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Author Bios: D.L. Crawford

Accolades for The Search for Reath:
- Bronze Award Winner, 2021 Feathered Quill Book Awards
- Red Ribbon Winner, 2021 Wishing Shelf Awards
- Finalist, 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards

Recently, the Aponna Star-Gazelle—the leading news publication in the land of Aponna—caught up with D.L. Crawford, author of The Search for Reath, to find out more about his new book.

Aponna Star-Gazelle: How did The Search for Reath originate?

DL: Well, I’ve always loved reading with my kids—like bedtime stories and things of that nature—and I wanted to write something in that genre that would be fun to read. Do you always barge in on people while they are trying to eat breakfast?

ASG: Comes with the territory; investigative journalism and all. Sometimes it’s lunch...Anyway, what types of books do you tend to enjoy?

DL: I like stories set in rich worlds with interesting characters, imaginative settings and unusual twists - like Narnia, Middle Earth, the Galaxy Far Far Away, etc. Places that have potential for unlimited stories that can be told there. I would like Aponna to be like that... and not to be rude, but it is rather startling to have a gazelle climb through the kitchen window while I’m halfway through a bowl of corn flakes.

ASG: My apologies. I didn’t intend to startle you.

DL: It would be startling halfway through a bowl of anything, frankly.

ASG: Who is the audience for your book?

DL: You know, kids...also grown-ups who have kids. Or aunts and uncles. Ideally they could read it together. So you’re pouring yourself a bowl of corn flakes now. Sure. That’s fine.

ASG: Thanks! So how about grown-ups who are former kids themselves?

DL: Sure. Them too.

ASG: And everyone else?

DL: Well, there are a lot of other books out there to read I suppose. Are there more of you? Or just the one?

ASG: Well, I wish you the best with the book. Ah! I’m being paged; apparently, a toad princess is about to kiss a frog prince and I simply must get the scoop on who turns into what. Sorry I have to leave so quickly.

DL: I didn’t invite you in the first place. And why are you using a pager?

ASG: Thanks for the cereal! Should I leave my bowl in the sink or the dishwasher?

DL: Sink is fine. And you can just go out through the front door not the kitchen wind...oh, never mind.

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