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Author Bios: Trevor D.

Trevor D. is a literacy advocate and American writer of books for children and youth ages 3-8. She created the "Jayden & Friends" series, which includes four books centered around a little boy named Jayden and his friends. The books positively depict Black male protagonists and highlight global themes of self-love, love for others, and an appreciation for diverse characters through empathy.

The debut book in the series entitled I Am Me introduced the main character named Jayden. Jayden & Zora's Crown is the award-winning second book in the series. It teaches Jayden and the crew lessons about self-affirmation and affirming others. The next book entitled, Jayden & Friends: Making Sense Out of Cents, introduces the crew to setting goals, saving money, and earning money. The final book, entitled Jayden & Chad the Warrior, will help raise awareness about sickle cell and honor the warriors who heroically battle this disease.

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