing. It's like a game; it compels readers to try to figure out who the killer is, as well as their motive.

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