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Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory – 2009 Edition

Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory - 2009 Edition

Edited By: Deana Riddle 
Publisher: New Vision Media 
Publication Date: February 2009 
ISBN: 978-0982267493 
Reviewed by: Ellen Feld 
Review Date: June 2009 

There are numerous books on the market for self-publishers, explaining the ins and outs of this fast growing segment of the publishing industry. Typically, these books tell the reader what must be done, but rarely do they say where to go for specific services. Finally, with the publication of the Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory all that information is available in one book.

The directory is divided into three sections – resource listings, general resource information, and articles.

Resource listings include everything from printing companies, to editorial services, book review sites, and website creation. Within each category are alphabetical listings of those companies offering the services mentioned. Each listing includes a website address and/or other contact information, plus a short write-up about what the company provides. Do you need help promoting your new book? Now there’s no need to search the web for assistance. Simply use the Writer Watchdog Self-Publishing Directory and you’ll instantly have almost forty promotion and social media listings at your fingertips.

The general resource information section is a bit shorter but none-the-less quite useful. Explanations and contact information for organizations such as the US Copyright Office, BISAC subject headings, and even a universal currency converter are included.

The final section of this directory is devoted to articles written by experts in various areas of the publishing world. There are 33 articles on everything from “Publishing Under Your Own Imprint,” “The How/When/Why/Costs When Hiring an Editor,” to “Why You Need Book Reviews.” These articles offer a plethora of information that self-publishers will be referring to again and again.

There are plans to make the Self-Publishing Directory an annual publication. But don’t wait until 2010 – pick up your copy today!

Quill says: An invaluable reference book for both the first time and seasoned self-publisher.

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