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Author Bios: Phillip B. Chute, EA

Phillip Bruce Chute, EA is a businessman-writer. He is currently a tax and financial advisor with a consulting practice in Temecula, California.

Phil served as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division in the States and Europe during the Cold War. His ancestry dates back to warrior-king Robert Bruce of Scotland and the Speaker of Parliament Chaloner Chute of England.

As a writer, Phillip has won National and International awards from Kiwanis International. His first book, American Independent Business, was a 500-page book published in 1985 and used as a college textbook and reference for business entrepreneurs. Phillip has published 3 additional books in various genres, see list below.  He has also published articles for the Nova Scotia periodical, The Shore News, and has been interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine.

In addition to the Feather Quill Book Award, Stocks Bonds & Taxes is the N.N. Light Book Award 2020 Winner in their nonfiction category.

Phillip Chute is married to Nenita Chute, an educator. Both work out of their home.

Other Books by Author:
American Independent Business
Rock & Roll Murders – Based on a True Story about a Murder for Hire
The Silver Thread of Life – 50 Original True Accounts of Divine Interventions and Life-Changing Spiritual Events
Stocks, Bonds & Taxes – A Comprehensive Handbook and Investment Guide for Everybody
Stocks, Bonds & Taxes – Textbook Edition

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